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Dogs can smell when we’re stressed
Dog-human bonds could guide development of social robots
Researching for SATs? Strategic self-control may beat pure willpower
Did pandemic change our personalities?
Understanding Virtual Memory CD8+ T Cells
Can gold mining be more sustainable?
Feeding behavior traits may be indicator of feed efficiency in Holstein cows
How fish survive extreme pressures of ocean life
Research by IMIBIC and UCO finds new mechanism involved in reproductive function
Saliva test could provide early warning for severe Covid cases, reveals study
World’s oldest heart found in placoderm
“Gerhard Ertl Young Investigator Award 2022” for Dr. Taner Esat
New article by Esteban Szmulewicz on Chilean Constitutional Referendum
Browse, graze, mate: Food and company help animals in captivity
Not pursuing your goals during pandemic is good for your mental health
York U weight-loss study reveals if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again
Food and company help animals in captivity
Researchers Investigate Evolution of Emerging Anti-Hale Region and Associated Eruptive Solar Flares
Weight loss beneficial for individuals with obesity, but not for lean
Quantum effects in memristive devices – MEMQuD Project
Casting shadows on solar cells connected in series
Armoured worm reveals ancestry of three major animal groups
Metasurface engineered to create three different images depending on illumination
New findings on effects of Covid on colon
Yes, men run faster than women, but over shorter distances: not by much
Color composition preferences in art paintings are determined by color statistics
Research reveals how turtles fared decade after oil spill
Diverse landscapes at heart of bee conservation
Krembil Brain Institute researchers identify new model of Alzheimer’s as autoimmune disease
Study Outlines One Way Employers Can Head Off ‘Quiet Quitting’
Quantum technology reaches unprecedented control over captured light
Why domestic cats may have small brains
Powerful hurricanes get second wind in Europe
Interconnected and high cycling stablility polypyrrole supercapacitors using cellulose nanocrystals and commonly used inorganic
Professor Jong-Sung Yu’s research team at DGIST discovered turning point in lithium-sulfur battery field
Differences in fungus in reared and wild ambrosia beetles suggest artificial method to prevent wilt disease
Long-Term Memories Matter of Order-Not Just Repetition
Different kind of chaos
Family ties change with age and sex and determine how much animals help each other as they become older
LLNL leads new DART Mission paper on inferring asteroid material properties from deflection test
UH astronomers map distances to 56,000 galaxies, largest-ever catalog
Ancient footprints on UK beach record demise of biodiversity hotspot
Professor Jason Dykes and colleagues reflect on challenges arising from collaboration between epidemiological modelers
Molecular-level design strategy could hold key to boosting commercial hydrogen production
Research reveals tactile impressions add product value
How machine learning helps to understand neurobiological and nosological bases of mental illness
Perennial flowering strips combined with hedges enhance wild bees best in agricultural landscapes
Unions must work together and find ways to organize new forms of work