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Solar-powered desalination device wins MIT $100K competition
IMF Reaches Staff Level Agreement on Seventh Review of Barbados’ Economic Program under Extended Fund Facility
Remote sensing research improves hurricane response
Remote work doesn’t negatively affect productivity
Proclamation on National Hurricane Preparedness Week, 2022
‘High Water Line’ project draws boundary where N.J.’s new coastline will be if climate change persists
NEXCOM Provides Critical Assistance in Times of Crisis
Hurricane Committee retires Ida, prepares for 2022 season
Department of Defense Announces Winners of 2022 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards
Earth Day: Taking action today, assuring mission of tomorrow
NC State Researchers Predict Active Hurricane Season
Disasters could disrupt care for opioid use disorder in most vulnerable communities
Olympic National Park’s glaciers could be gone by 2070
Social connections influence brain structure of rhesus macaques
Using tweets to predict real-time food shortages
UNE climate and justice teach-in illuminates how climate change hits home
Climate Technologies Critical to Achieving National Climate Targets
Key to climate action and sustainable peace? Women’s full and equal participation
Road map for recovery and resilience: New dashboard outlines post-disaster resources
First come floods, then domestic violence
CDU researcher wants fleet of uncrewed vessels scouring oceans to help us better understand and protect them
Is resistance futile? Resilience may best help nature prevail
Research finds tradeoffs between ecosystem resistance and resilience to tropical cyclones
Not So Obvious Consequences of Flooding
Understanding hot-spot conditions in experiments at National Ignition Facility
Stanford-led research reveals how people’s experience with climate-related disasters affects their willingness to take and accept
Overlooked Channels Influence Water Flow and Flooding Along Gulf Coast
Houston’s low-income neighborhoods hit hardest when disaster strikes, Harris County, Kinder Institute study shows
IMF Staff Concludes Virtual Visit to Antigua and Barbuda
Biden- Harris Administration Celebrates First Anniversary of Reestablishment of White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood
U-LINK advances exploration of complex problems
Leigh Sales to step down as 7.30 presenter in June
Extreme weather research shows household income impacts of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy
Hurricane may have caused ‘accelerated ageing’ among monkeys
Study Finds Survivors of Weather-Related Disasters May Have Accelerated Aging in Monkeys
Microwave data assimilation improves forecasts of hurricane intensity, rainfall
FIU receives $12.8M NSF grant to design an extreme wind, surge and wave testing facility
When water is coming from all sides
After wildfire, how does town rebuild?
Nature paper chronicles how researchers achieved burning plasma regime for first time in laboratory experiment
Nature paper describes target and laser designs that achieved burning plasma at Lawrence Livermore
Biden- Harris Administration Supports Puerto Rico’s Recovery and Renewal in its First Year in Office
How long to midnight? Doomsday Clock measures more than nuclear risk – and it’s about to be reset again
Research looks at ‘piston-model’ to understand impacts of asymmetry on ICF implosions
Work in drug bust recognised
If you really listen, survivors and emergency responders will tell you what they need
When water is coming from all sides
From ancient times to space age, concrete has staying power