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Marine conservationists welcome national approach of killer plastics phase out
Politicians will fail our Reef if they ignore this climate emergency
Discrepancies in official trade data suggest illegal international trade in endangered hammerhead shark fins
Fishing industry appeal on orange roughy fails in victory for sustainability
Extensive underwater camera network to monitor and protect ocean wildlife and blue economies launched across ten UK Overseas
ACT’s new plastics ban will save seabirds and marine animals
Consult with experts this Easter for sustainable seafood excellence
A Sustainable Ocean Economy is Key to Indonesia’s Prosperity
Seafloor nutrient vital in global food chain
Dolphin groups rally outside BGH Capital offices
Consultation on Marine Protected Areas
Turtles trapped and killed in gillnet set in Mackay Net-Free Zone
Unknown, unloved and in strife – Aussie battler sharks and rays fished to brink of extinction
Queensland’s turtles and whales to benefit from plastics ban
€4million project uses cutting edge technology to enhance habitats of key fish species
Ocean advocates welcome polystyrene and microplastic action in National Plastics Plan
Top high street chain pays for its recycling error
Conservationists welcome Victoria’s move to ban single-use plastic
Oceans safer with SA plastics ban starting today
Proposed Clive Palmer mine moves to assessment stage – Reef concerns need urgent consideration
Whale Sharks show remarkable capacity to recover from injuries
Government zoning bias has left marine life in peril since 2012
Next steps announced for management of marine non-licensable activities in Studland Bay Marine Conservation Zone
Conservation groups commend Morrison Government for joining Global Ocean Alliance
D grade for Great Barrier Reef shows urgent need for action on water quality
Marine conservationists uncover footage of turtle death traps in our Reef
Managing crab and lobster catches could offer long-term benefits to fishermen and environment
Minister Wilkinson releases statement on passing of Mr. Tom Lee, former CEO of Parks Canada Agency
Australia – life-boat for sawfish as species face global extinction
Marine conservationists uncover threatened wildlife carnage in killer Reef gillnets
Seabed mining ban – a win for marine life, fishing and culture
Conviction shows Queensland fishing reforms are working
Marine Management Organisation launches consultation on four of England’s Marine Protected Areas
Brutally honest review of national environment laws leads to calls for urgent reforms
World’s oceanic sharks and rays decline by 71% in last 50 years
Don’t green light Palmer’s Reef damaging coal mine
University and Seal Project join forces to encourage citizen scientists to support seal conservation
Are partially protected areas ‘red herrings’ of marine conservation?
Prime Minister commits £3bn UK climate finance to supporting nature
Orange roughy ruling victory for sustainable fisheries and for ocean loving Australians
Ivory Coast creates first Marine Protected Area
Protect our oceans and your pockets this Christmas by choosing sustainable and affordable seafood
Coral recovery during a prolonged heatwave offers new hope
Research links reef resiliency to no-take zones, healthy fish populations
New Federal laws banning plastic waste exports welcome but won’t save wildlife
Subsea 7 withdraws industrial oil and gas pipeline fabrication proposal from Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo
Research reveals full extent of seagrass beds in Looe Bay
Researchers investigate how marine protected areas affect impacts of heatwaves on ocean ecosystems