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UN atomic energy agency to work with Japan on Fukushima water disposal
Paula Cable-Dunlap: Assembling nuclear mosaic
By Secretary of State of US and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/ Vice President of European
Caroline Nesaraja: Providing nothing but best nuclear data
World marks 10th anniversary of Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident
Tenth anniversary of Fukushima nuclear accident
New WHO/IAEA publication provides guidance on radiotherapy equipment to fight cancer
On frontier of science for food and agriculture
E3 Statement to IAEA Board of Governors on Verification and monitoring in Islamic Republic of Iran, March 2021
E3 Statement to IAEA Board of Governors on NPT Safeguards Agreement with Islamic Republic of Iran, March 2021
UN’s nuclear watchdog agency will not be ‘bargaining chip’ in Iran nuclear deal
FAO and IAEA deepen and broaden their collaboration
E3 foreign ministers’ statement on JCPoA 23 February 2021
Nuclear energy agency reaches temporary inspection solution with Iran
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Jen Psaki Aboard Air Force One En Route Kalamazoo, MI
By Secretary of State of United States of America and Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, United Kingdom
Statement by Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States of America
E3 Statement on JCPoA 12 February 2021
Iran Threatening to Expel UN Investigators
World’s uranium resources enough for foreseeable future
Iran nuclear deal: ‘Heated rhetoric and heightened risk of miscalculation’ widen differences
Restating commitment to JCPoA
Fusion Crowdsourcing Challenge Launched
Climate Change and Coffee: Combatting Coffee Rust through Nuclear Techniques
Facilitating Partnerships for Nuclear Security Assistance and Resource Efficiency
Croatia Signs a Country Programme Framework for 2020-2025
21 December 2020 Joint Ministerial Statement on JCPoA
IAEA Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy to Make Recommendations After Annual Meeting
From Exercise to Reality: IAEA, Finland Respond to Nuclear Power Plant Event One Day After Emergency Exercise
Deciphering Radiation Alarms: Using High Purity Germanium Detectors for Nuclear Security
Republic of Moldova Signs a Country Programme Framework for 2021-2026
As Countries Look to Low-Carbon Energy Sources, IAEA Offers Support for Modelling Future Energy Demand
IAEA named Partner of Month for UN’s South-South Galaxy Platform
Efficacy of Amino Acid Supplementation in Treating Environmental Enteric Dysfunction Among Children
Concluded CRP – Coordinated Research Project on Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Labelled with New Emerging Radionuclides
Where Can You Find Industrial Irradiation Facilities? Visit a New Online Database
Virtual Training Course Identifies New Experts for ARTEMIS Review Service Missions
Iran’s Efforts at Intimidation Must Not Be Rewarded
25 Years of IAEA Support for Reliability of Global Data on Environmental Radioactivity
Human Rights Day: How Nuclear Science Helps Countries Guarantee Basic Rights to Water
IAEA and African Experts Establish First Harmonized Imaging Quality Control Protocols in Region
New IAEA Publication on Operating Experience Feedback for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
Regional, IAEA-Supported Committee Aims to Harmonize Data Collection for Food Safety
E3 Statement on JCPoA 7 December 2020
World Soil Day 2020: IAEA & FAO lay groundwork to ‘Keep soil alive
Mauritania Signs a Country Programme Framework for 2020-2025
Phytosanitary Treatments Using Irradiation for Fruit Fly Pests Gain Ground
IAEA Experts Conduct First Virtual Safety Peer Review Mission