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Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole
Surgical sutures inspired by human tendons
Good oral health reduces risk of fatal outcomes from COVID-19
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Nova Scotia
Americans are super-spreaders of COVID-19 misinformation
Call for cardiovascular scientists to contribute data to multinational platform
McGill University receives $5 million in funding from Quebec government to bolster retail sector
200 years of excellence at Montreal General Hospital of McGill University Health Centre
NeuroBasis, a new multi-institution project, is launched
Government of Canada funds McGill research on contaminants in aquatic ecosystems
Narwal tusks reveal mercury exposure related to climate change
McGill leads in urgent virus variant research network
Study links genes with function across human brain
First images of magnetic fields at edge of black hole in M87 Galaxy
Rural Alaskans struggle to access and afford water
Bilingual babies prefer baby talk – in any language
McGill and Genome Canada announce new Canadian SARS-CoV-2 Data Portal
Fertility Frontier: Can Transgender Women Get Uterus Transplants?
Banning all gay men from donating blood is unscientific and wrong, say AIDS research pioneers
HIV: an antidiabetic drug to reduce chronic inflammation
It’s snowing plastic
How sperm remember
Black children are overrepresented in Quebec’s child welfare system
Psychology professor plays a key role in a new study of severe COVID-19 cases in Quebec long-term care facilities
Air pollution: silent killer called PM2.5
Alyson Santoro and Susannah Porter receive support from Moore and Simons foundations to investigate origins of eukaryotic cell
Delay of second doses of COVID-19 vaccines has epidemiological benefits, but long-term effects depend on strength of immunity
American Chemical Society announces organizational changes
Will climate change outpace species adaptation?
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Ontario 4 March
Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada Before Virtual Bilateral Meeting
“Good bacteria” in breast milk changes over time
University of Toronto, other universities form coalition to strengthen engagement and reduce climate-related risks
Viruses can ‘hijack’ cellular process to block immune response
Crocodile evolution rebooted by Ice Age glaciations
Gender gap: Women represent two-thirds of doctorates, but hold only one-third of academic jobs
Astronomers uncover mysterious origins of ‘super-Earths’
Researcher says we need a radical shift in youth justice services
Happiness really does come for free
Biodiversity is its own catalyst – to a point
3MT: Skills Valuable Beyond Degree Conferral
In Brazil, many smaller dams disrupt fish more than large hydropower projects
Noninvasive blood test tracks organ injury from COVID-19
LSD may offer viable treatment for certain mental disorders
Researchers identify two factors in experience of otherworldly phenomena
Discovery of new praying mantis species from time of dinosaurs
Puff’ planet like no other
Using artificial intelligence to manage extreme weather events