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Earthquake in Syria and Türkiye Prompts ICRC Statement
South Sudan: Conflict-Linked Health Crisis Mounts
President Spoljaric to Visit Moscow, Focus on Urgent Humanitarian Needs & Prisoners of War
ICRC: 60 Years of Unbiased Humanitarian Aid in Yemen
Russia-Ukraine Conflict: ICRC Office Shelled
ICRC Visits 3,400 Detainees in Yemen Conflict, Pledges Support
Georgia: Remains of 11 people identified in connection with 1992-1993 armed conflict
Haiti: Haitians trapped by violence, cholera, and lack of food
Panama: Mothers’ Stories; photo exhibition
Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine to Tackle Winter Hardships
AI enables more effective humanitarian action
ICRC applauds UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution protecting humanitarian activities
New visits to prisoners of war bring much-awaited news to families
International Committee of Red Cross Announces Results of 1st IHL Essay Competition
Under snow and ice, landmines and unexploded ordnance pose deadly danger to civilians
Humanitarian needs to deepen in dozens of conflict zones as world’s attention wanes
Afghanistan: Child pneumonia, malnutrition spikes as families face impossible choice: eat or heat
ICRC opens new delegation for cyberspace in Luxembourg
Women, Peace and Security in Professional Military Education
Risks of potentially catastrophic spillover of Russia-Ukraine war remain all too real
Yemen: Conflict and climate crises push farmers to breaking point
ICRC delivers medical aid and essential assistance to Kherson and surrounding villages
Iraq: Expanding deserts, searing temperatures, and dying land: Climate crises deepen struggle of farmers
Acute Humanitarian Needs, Serious Weapons Contamination Threat in Kherson
Top UN, ICRC leaders urge stepped-up global support to protect civilians from explosive weapons in populated areas
Preventing collapse of essential infrastructure is imperative to avoid devastating health and humanitarian consequences
Triple threat of climate change, conflict, and health emergencies
Climate change, conflict force communities in Sahel region into desperate state
Statement on Syrian Arab Republic
ICRC asks for immediate and unimpeded access to all prisoners of war
Yemen: Conflict leaves millions of children without proper education
Clarification on ICRC’s work in Ukraine
Researchers deliver science for humanitarian action
ICRC calls for immediate steps to stop violence against civilians and prevent further escalation
Mirjana Spoljaric Egger assumes presidency of International Committee of Red Cross
Gaza’s Youth: Suspended Lives, Fading Opportunities
Peter Maurer: TPNW brings us one step closer to nuclear-weapon-free-world
Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan: ICRC calls for respect of rules of international humanitarian law
When child dies of hunger, it’s result of systemic failures
ICRC Director-General in Ukraine: Concern over nuclear plant situation and access to prisoners of war
Ukraine Independence Day
Iraq: Families of Missing, between hope and despair, search continues
Somalia: 150,000 families in conflict affected areas receive life-saving cash amid drought and inflation
International Day of Disappeared: Whereabouts of at least 25,000 children in Africa remain unknown
ICRC director-general travels to Ukraine to meet authorities and communities being assisted
Yemen: People taking stock of lives and livelihoods lost after weeks of record floods
Ukraine: Wide-scale armed conflict inflicts emotional pain on families of missing loved ones
Afghanistan: 113,500 newborn Afghan babies, but how will they survive?