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High-protein diets help insects to fight against blood parasites
Typhoid’s relative may be key to curing disease
Clinical trial to test immunotherapy combination in surgical pancreatic cancer patients
Counting your antigens
A better model for neutrophil-related diseases
Reducing inflammation boosts cognitive recovery after stroke and may extend treatment window
New effective treatment for inflammatory diseases found
Artificial intelligence offers a chance to optimize COVID-19 treatment in international partnership
Adoptive T-cell therapy ADP-A2M4 targeting MAGE-A4 shows early activity
Cells inside Cells: Bacteria That Live in Cancer Cells
Ludwig Lausanne study charts immune landscape of multiple brain cancers
Mapping Immune Cells in Brain Tumors
New “Blueprint” of Exhausted T Cell Lifespan Could Help Build Better Immunotherapies
More effective human antibodies possible with chicken cells
New Cancer Immunotherapy Targeting Myeloid Cells Slows Tumor Growth
First results from human COVID-19 immunology study reveal universally effective antibodies
Study reveals first evidence inherited genetics can drive cancer’s spread
Researchers Receive NIH Funds for Adjuvant Research to Boost Coronavirus Vaccines
Gene sequencing guides girl’s life-changing arthritis treatm
Scientists alter genes of innate immune cells with DNA-snipping tool
Dana-Farber to test blood cancer drug in COVID-19 patients
Paying Price of Protection
X-ray Experiments Zero in on COVID-19 Antibodies
T cells could be made into better cancer killers by increasing their protein production
A cancer vaccine developped by IRIC is voted 2019 Discovery of Year by Québec Science
Corona: vaccination without a needle?
Mice with patchy coats lay bare how stem cells endure
COVID-19: UVA Discovery Spurs Clinical Trial of Antidepressant to Fight Virus
Third annual Science Slam becomes first virtual Research Slam
Immune System Discovery Could End Chronic Organ Rejection
More Selective Elimination of Leukemia Stem Cells and Blood Stem Cells
Penn Researchers Discover Key Mechanism of Cytokine Storm in Castleman Disease
Broad Foundation brings together stem cell scientists, engineers and physicians at University of Southern
Broad Foundation brings together stem cell scientists, engineers and physicians at University of Southern
Penn Researchers Receive $1.05 Million Grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Focused Ultrasound Opening Brain to Previously Impossible Treatments
Riesling for immune system?
Lymphatic vessels in mice and humans: alike yet different
UC Cancer Center leads COVID-19 studies
Biomaterial immune control discoveries could reduce implant rejection
Enzyme could hold key to improved allergy treatments
New targets for childhood brain tumors identified
Lipo-ImmunoTech receives grant to develop a novel cancer immunotherapy technology
New clues to malaria vaccine potency
Research brings new knowledge of Graft-versus-host disease mechanisms
Spinal Cord Injuries: UVA Scientists Probe Individual Cells to Find Better Treatments
Improving immunotherapy for cancer
How could Covid-19 and body’s immune response affect brain?