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World’s fastest information-fuelled engine designed by SFU researchers
Researchers Propose Principle and Method of Synchronously Tailoring Saturated and Reverse Saturated Absorption of ENZ Materials
Active cavity solitons: Ultra-stable, high-power optical pulses for measuring light waves
New Research Training Group at Institute of Physics
Laser pointer aimed at aircraft, teen arrested – Bexley
Improvements to Free-Space Optical Networks Enable Wireless Transmission in Urban Settings
Researchers Prepare Broadband Antireflection Laser Film Based on Deionized Water Treatment of Electron-beam Film
PolAir warns about dangers of aiming laser pointers at aircraft after recent strikes
Citrus derivative makes transparent wood 100 percent renewable
1D model helps clarify implosion performance at NIF
Latency-Aware Optical Networking for Automated Deployment of 5G Services
New winter event awakens Rosalind Park after dark
Albert Polman receives ERC Advanced Research Grant
How do plants protect themselves against too much sunlight?
Lighting it up: Fast material manipulation through a laser
Police arrest man over laser pointer at Lewiston, South Australia
Researchers use laser paintbrush to create miniature masterpieces
Ietpacks in adelaide CBD
Polarized photovoltaic properties emerge
Two strange planets
Laser lights way
Arncliffe Youth Centre Opening: Bayside
Technology uses ‘single’ approach to develop electronics, acoustics
Optical Fiber Could Boost Power of Superconducting Quantum Computers
FedNor invests in advanced manufacturing to create 22 local jobs and support growth and recovery efforts
As Good as it Gets: NIST Develops Its Fourth Generation Wire Micrometer that Rivals Best in World
62nd AW strengthens joint warfighting capabilities through Exercise Predictable Iron
Beaufort impound
Towers of liquid
Nicolle Flint MP
How Photoblueing Disturbs Microscopy
A speed limit also applies in quantum world
Researchers Develop Tiny Sensor for Measuring Subtle Pressure Changes Inside Body
Colloidal quantum dot lasers poised to come of age
Public invited to Mars rover landing virtual after-party
No increased risk of aerosols with special nasal cannula
Raman spectroscopy provides non-invasive way to track cell reprogramming
Police arrest man after pointing laser at Air Wing
AEgIS on track to test free fall of antimatter
Potassium nucleus loses some of its magic
White turns into ultraviolet
It’s more than just solid
Pointing of Laser Beams into Traffic – Jordan River / East Derwent Highway Area
NASA Awards Contract for LISA Charge Management Device
First Super welcomes Dean Brakell as new director, as former co-chair Lisa Marty moves on
James Fujimoto wins Visionary Prize from Greenberg Prize to End Blindness
Police arrest driver at Torrensville, South Australia
An optical curveball