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Early Farmers Adopted Genes to Combat Disease
Managing Night-Time Breastfeeding in Young Infants
New Theory Explains Domestication Syndrome in Animals Living With Humans
Gene Variants Persist 700K Yrs in Humans: Immune & Metabolic Effects
Genomic Study of Ancient Humans Sheds Light on Human Evolution on Tibetan Plateau
Fairy-Wrens Favor Friends Over Strangers
Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods Offer Clues for Education & Wellbeing
Cambridge Study: Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods Inform Education and Wellbeing
Evolution of Sense of Fairness Revealed in New Study
Ancient Iran Hominin Dispersal Influenced by Environmental Changes
Ancient Iran’s Hominin Dispersals Influenced by Environment
Ice Age Survivors
Evolutionary Medicine Offers Health Solutions
Genomic study reveals signs of TB adaptation in ancient Andeans
Miniproteins Discovered Out of Nowhere: Evolution
Humans Don’t Hibernate, Yet Winter Sleep Needed
Modeling Sheds Light on Human Brain, Disorders’ Origins
New Radiocarbon 3.0 Tracks Humanity to its Beginnings
Researchers help find new evidence on human origins
2.9M-Year-Old Butchery Site Reopens Stone Tool Mystery
2.9-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Used to Butcher Hippos
Mammals Other than Humans Have ‘Whites of Eye’ Too
Evolutionary Researchers’ Views on Human Psychology, Behavior
Neanderthals Hunted Elephants for Food: Earliest Evidence
Swamidass named AAAS fellow
How last 12,000 years have shaped what humans are today
Toddlers’ Impulsive Helping of Dogs Questioned in Study
Endogenous Retroviruses: Link to Programmed Aging Found
Research: Uniquely Human DNA Evolved Through Balance
Ancient Hunter-Gatherers High Mobility Revealed by DNA
Researchers Urge Involvement of Descendants in Ethical Ancient DNA Research
250,000 Year Lookback: Average Age at Conception Differs by Sex
Rituals: Crucial Across History, Essential for Humans Today
Humans have been using bear skins for at least 300,000 years
Birds build hanging-nests to protect offspring from nest invaders
Birds Build Hanging Nests to Shield Young From Invaders
Tiny flakes tell story of tool use 300,000 years ago
True giant wombat gives Diprotodon podium wobble
Giant Wombat Rocks Diprotodon Statue
Jaw bones may represent earliest presence of humans in Europe
Beavers Have Lived in Family Clans in Allgäu for More Than Eleven Million Years
Human evolution was not just notes, but how it was played
Human Evolution Wasn’t Just Sheet Music, But How it Was Played
Svante Pääbo’s path to Nobel Prize began in Uppsala
Genes and tongues are not always tied together
Genes and Languages
Genes and language do not always go together
60 Minutes Visits Duke Puppy Kindergarten, Sunday