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Tracing impact of sports slang on modern perceptions of neurodegenerative disease
Role for sport in men’s mental health
Research discovers why men don’t take charge of their health
Darwin geared up to host historic Supercars first
Research does not support adage “Boys will be boys”
Study links Muscle-building to weapon carrying and physical fighting
Solidarity in stadium
Men’s greater reluctance to seek mental healthcare
3D facial analysis reveals biologic basis for gender-affirming surgery
Married mothers who earn more than their husbands take on an even greater share of housework
Women and girls deserve to live without violence in ‘safety, dignity and freedom’
Positive plan for Victorian women and girls to regain lost ground after COVID
Billy Bain deconstructs ‘manly’ history of Manly
NY Times critic at large wins 2020-21 Nathan Award
Continuing our efforts to combat global terrorist threats
Childhood health and cultural inequalities
Perceived fragile masculinity stifles sexual satisfaction and honest communication
Meat and masculinity: why some men just can’t stomach plant-based food
When relationships break down, men are at risk of mental illness
Misogynistic attitudes towards women’s sport among male football fans
Men are more likely to respond negatively to gender threats in workplace than women, research finds
Why Henry VIII’s tomb is austere rather than lavish
Storybooks could be an early source of gender stereotypes for children
Adding depth to popular discussion of transgender rights
Anti-Gay Slurs Not Targeted Just at Gay Men
Hobart hosts national forum on ending violence against women
Screen Australia announces $1.8 million for 9 online projects
International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women 25 November 2021
Our Watch?updates its national framework to prevent violence against women?
CDC’s National Violent Death Reporting System Helps Tell Story of Homicides of American Indian and Alaska Native People
Can we tell someone’s cultural group from way they laugh?
Exceptional Sargent painting worth over £7.5 million at risk of leaving UK
50 years at Cornell: Women’s studies looks back, forward
La Trobe PhD students embed in schools
Cutting-edge 3D facial scans could give genetic clues to autism
Cutting edge 3D facial scans could give genetic clues to autism
Remembering 1981 Springbok tour
UniSA digs deep to prevent construction worker suicides
National Women’s Safety Summit: We can prevent violence from happening in first place
From where I stand: “If we as men are interested in gender equality, everything gets better”
Changemakers discuss ways to prevent domestic violence
New Timeline Illustrates How Gender Shaped Presidential Election
Grease is word for new wave of musical theatre stars
From where I stand: “It is everybody’s responsibility to take action”
Advocating for inclusion of LGBTQI+ people in Caribbean
‘You have no love for truth’: 19th-century British scientists accused each other at every turn
Religiosity and Conspiratorial Beliefs Linked in Baylor Religion Survey Findings
Modelling Respect and Equality training a success