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Three bright minds awarded prestigious international scholarships
Richer You are, More Likely You’ll Social Distance, Study Finds
Mellon Foundation Awards $4M Grant to “Inheritance Baltimore” Project
Machine Learning Tool Gives Early Warning Of Cardiac Issues in COVID Patients
Scientist Develops Method To Find Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water
Rotten Egg Gas Could Guard Against Alzheimer’s Disease
Timing and intensity of oral sex may affect risk of oropharyngeal cancer
Proteogenomics helps treat certain squamous cell carcinomas
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Passes 1 Billion Views
NASA Approves Heliophysics Missions to Explore Sun, Earth’s Aurora
One psychedelic experience may lessen trauma of racial injustice
ADVISORY: Johns Hopkins Adds County-Level Hospital, ICU Occupancy Data to Coronavirus Resource Center
To brain, reading computer code is not same as reading language
Research effort driving advances to combat traumatic brain injuries
Baricitinib speeds COVID-19 recovery in NIAID trial – Emory contribution to improving care
Cornell-led panel releases report on agri-food innovation
FSU researchers investigate how face shape affects COVID-19 mask performance
Straight talk about race in academia
Johns Hopkins Develops Potential Antibiotic For Drug-Resistant Pathogen
Discovery provides hope for early detection of serious COVID-19
When playing favorites can hurt growth
NASA moves forward with water-seeking Moon mission
Team Develops Software That Cuts Time, Cost From Gene Sequencing
No country ‘immune’ to COVID-19 economic shock, but Asian nations will bounce back faster
TIME Names Coronavirus Resource Center a Top Invention of 2020
Johns Hopkins Announces New COVID-19 Bi-Weekly Briefings
ADVISORY: New Tool Offers County-Level Insight Into COVID-19 Impact
Warp Speed chief visits Emory, urges participation in COVID vaccine trials
Researchers engineer tiny, shape-changing machines that deliver medicine to GI tract
Folding proteins feel heat, and cold
Organoids produce embryonic heart
Galaxies Have Gotten Hotter As They’ve Gotten Older 11 November
Universe is getting hot, hot, hot, a new study suggests
Study: Hydroxychloroquine Doesn’t Help COVID-19 Inpatients
Genetic testing: Employee perk or privacy hazard?
Brain Region Tracking Food Preferences Could Steer Our Food Choices
Bats Can Predict Future, JHU Researchers Discover
Galaxies Have Gotten Hotter As They’ve Gotten Older 3 November
Galaxies Have Gotten Hotter As They’ve Gotten Older
Research advances understanding of life-threatening lung inflammation following flu
Enabling Data-Driven Future of Microscopy
Spearheading global fight against cancer with proton therapy 26 October
Cord blood DNA can hold clues for early ASD diagnosis and intervention
Researchers Discover ‘Spooky’ Similarity In How Brains and Computers See
COVID-19 Model Inspired by Gas-Phase Chemistry Predicts Disease Spread
Hot-button words trigger conservatives and liberals differently
Efficacy, politics influence public trust in COVID-19 vaccine
‘Use it or Lose it’