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Effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against Alpha and Beta variants in France
Almost 100% of people have antibodies after second vaccine
Where are French people catching virus?
Poll Shows Social Distancing and Masks to Continue Despite COVID-19 Vaccination
Latest REACT-1 study findings show COVID-19 infection rates three times lower for double vaccinated people
HS2 update 29 June 2021
UK’s ‘culture war’ risks leading to US-style divisions – but we’re not there yet
UK ‘culture war’ debate: public divide into four groups, not two warring tribes
Findings from COVID-19 round 12 REACT-1 study published
Half who said they definitely wouldn’t get Covid vaccine have since had one
Liberals have most difficulty getting along with opponents on ‘culture war’ issues
No-platforming, left-wing bias and talking about controversial issues
UK’s culture war divisions exaggerated but real, say public – as shown by views on equal rights, cultural change and class
Public split on whether ‘woke’ is compliment or insult, and unsure what ‘culture wars’ means – despite huge surge
Survey Finds Regional, Racial Divides in K-12 Remote Schooling Impact During Pandemic
Covid-related racism has traumatised East and South East Asian communities, study finds
Despite Similar Levels of Vaccine Hesitancy, White People More Likely to Be Vaccinated Than Black People
Keen, Concerned, Content: three groups anticipating return of normal life post-Covid
High Speed Two Phase 2a publication of consultation response report
Findings from latest COVID-19 REACT-1 study published 13 May
New poll reveals that NHS, jobs and mental health are public’s top priorities for rebuilding after Covid-19
Scotland most negative about UK’s Covid response and Boris Johnson’s handling of pandemic
One in five will have vaccine resentment over summer holidays, while three
Preference for AZ vaccine declines – but vaccine confidence undented
Minority of Britons think UK government has clear plan to tackle climate change – poll
Multiracial children born to cohabiting vs. married parents more likely to experience family instability
Covid vaccines: passports, blood clots and changing trust in government
Findings from latest COVID-19 REACT-1 study published
A year of life under lockdown: how it went and what people will miss
Judicial retirement age to rise to 75
Latest findings from antibody surveillance study published
February interim findings from COVID-19 REACT-1 study published
UK’s first survey documenting lives of ethnic and religious minority people during Covid-19 launches
UK’s first survey of ethnic and religious minority people during Covid-19 launches
Broadband speed boost sees home values jump by £3,500
Latest findings from COVID-19 study published January 2021
January 2021 findings from COVID-19 study published
Americans underestimate public support for key gun policies
Latest findings from COVID-19 study published
More kiwis taking to recreational boating
Bupa and Woolworths come together with a fresh idea to reward healthier eating
Understanding UK Artificial Intelligence Labour Market
DBS Disclosure Process Video
Men less likely than women to need intelligence and good looks to get ahead