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Syria: ICRC is concerned about humanitarian situation in Hassakeh following recent violence
Yemen: ICRC expresses deep concern about human toll caused by escalating violence
Sophisticated cyber-attack targets Red Cross Red Crescent data on 500,000 people
After 20 years of visits, ICRC calls for transfers of eligible Guantanamo detainees
Ukraine: Ongoing, active conflict cause of heavy humanitarian toll
Middle East in 2021: Despite year out of global spotlight, millions remain in need
South Sudan: Looting of health care unit during armed violence in Unity State
Statement of Tripartite Commission Thirty cases of missing persons from 1990-1991 Gulf War officially closed
ICRC: Omicron highlights need to step up global vaccinations, including in conflict zones
Escalation in Yemen: Civilians pay price of recent increase in fighting
ICRC elects new president
ICRC alarmed at lack of humanitarian access for 26 million people in Africa
Afghanistan: An infuriating, man-made catastrophe points toward massive suffering for Afghan families
ICRC and IFRC on migration crisis at borders between Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and other countries
COP 26: Urgent action needed for low-income countries falling further behind in climate funding
When conflict and climate change collide – ICRC warning ahead of COP26
Ethiopia: ICRC President calls for humanity as fighting intensifies
High risk of malnutrition in conflict zones as food prices soar
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receives remains of missing Saudi national found in Iraq
ICRC director of operations says combined impact of conflict and extreme weather
ICRC calls on States to ensure counter terrorism measure do not negatively impact humanitarian action
Two Palestinian detainees on hunger strike are in situation of grave concern
Statement on recent fighting in Marib, Yemen
International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Statement, September 2021
Xinhua | ICRC to continue humanitarian work in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: War shatters bodies and souls. Four decades of war shatters nations
President of ICRC arrives in Afghanistan
Broken heart never healed: Why families of missing in Middle East deserve answers
ICRC Launches Missing Persons Lebanon Community and Calls for Swift Operationalization of National Commission for Missing
Strengthened control of ammunition should be priority for States
Afghanistan: Civilians paying steep price of surge in violence and COVID-19
Ethiopia: Communities in Tigray hit hard by growing food and fuel prices
A Palestinian detainee on hunger strike is in critical state
Annual Report 2020
Operational update on medical evacuation of wounded patients in Tigray, Ethiopia
ICRC facilitates medical evacuation of wounded people from Togoga village in Tigray
Red Cross steps up support to Venezuelan migrants, including refugees, across 17 American countries
ICRC dramatically increases its budget in Ethiopia and Sudan as needs grow at an alarming rate
Statement by Fabrizio Carboni, ICRC Near and Middle East Director
Israel and Occupied Territory: People in Gaza and Israel need an urgent respite from fighting
Blaise Matuidi teams up with ICRC to protect health-care workers in conflict zones
Israel and Occupied Territories: Restraint and de-escalation urgently needed as civilians pay a terrible price
Egypt: ICRC donates protective equipment, oxygen concentrators to health ministry amid coronavirus crisis
ICRC calls to reduce tensions and prevent violence in Jerusalem
Health-care providers, patients suffer thousands of attacks on health care services past 5 years, ICRC data shows
Iraq receives remains of missing person found in Kuwait for first time since 2013
Pledges are not enough – world must not fail people of Syria
Syria: ICRC President urges “new approach” by international community after decade of brutal crisis