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Mixing laser- and x-ray-beams
Acknowledgement of Country Shadow Sculpture unveiled at Dudley House
Comprehensive Epilepsy Program receives highest national accreditation rating
New city sculpture to represent Horsham
Two Optica Members Inducted to National Inventors Hall of Fame
Light field-fast computing
Land Snail Shell: Recorder of Weather Scale Precipitation Events
Scientists Invent Topological-cavity Surface-emitting Laser
Swinburne IRL according to Fraser
Laser focus on illegal imports
Ultrafast all-optical random bit generator
Laser-based ultrasound detects defect-producing features in metal 3D printing
Electronics can grow on trees thanks to nanocellulose paper semiconductors
More HOPE for future of disease diagnosis
Eliminating need for 2D layering
Making 3D printing truly 3D
Atomic terahertz-vibrations solve enigma of ultrashort soliton molecules
Scientists Synthesize Novel Nitride and Stabilize Its Hexazine Rings at High Pressure
Microdrones With Light-driven Nanomotors
Phase transitions in early universe and their signals
$800 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine
Police charge men with conspiracy to commit arson, South Australia
Unlicensed, speeding while drug and alcohol effected
Pentagon Launches STEP FORWARD Campaign During National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
Optical vortex crystals for photonic simulations of complex systems
Nearly double speed limit in Springvale
Researchers Develop Glass-in-Glass Fabrication Approach for Making Miniature IR Optics
Laser light, dye and nonsurgical implant could help overcome obesity
Pollen paper that you can print on and ‘unprint’
Better photoelectrodes through flash heating
Accelerating write/erase cycles in all-optical magnetization switching
Studied dizziness and developed new method for use worldwide
Orb-weaver spider uses web to capture sounds
Unclaimed Freight goes to Unreserved Auction
Researchers Realize Laboratory Analog for Collision of Outflow with Dense Clouds
Fireworks to ring in New Year on Northern Beaches
Police charge driver with 52 hoon and drug related offences
Quantum physics sets speed limit to electronics
Rapid Spin-flip in Colloidal Nanocrystals to Generate Molecular Triplets
Quenching by laser increases graphene quality
Tomographic Measurement of Dielectric Tensors
Fluid field knock outs light field for laser-induced periodic surface structure regulation
Direct generation of complex structured light
ASACUSA sees surprising behaviour of hybrid atoms in superfluid helium
Complex pathways influence time delay in ionization of molecules
Limelight, free, one night only, family event
Creating Our Robotic Allies
Controlling how fast graphene cools down