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ACT weakens plastic ban by removing fruit and veggie bags
Election result resets agenda on climate action, brings renewed hope for our reefs
Labor’s independent environment watchdog pledge is strong commitment to our oceans and marine wildlife
New Exmouth Gulf Taskforce confirms urgent need for environmental protection
Marine conservationists welcome Labor’s commitment to tackling threats to our Reef and environment
Peru “pinger” trial deters dolphins but not whales
International project aims to understand and protect endangered sea turtles
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
Devastating reef snapshot shows increased climate ambition must be top priority for next government
Securing future of Perth’s rivers
Land-building marsh plants are champions of carbon capture
Impending Spanish mackerel decision means success of flagship reforms hangs in balance
Canada announces completion of $5M signature exhibit at Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
Austrade grants help Sea World sustain animal rescue during Covid
Shark nets remain deadly obstacle as humpback whales begin their east coast migration
NT plastic ban will help territory wildlife
Jordan’s Princess Basma bint Ali named FAO Goodwill Ambassador for Near East and North Africa
New modelling shows risk of Clive Palmer coal mine 10km from Reef ‘too high’
UK Government uses Brexit freedoms to protect our seas
Reef water quality report card shows welcome progress but time running out to meet targets
Marine conservationists praise decade-long program that sees 98% reduction in Australian Sea Lion deaths
Working with Newfoundland and Labrador to halt biodiversity loss
For sake of our oceans, IPCC warnings can no longer be ignored
3D approach to protecting biodiversity on high seas
Coral bleaching underway at Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf is warning we cannot ignore
African network protects key turtle sites
Another bailout for failing fishery must bring results for our oceans
England’s largest ever seagrass planting hits new milestone
Monitoring Mission must be taken to see epicentres of severe mass bleaching event on our Reef say marine conservationists
Citizen Divers Aid Understanding of Fish in Salish Sea
Queensland Government $65 million commitment to address Reef water pollution welcomed
New mapping tool highlights how protected species hotspots and dangerous gillnetting overlap on our Reef
$60m federal recycling investment is welcome help for oceans
Australia’s Galapagos officially proclaimed and protected
Australia’s Christmas and Cocos Islands declared one of largest marine sanctuary areas in world
Assistant Secretary Medina’s Travel to Costa Rica and Mexico
Genomics can help restore coral reefs in Indian Ocean
More bleaching devastation on our Reef exposes woeful Morrison government climate inaction
Parks Canada and partners take first step toward creating national urban park in Edmonton
Addressing knowledge gaps in shark and ray research
Scientists reveal growth limits of Antarctic fish
Half century of protection pays off for sea turtles
Life in freezer – study provides first evidence of growth limitations in Antarctic fish
Funding boost for marine education in Bay of Islands
HKUST Helps Marine Research and Conservation with first-ever Online Platform
Local councils say no to shark nets in historic unanimous resolution
UN agreement is vital step towards tackling plastic pollution in Australia’s wildest places
Better forecasting for better prepared society