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Local Hospitals Use AI to Detect Breast Cancer
Swedish Footballers at Higher Risk of Dementia
Elite Footballers at Higher Risk for Dementia: Study
Data Linking Can Benefit Nations: Study
New technology maps where and how cells read their genome
Immune Cell Links Sex Differences to Pancic Cancer
Kids Get Immunity from COVID-19 Through Common Cold
Lymphoma treatment targets multiple diseases
New Treatment Boosts Cardiac Pump Function in Heart Failure
Lower Suicide Rates Seen in Male Adolescents on ECT, Lithium, Clozapine
Lower Suicide Rates in Male Adolescents Linked to Regional ECT, Lithium, Clozapine
Better Diets, Less Screen Time for Kids With App
Digital Twin Revolutionizes Inflammation Treatment
Digital Twin Aids Effective Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases
Program Launched to Combat Child Sexual Abuse in Multiple Languages
Childhood Obesity Raises Diabetes Risk in Adulthood
Childhood Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of 4 Types of Adult Diabetes
Children’s lung capacity improved in cleaner air
Research: Normal GI Biopsy Doesn’t Protect from IBD
Lung Capacity of Children Improves in Clean Air
Food insecurity may increase cognitive decline in older adults
Older Adults At Risk of Cognitive Decline Due to Food Insecurity
Sweden: 15 Years of Employee Work Schedules Revealed
Genetic Variation Between People Unexpectedly High in T-Cell Receptors
Major Study: Unexpected Variation in T-Cell Receptor Genes Among People
Heart failure places great strain on healthcare
Time of day may determine amount of fat burned by exercise
Heart Failure’s Heavy Toll on Healthcare
Nicotine exposure during pregnancy may increase risk of sudden infant death
Nicotine Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to SIDS Risk
New immunotherapy holds promise for ovarian cancer
Immunotherapy Could Treat Ovarian Cancer: Study
Antibody May Treat Serious Liver Disease: Study
Genetic analysis can reduce adverse drug reactions by 30 per cent
Children with tics can be helped by new online treatment
Twin Study: Eating Disorder ARFID Highly Heritable
Poor coparenting linked to depression in dads
High- & Low-Dose Exercise Both Beneficial for Knee OA
Airway Mucosa Antibodies Durably Protect Against Covid
Uric acid linked to later risk for irregular heart rhythm
Same genes may be behind cardiometabolic diseases and dementia
Blood Markers May Predict Alzheimer’s 10 Years Before Symptoms
Spouses of Cancer Patients at Risk for Mental Illness
Antibiotic residues in water threat to human health
Antibiotics in Water Pose Risk to Humans: Study
New method finds right treatment for breast cancer patients
Cellular messengers improve cancer therapy
Cellular Messengers Enhance Cancer Treatment