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Goodbye Internet Explorer. You won’t be missed
Faster computing results without fear of errors
Third Fall 2021 IoT seminar focuses on Python for beginners
ICD-11 2022 release
Leading organizations form Carbon Call to address reliability and interoperability in carbon accounting for planet
Remote code execution vulnerability present in Samba versions prior to 4.13.17
Security main focus at second Fall 2021 IoT seminar
Readout of White House Meeting on Software Security
Program in fusion energy attracted interns’ eyes
New partnership formed to protect human rights organisations from cyber-attacks
How did 30-year-old Linux invade world?
Multidisciplinary International Student Workshop 2021 held by three engineering Schools
Computer Security: AndroCovid
Keylime security software is deployed to IBM cloud
Midgard – a paradigm shift in data center technology
Columbia Engineering team builds first hacker-resistant cloud software system
Nominations of EPFL professors 21 May
Computer Security: Scanning for problems
Making hardware design open and free
TetGen 1.6 Release
Computer Security: Insist to avoid troubles
Strategic move to PCs in high-energy physics
Update on Linux support: creation of a CERN Linux community forum
Oracle Unshackles Stores from Cash Wrap with Flexible POS Systems
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Momentum Accelerates with New Hires
Jerry Junkbot brings people together
Mindtree Joins Hyperledger to Accelerate Blockchain Development
Virtuozzo Announces Updates to Next-Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution
NetComm Launches New Industrial IoT Router to Support Medium Bandwidth Applications
Join our expert panel for a discussion of how we create healthy communities for
EnterpriseDB Announces Enterprise-Ready Version of Postgres Platform 11