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Balancing loss of terrestrial biodiversity and feeding world
Global biodiversity loss can still be halted
Evaluating effectiveness of travel bans
Free trade can prevent hunger due to climate change
Free trade can prevent hunger caused by future shifts in climate patterns
Free trade can prevent hunger caused by future shifts in climate patterns
Limiting CO2 emissions is not enough, methane must also be reduced
Jordan joins IIASA as a prospective member
When is someone old?
Innovations for sustainability in a post-pandemic future
New scenarios to help global finance go green
Earth Challenge 2020: Calling on citizens to help support global food supply
Matching-commitment agreements to incentivize climate action
Homo sapiens literata – brainpower for sustainable development
Making sense of climate scenarios: New toolkit available for decision makers
Building pathways to sustainability in a post-COVID world
Why are we still failing to stop deforestation?
Game-changing technologies to transform food systems
Defining a safe and just space for people and planet
Can we estimate time until next recession?
New systemic approach needed to tackle global challenges
Highlighting importance and vulnerability of world’s water towers
Differences in replacement level fertility point to inequalities
Informing better policies for an aging population
Crowdsourcing landscape restoration assessment in Indonesia
Beyond green revolution
Nitrous Oxide levels are on rise
Plants and fungi together could slow climate change
Switching to solar and wind will reduce groundwater use
Exposing blind spots in carbon budget space
Improving governance is key for adaptive capacity
Long arm of childhood conditions
A roadmap to make land sector carbon neutral by 2040
Assessing benefits and risks of land-based greenhouse gas removal
Population aging to create pockets of climate vulnerability in US
Sharing data for improved forest protection and monitoring
Assessing effects of climate change on future wheat production
Operationalizing targets for biodiversity conservation and restoration
Exploring future of coal power in water scarce Asia
Rethinking scenario logic for climate policy
Landmark report outlines critical transitions for transforming food and land use
How can we feed world without overwhelming planet?
Taking on SDG 6: Launch of Water Scarcity Clock
Deep transformations needed to achieve SDGs
Addressing causes of mortality in Zambia
Examining link between caste and under-five mortality in India
Observation-driven research to inform better groundwater management policies
Making a case for returning airships to skies