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Lipid biomarkers in urine can determine type of asthma
Weaker skin barrier leads to faster uptake of chemicals
New small antibodies show promising effects against COVID-19 infection
Good results for groin hernia operations not performed by doctors in Sierra Leone
Advances in research on most general type of stem cells
Low risk of severe COVID-19 in children
Antioxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E Linked to Lower Risk of Parkinson’s
New research may explain severe virus attacks on lungs
New research highlights importance of thymus in successful pregnancies
Drinking milk while breastfeeding may reduce child’s food allergy risk
Novel principle for cancer treatment shows promising effect
Healthy lifestyle in middle age linked to reduced dementia risk
Hopes of new treatment strategies for glaucoma
Data-driven discovery of biomarkers pave way for improved diagnosis of contact allergy
Promising treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMDD
Diabetes in dogs may indicate elevated risk of type 2 diabetes in their owners
Genetic differences important for Alzheimer’s diagnosis
Discovery Upends Traditional View of “Killer T Cells'” Travels in Body
New research identifies which T cells patrol body
Youth depression tied to higher risk of 66 diseases and premature death
Study shows why some people may become seriously ill from meningococcal bacteria
New fundamental knowledge of “abdominal brain”
Promising vaccine for Crimean-Congo virus
New study explains important cause of fatal influenza
New type of immunotherapy may pave way for better cancer treatments
Digital CBT effective for severe COVID-19 worry
Frozen eggs and ovarian tissue helped women conceive children after breast cancer
HKUMed discovered beta-amyloid deposition to be a novel disease mechanism for Biliary Atresia
Rapid testing for antibiotic resistance
Promising results from in vitro combination therapy against COVID-19
COVID-19 survival among elderly patients could be improved by arthritis drug
Baricitinib treatment linked to reduced mortality in COVID-19 patients
Early-life events linked to lung health in young adulthood
Greatly increased risk of attempted suicide in girls after sexual abuse
Mid-levels of immune marker at birth may protect against autism
Survey of COVID-19 research provides fresh overview
Anti-depressant repurposed to treat childhood cancer
Synthetic antibody can block SARS-CoV-2 infection
Scientists identify synthetic mini-antibody to combat COVID-19
New analysis method can lead to better cancer drugs
Malaria parasites hide out in humans when it’s not mosquito season
Study shows how exercise stalls cancer growth through immune system
Stockholm trio sets up in Brussels
Bioceramic implant induces cranial regrowth
Even mild fatty liver disease is linked to increased mortality
Nobel Prize for hepatitis C discovery
Stem cells can help repair spinal cord after injury
HPV vaccine effective against cervical cancer