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Uracil found in Ryugu samples
Uracil Discovered on Asteroid Ryugu
Parasites alter likelihood of fish being caught by anglers
Common metabolite may help treat autoimmune diseases
Customizing catalysts for solid-state reactions
Climate Change-Driven Biodiversity Shifts Impact Humans
Lipid nanoparticles highly effective in gene therapy
Healing brain: hydrogels enable neuronal tissue growth
Understanding significance of Greenland’s ice
Solid-state thermal transistor demonstrated
Using sewage to forecast Covid infections
Partnership Develops Tech to Capture Low-CO2 in Emissions
AI-Enabled Tech Helps Ensure Safety in Snow Clearing
NIH Testing Shionogi Antiviral in Hospitalized COVID Patients
Deep Sea Carbon Found at Hydrothermal Vents
Compound Inhibits Flu Virus Replication
Fighting climate change: ruthenium complexes for carbon dioxide reduction to valuable chemicals
Novel method to design new peptide therapeutics pioneered
Surveying Endangered Species with eDNA: New Hope
Two Catalysts Cooperate to Create New Way to Use Formate Salts
Robots and A.I. team up to discover highly selective catalysts
Reading out RNA structures in real time
Japan hosts new species of Feather Mite, related to Albatross
Development of Arctic Sea Routes and environmental conservation
Monitoring ‘anti-greenhouse’ gas: Dimethyl sulfide in Arctic air
Looking back at Tonga eruption
Forecasting Environment with Meteorology Data and Impact Analysis
Squid tissues and chemistry combine for versatile hydrogels
World in grains of interstellar dust
World Reduced to Grains of Interstellar Dust
Exploring connection between Antarctic Ocean and rising sea levels
Effects of highly pathogenic avian influenza on canids investigated
Good and bad feelings for brain stem serotonin
Collaboration on early detection could foil next pandemic
Understanding mechanism and impact of sea ice reduction
Developing antibiotics that target multiple-drug-resistant bacteria
Developing Antibiotics to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Inhibiting imitation of others can increase understanding of others
Inhibiting Imitation Boosts Understanding of Others
Turning natural disasters into blessings
FRET-based biosensor SMART visualizes performance of necroptosis in vivo
Mekong Delta will continue to be at risk for severe flooding
Impact on oceans, organisms, and society explored from bottom of glaciers
Men are slowly losing their Y chromosome, but a new sex gene discovery in spiny rats brings hope for humanity
Automated chemical reaction prediction: now in stereo
Novel sex-determination mechanism revealed in mammals
Warmer Arctic Ocean leads to more snowfall further south
Intestinal microorganisms influence white blood cell levels in blood