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Understanding past climate change ‘tipping points’ can help us prepare for future
Research ‘final nail in coffin’ of Paranthropus as hard object feeders
Stone tool tells story of Neanderthal hunting
Chimpanzees have not entered stone age
Want to avoid running overuse injuries? Don’t lean forward so much, says CU Denver study
Huge volcanic eruption disrupted climate but not human evolution
Is “Dragon Man” a Missing Link in Human Evolution?
Ancient ostrich eggshell reveals new evidence of extreme climate change thousands of years ago
Leonardo Da Vinci: New family tree spans 21 generations, 690 years, finds 14 living male descendants
Early humans were sheltered from worst effects of volcanic supereruption
Being Anglo-Saxon a matter of language and culture, not genetics
Researcher David Samson on mental health rewards of sleep – and tips on how to achieve it
UMaine researchers: Culture drives human evolution more than genetics
Exo suits: next step in human evolution?
Newly Discovered African ‘Climate Seesaw’ Drove Human Evolution
Tiny tools point to specialist skills of ancient Indonesians
Dutch Technology Week is about to start: where should you go?
Darwin foreshadowed modern scientific theories
New theory may revolutionize treatment of endometriosis
Surprising Evolutionary History of our Oral Bacteria
Human burial from 78,000 years ago in Africa
Sydney archaeologist helps reveal oldest human burial in Africa
New, almost non-destructive archaeogenetic sampling method developed
Researcher visualizes discovery of oldest human burial in Africa made by international team of scientists
New bonobo genome fine tunes great ape evolution studies
Oldest Human Burial in Africa
Humans weren’t always agents of destruction when arriving on uninhabited islands
Past Humans Not Cause of Island Extinctions
Little Foot fossil shows early human ancestor clung closely to trees
Boomerangs return with greater insights into ample uses
Chillest Ape: How Humans Evolved A Super-High Cooling Capacity
Joyful Screams Perceived More Strongly than Screams of Fear or Anger
Chromosome 8 assembly reveals novel genes and disease risks
Bone tools found in arid landscape among oldest in Australia
Researchers find link between extinct apes in Hungary, Spain and living apes in Africa
Bone tools in Kimberley among oldest in Australia
Scientists Scour Genes of More Than 53,000 People to Better Battle Dangerous Diseases
Early humans in Kalahari were as innovative as their coastal neighbours
Human Evolution: Early Homo sapiens in Africa’s Outback
Analysis of ancient bones reveals Stone Age diet details
New evidence in search for mysterious Denisovans
Could octopuses evolve until they take over world and travel to space?
Skeletons reveal coevolution of humans & pathogens
When Wolves Became Dogs
TOPMed: Analyzing human genomes to understand mutations, human evolution
One in five has a mutation that provides superior resilience to cold
Thumb dexterity helped spark development of human culture
Malaria Threw Human Evolution Into Overdrive on This African Archipelago