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Increase in COVID vaccines for GPs welcome
RACGP welcomes increased vaccine dose allocation
Flu vaccines now available 5 May
Testing tool can quickly distinguish between viral and bacterial infections
New clinical practice guideline on community acquired pneumonia
Training infectious disease research leaders
Top 3 COVID-19 vaccine questions – Flu vaccine, COVID vaccine second dose and long COVID
Vaccination – personal values and group dynamics are decisive
It time for flu shot
Processing pivot: More than 900,000 COVID-19 tests moved through Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s PaLM labs
Pharmacist access to NIP needed nationwide
Know Facts – Fight Flu
Queenslanders urged not to be complacent with flu this year
Fully Vaccinated Adults 65 and Older Are 94% Less Likely to Be Hospitalized with COVID-19
Seven’s coverage of Western Australia’s vaccine report was simply inaccurate
Ministry of Health thanks New Zealand’s frontline health staff during World Immunisation Week
Researchers to study impact of IBD meds on COVID vaccine
Exposure to high heat neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 in less than one second
Global Therapeutics fined $119,880 for alleged unlawful advertising of complementary medicines
Researchers have identified a novel autoantigen in narcolepsy, a mimic of a protein from H1N1 virus
RACGP urges patients to turn to their GP for vaccine advice
Pandemics, past and present, afford deeper contemplation of war
Get your flu vaccine now
RACGP welcomes COVID-19 vaccine rollout changes
Ass-tounding feat for biosecurity control
Fewer deaths among Australians with dementia during first 10 months of COVID-19 pandemic
World Immunisation Week Reminder to Stay Healthy This Flu Season
First study into prevalence of COVID-19 symptoms amongst high-risk children
We’re gathering data on COVID vaccine side effects in real time
Efforts to stop spread of covid-19 should focus on preventing airborne transmission
Risk of rare blood clotting higher for COVID-19 than for vaccines
Ramsay Pharmacy urges Australians not to delay flu vaccine
Patients of women doctors more likely to be vaccinated against flu
NSW Government backs pharmacists for NIP
RACGP: flu vaccines are still vital
2021 seasonal influenza vaccines
Will summer slow spread of COVID-19? New research sheds light
Influenza vaccines: Now and future advances
Potential for big influenza season
Link between COVID-19 infection and subsequent mental health and neurological conditions found
Bioethicist argues against paying employees to get vaccinated
Poultry keepers urged to maintain highest possible standards of biosecurity as housing measures lift
UK launch for Starpharma’s COVID-19 nasal spray
Flu vaccines arrive
Influenza immunisation to begin mid-April as NZ’s largest immunisation programme continues for COVID-19
Flu vaccination in 2021
Dementia and COVID: What Families and Physicians Should Know
Pandemic Parallels