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Genetic origins of world’s first farmers clarified
Early human habitats linked to past climate shifts
Climatic variability might not drive evolutionary change as much as previously thought
Disbelief in human evolution linked to greater prejudice and racism
Study links Gene to hearing in humans also linked to touch in sea anemones
Some hard-to-crack genome areas hold distinctly human data
Massive Collaboration Fills Gaps in Human Genome
Towards clinical revolution
Lower life expectancies of socially disadvantaged linked to reduced microbial exposures
Biomedical engineer awarded $1.1M to study molecular underpinnings of human brain networks on large scale
What really happened in southern Africa 90,000 years ago?
New genus of ancient waterfowl discovered
Tooth study prompts rethink of human evolution
Oldest known ochre processing in East Asia discovered
Mystery solved about origin of 30,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf
Researchers create largest ever human family tree
A new “genealogy of everyone” enables a comprehensive understanding of human family
Another reason why you should exercise: It helps your brain
Southern Cross Uni geochemist’s ARC funding to unlock secrets of earliest human evolution
Vanderbilt-led researchers show that generalist species are ‘jack of all trades and masters of all’
Dating in Age of Pandemic
Prehistoric human vertebra discovered in Jordan Valley tells story of prehistoric migration from Africa
Four UO faculty members are named fellows of AAAS
Four UO facutly members are named fellows of AAAS
Earliest ancestors worked together on hunt
New study questions importance of meat eating in shaping our evolution
Research calls into question importance of meat eating in shaping our evolution
Earliest human remains in eastern Africa dated to more than 230,000 years ago
Why superb fairy-wren societies may be as complex as our own
DNA in archaeological sediments
Ostrich Eggshell Beads Reveal 50,000-Year-old Social Network Across Africa
Tooth cavities provide unique ecological insight into living primates and fossil humans
Astronomers Observe New Type of Binary Star Long Predicted to Exist
Genetic ancestry shapes immune response to influenza virus
Why it’s time to reconsider ecological contribution of introduced species — even in New Zealand
How Did We End Up With Proper Sniffer?
Tool use improves language skills
Potential direct ancestor of modern humans identified
Savannah chimpanzees, model for understanding of human evolution
Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to rainforest environment
Oldest footprints of pre-humans identified in Crete
Researcher unearths more layers of cave history
Research of skull growth and tooth emergence finds that timing is everything
Origin and legacy of Etruscans
Early Homo sapiens groups in Europe faced subarctic climates
New species of otter discovered in Germany
An Indian Otter in Germany
Research suggests earliest use of bone tools to produce clothing in Morocco 120,000 years ago