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Indigenous Knowledge Key for Solutions, Requires Collaboration
UK Minister for Indo-Pacific Visits Philippines
Marine Life on Australia’s Southern Reefs in Decline: Study
2023 Federal Funds for TSW N.H.S. Projects Bundle, Kirkfield Lift Lock
Australia Must Act Now to Safeguard Reef, Oceans and Climate: IPCC
Endangered sawfish win reprieve with NT fishing closure
Canada Showcases Fish and Seafood at Seafood Expo North America
High Seas Treaty Boosts Global Marine Conservation
Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park
10 Years of Betterment Boosts QLD Infrastructure Value
Ten Years of Betterment Boosts QLD Infrastructure Value
Macquarie Island Warrants Larger Marine Park Status
Report supports plan to expand marine protection for Macquarie Island
UN Delegates Agree to Protect Marine Biodiversity in International Waters
Conservation groups welcome completion of High Seas Treaty
Surfers, Divers & Recfishers Unite to Fight Land Clearing in NSW
Macquarie Island Marine Park poised to triple in size
More Protection for Macquarie Island World Heritage Site
Seafood Positive Launches OneFishTwoFish for Sustainable Seafood
Canada Plans 25% Ocean Protection by 2025
Canada Achieves Marine Conservation Goals by 2030
Historic win for Reef: Federal Govt rejects risky coal mine
UNSW Sydney awarded more than $2.8m for ARC Linkage Projects
AMCS at IMPAC5: Emphasizing Aussie Marine Protection
Canada and Coastal First Nations Protect Pacific West Coast Ocean
Marine Network Established for Northern Shelf Bioregion
Canada Nears 10 New Marine Conservation Areas with Policy Change
New Method for Large-Scale MPA Protection Assessments
Canada Launches Mapping Tool for Marine Planning and Protection
Whales could be key to reducing carbon dioxide
Sharks: Conservation Wins With Spatial Data
University to tackle climate change with British Virgin Islands
Canadian Historic Sites to Receive Federal Funding
Offshore Firms Act Recklessly, Gas Operators Abuse Power
Australian & Queensland governments must do more to save reef sharks
Kejimkujik Management Plan Tabled in Parliament
New Chance to Manage Inshore Fisheries, Marine Conservation
Magellanic Penguin Populations Affected by Climate Change: Guidance for Conservationists
Trackers Aid in Dolphin Conservation Efforts
Palau’s Rock Islands Home to Heat-Resistant Corals
Canada Takes Steps to Preserve Marine Biodiversity
About Marine Conservation Science
Oceans Mgt. Contrib Program Grants Awarded
World Bank Grants $246M for West Africa Coastal Resilience
Georgian Bay Islands NP Plan Tabled in Parliament
Scientists: Whales Could Capture Carbon in Oceans
Parliament Tables Forillon National Park Plan
Videographer applies research lens to marine encounters