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Two Charged for Drug Supply in Lake Macquarie
Youth nature-writing prize branches out – Wollongong
Turn Up Music to Boost Medication Effectiveness
Peer-Advisor Relationships Key to Success: Research
Breast Cancer Risk Similar for Progestogen-Only, Combined Hormonal Contraceptives
New MU Study Advances Adaptive Clothing Customer Needs Knowledge
Research: Weight Stigma Linked to Eating Disorders
Extreme snowfall in West Antarctica driving sea-level rise
Theoretical Prediction of Particle Interactions Expands Possibilities
Purdue Engineers Create Long-Life Li-Metal Batteries
Parental Depression in Infancy Linked to Emotional Difficulties in Teens
Research Shows Reduced Quality of Research Due to Pressure
Little Evidence of IVF Effects on Future Pregnancies
Effective treatment in rare but deadly form of cancer
Chinese Academy Detects New Stream from Dwarf Galaxy Using Gaia DR3
Large Lakes Boost Permafrost Growth in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Jury is in on vaping and associated harms – time for action
Managers Exploit Loyal Workers: Study
Sandia Achieves Ultrafast Beam-Steering Breakthrough
Genes Heal Bones in Womb & Later in Life
IOP, Morressier Partner to Create Modern Submission System
Making Sense of Networks with Incoherence Harnessing
Sculpting quantum materials for electronics of future
Parasites alter likelihood of fish being caught by anglers
Exploring New Form of Sn3O4 Polymorph: Synthesis & Analysis
Mangrove Blue Carbon Affected by Rising CO2
Researchers Partner to Uncover Novel Insights via Collaboration
East & West Germans Prefer Different Systems After 30 Yrs
Gene Editing Reverses Blindness in Mice
Young people in affluent areas drink more alcohol
Ex-Incels Seek Online Help to Overcome Misogyny
Dietary Supplement Reverses Aging in Mice: Menin Loss Linked
Kids at Risk of MS Often Undetected in Early Stages
Kids with MS Risk May Go Unnoticed in Early Stages
Activity deep in Earth affects global magnetic field
Limnology paradigm questioned
Exercise Lowers Suicide Risk in Ill: uOttawa Study
Scientists Create Cosmic Concrete Twice as Strong as Regular
Humans Not Just Big Mice: Muscle-Scaling Problem Identified
Organic Solar Cells Modeled for Superfast Processes
HI-Virus in Brain Cells
Cosmic Concrete Twice as Strong as Regular Concrete Developed
Employees Risk Stress Without Taking Breaks: Study
Non-Invasive MR Elastography Offers Alternative to Liver Biopsy in Obese Patients
Fluidizing Cell Membrane
Best Scientific Paper on Fundamental Research
Humans Fight Mosquitoes: Deactivate Sperm
Employees Skip Breaks Despite Stress: Study