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IIASA recognizes outstanding research contributions
Identifying global poverty from space
Keywan Riahi elected as corresponding member of Austrian Academy of Sciences
How solving Central Asia’s water-energy conflict can also boost renewable energy generation
FairSTREAM updates
JustTrans4All updates
Brian Fath receives Board of Regents Faculty Award
IIASA researchers recognized for advancing open science
Pleas for peace: urgent need for more diplomacy and science diplomacy efforts in Ukraine
First uniform description of climate scenarios in German-speaking countries
INQUIMUS 2022 Conference
First uniform description of climate scenarios in German-speaking world
New IPCC Report: we can halve emissions by 2030
Crowdsourcing campaign identifies drivers of tropical forest loss
Crowdsourcing campaign finds drivers of tropical forest loss
How can we improve biodiversity monitoring in Europe?
Keywan Riahi and Joeri Rogelj appointed to new European Scientific Advisory Board
Drivers of tropical deforestation
Use your cellphone to improve weather forecasts
Restoring tropical peatlands supports bird diversity without impacting livelihoods
Restoring tropical peatlands supports bird diversity and does not affect livelihoods of oil palm farmers
Modeling to support sustainable food, energy, and water
Systemic Risk Briefing Note highlights complexity of interconnected, interdependent, and uncertain challenges
Cutting HFCs to cool Earth
We are running out of time to counteract global change
Understanding modern infectious diseases and their impacts
Electric Truck Hydropower, flexible solution to hydropower in mountainous regions
Climate mitigation measures could impact food security
Taking systems approach to cyber security
Taking climate action now can secure our future
Experience of climate extremes increase Green voting in Europe
Physicists unify sociological theories that explain social stability
Forest management increases climate benefits provided by boreal forests
Simulation model allows for safe operation
How circular waste management systems can benefit environment
Launch of Northern African Applied Systems Analysis Centre
How we measure effects of methane matters for climate policy
Exploring link between access to electricity and fertility
UN General Assembly proclaims 2022 International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
Package of policies can help smallholder farmers adapt to changing climate
Exploring pathways to reduce economic and environmental risks of climate change
Why we must avoid temperature overshoot
Crowdsourcing data to monitor progress on SDGs
IIASA celebrates 12 researchers on Highly Cited Researchers 2021 List
Two IIASA stalwarts honored with lifetime achievement awards
Agriculture and conservation objectives do not have to be at odds
Climate policy framework to deal with existential climate risk
How free trade can prevent hunger caused by climate change