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MRNA booster vaccines may be good investment in developing countries
Mini-kidneys help understand link between diabetes and severe Covid
New cell therapy approach to regenerate cardiac tissue following heart attack
Repair program for heart
Cardiac progenitor cells generate healthy tissue after heart attack
Covid seminars: Next seminar 24.5. at 12
Hybrid strains make insidious parasite more dangerous
BGI-led international team releases first panoramic atlases of life in cell
High mortality for hospital referred Malawian children with low glucose or blood oxygen levels
Findings open way for personalised MS treatment
Findings open way for personalized MS treatment
Children with migration backgrounds less likely to receive recommended psychiatric treatment
Air pollution linked to higher risk of Covid in young adults
New understanding of how immune system deals with malaria
Promising drug candidates for Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever identified
New knowledge on lymphoid cell maturity could lead to more effective IBD therapies
People around world like same kinds of smell
Study points to worrying fitness levels in some young teens
New strategy to preserve insulin-producing cells in diabetes
Alpaca nanobodies potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants
Model reveals how antibodies navigate pathogen surfaces like child at play
No increase in pregnancy complications after Covid vaccination
Covid seminars: Next seminar 19.4. at 12
Study identifies new protection mechanism in breast cancer
Research finds new protection mechanism in breast cancer
7 ways to reduce perineal tearing during childbirth
Research reveals that intranasal Rx halts memory decay in experimental Alzheimer’s model
Study links Immune cells to neurological disease prognosis and survival
Severe Covid linked to increased risk of long-term anxiety and depression
Elevated inflammation persists in immune cells months after mild Covid
Spider silk can stabilise cancer-suppressing protein
Higher risk of psychotropic medication after sexual harassment in workplace
HKUMed engineers highly accurate SaCas9 enzymes with single-base precision for therapeutic genome editing
Lower chance of pregnancy and childbirth after IVF with one ovary
Variation in performance between different artificial heart valves
New tool reveals function of enigmatic gene sequences
New tool finds function of enigmatic gene sequences
RNA molecules control repair of human DNA in cancer cells
Covid genetic risk variant protects against HIV
Why natural killer cells react to Covid
UB leads European project to fight against new synthetic drugs
Exposure to chemical mixtures during pregnancy alters brain development
Less antibiotic use in dentistry gave no increase in endocarditis
Study identifies potential new approach for treating diabetes complications
Colonic gene mapping gives insights into intestinal diseases
Risks after treatment for cervical neoplasia have declined over time
Cervical samples could reveal risk of breast and ovarian cancer
Men with sex addiction may have elevated levels of “love hormone”