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Centrelink workers are bearing brunt of administering new, complicated disaster payments
$200 payment welcome but abandons those with very least
Morrison Government finally increases support payment, but fails to protect jobs with JobKeeper
Business welcomes expanded support to ease pressure
With Sydney lockdown to be extended, Federal Government must urgently heed NSW Treasurer’s call to help those with least
Report shows dramatic increase in financial distress in lockdowns & demand for help from charity emergency relief services
Is it too late for government to win back Australia’s trust?
Income support must address costs of disability
JobKeeper 2.0 calls catching on, Morrison reluctance putting nation at risk
Govt must act on Centrelink queues in NSW
Govt must act on Centreink queues in NSW
Transcript: Shayne Elliott with Mark Burrows – Nine News
Now over one million people in lockdown on lowest incomes excluded from COVID payment support
JobKeeper 2.0 and JobSeeker lift needed: Greens
New COVID restrictions hit lowest income workers hardest
National Cabinet must fix huge gap in Disaster Payments
ACTCOSS gives evidence to ACT planning inquiry
Lockdown support excludes those on lowest incomes
PM needs to act urgently to deliver minimum income floor for all affected by lockdowns and ongoing pandemic
Council takes Brimbank priorities to Canberra
No COVID normal but Job Searching requirements return to punitive, pre-COVID levels
Family Tax Benefit – Your balancing explained
Urgent action needed to fix gaps in COVID Disaster Payments, increase JobSeeker and reinstate targeted JobKeeper
Australian Government COVID-19 assistance for NSW
Australian Government assistance for Sydney residents
Reassessing social context of illicit drug use and addiction
Government priority skilled migration list – a slap in face to automotive
Senate must resist Government’s attempt to rush through legislation to establish Robo-Employment Services and cut income support
ATO here to help those hit by COVID-19 and natural disasters
WA mining and resources sector could need another 40,000 workers over next two years
Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review
Dog Registration Fee Update
Victoria’s COVID lockdown reminds us how many rely on food charity
Transcript: Shayne Elliott with Neil Mitchell – 3AW 8 June
DobSeeker line is a farce
COVID disaster payment will provide much-needed support, but excludes many struggling
South Australians missing out on energy bill relief
ACOSS calls on Federal Government to deliver on pandemic disaster recovery payments as part of a plan to protect incomes
All Victorians must have access to JobSeeker if they need it during lockdown
Address to Liberal Party of Australia Federal Council
Alcoa grant provides support to Kwinana families
Still more than a million people on paltry income support payments
Budget in Reply 2021-22
ALP Budget reply a promising start but more needed
Budget spends big but needs a longer-term view
Budget prioritises billionaires and fossil fuel industries, ignores climate crisis and views of everyday people, say ACT Greens
Is weathering storm enough? Is this society we aspire to?
Finally Recognising Importance of Vital Care Sectors – Federal Budget 2021