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Tweezers of sound can pick objects up without physical contact
Gas-liquid flows faster than expected
Police charge man after aiming laser pointer at PolAir aircraft at Campbelltown
New approach for uninterrupted monitoring of solid-state milling reactions
Layer of three crystals produces thousand times more power
Laser improves time resolution of CryoEM
Simplified method for calibrating optical tweezers
Topological materials for ultrafast spintronics
Watching ultrafast dance moves of laser plasma
Researchers Develop High-performance and Compact Coherent Population Trapping Atomic Clock
New insight into how plasma heats up could help optimise fusion reactions
Nanosphere at quantum limit
3D laser scanner is shaking up component inspection at CERN
Custom-made MIT tool probes materials at nanoscale
Scientists Discover Nanoclusters Effective for Cancer in Second Near-infrared Synergy Therapy
Firelight Festival tickets are hottest in town
Quantum Laser Turns Energy Loss into Gain
Green Environment-friendly Micronano 3D Printing of Hydrogel Proposed in Aqueous Phase
Non-stop Signal Achieved in High-power Er3+-doped Mid-infrared Lasers
Firelight Festival lights up Docklands this July
Decoding electron dynamics
Mechanism behind XFEL-induced melting of diamond unveiled
Scientists create a novel instrument to probe thermal states of extreme matter on Earth
Researchers Prepare Radiation Resistance of Er-doped Silica Glass and Optical Fiber
Absorption of an individual electron captured on film
Absorption of an individual electrons captured on film
Olympic one-person dinghy sailing class 50th anniversary spectacle on Sydney Harbour rescheduled
PCF-based ‘parallel reactors’ unveils collective matter-light analogies of soliton molecules
Road Crash – Ludmilla
New light on making two-dimensional polymers
Femtosecond spectroscopy and first-principles calculations shed light on compositional dependence of
Internal compression stocking helps against varicose veins
New Study Presents Tip-Induced Nano-Engineering of Strain, Bandgap, and Exciton Funneling in 2D Semiconductors
Optical Advances Help Enable 800 Gigabit Ethernet
A New Light on Quantum Science
Frankston arrests
3D printed micro-optics for quantum technology
Research describes slow and fast light in plasma
Green light on gold atoms
Deep oceans dissolve rocky shell of water-ice planets
Police seek help to find missing woman at Highland Park
Risky work requires effective and current risk management
Police charge man after laser pointed at Airwing
Media Invited to NASA’s Laser Communications Demonstration Launch
Green light on gold atoms
Researchers Propose New Theory on Origin of Residual Infrared Absorption in Ti:sapphire Laser Crystals
Olympic one-person dinghy sailing class to celebrate its 50th anniversary in a spectacle on Sydney Harbour
Thin is now in to turn terahertz polarization