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A Ticketmaster for science seminars
Sex bias in pain research
University researchers help lead national effort to explore role of genes in COVID-19
Walrus and McGill return to Segal Centre
Team of Canadian and Italian researchers breaking new ground in materials science
Ancient reptile had mammal-like tooth enamel, study shows
Indigenous Peoples around globe are disproportionately affected by pollution
Reopening country will do little to restore US economy
T. rex was a champion walker, super-efficient at lower speeds
Game-changing blood test accurately detects Alzheimer’s disease
Ancient reptile had mammal-like tooth enamel, study shows
Concordia and university libraries across Quebec to launch a unified search tool and catalogue
Atkinson COVID-19 grants could inform policy decisions
Better understanding of nature’s nanomachines may help in design of future drugs
New partnership to unravel genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 virus in Quebec
New study finds connection between fault roughness and magnitude of earthquakes
McGill University to accelerate carbon footprint reduction of its endowment investments
McGill Genome Centre to share in $20M funding for COVID-related DNA research
Canada launches serological testing initiative to help manage COVID-19
COVID-19 Treatments: A Call for Rigorous Clinical Research
Concordia professor partners with Cree to protect 30,000+ square kilometres of Indigenous territory
COVID 19 treatments and vaccines: importance of rigorous science
National study to collect data on aging adults’ experiences during COVID-19 pandemic
North pole will be ice-free in summer
TSU will open a center for study of French with AUF
International consortium investigates overactive immune cells as cause of COVID-19 deaths
Potential energy saving solution for making vital chemicals
Better data reanalysis model needed to improve rare disease diagnostic rates
With a heavy heart: how men and women develop heart disease differently
Volcanic CO2 emissions helped trigger Triassic climate change
FRQS to fund new structural biology centre at McGill University
Cornell joins global research university climate alliance
Researchers identify correlation between mild behavioural impairment and Alzheimer’s
New video game enlists players to help advance scientific research
Innovative birds are less vulnerable to extinction
COVID-19 and labour constraints: Recalling former health care workers not enough
Better data crucial to Canada’s recovery from COVID-19: David Naylor in Globe and Mail
Placebo effect and psychedelic drugs: tripping on nothing?
University of Waterloo uses 3D printing to help protect front-line medical workers
FRQ to create a province-wide COVID-19 Biobank
University cancels spring convocation ceremonies as Canada battles COVID-19 pandemic
Increasingly mobile sea ice risks polluting Arctic neighbours
Concordia undergrad dominates science fairs around world with his innovative research
Increasingly mobile sea ice risks polluting Arctic neighbors
Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Ontario
Canada announces judicial appointments in province of British Columbia
OFC 2020 Conference and Exhibition Wraps in San Diego, Presenting an Innovative Live and Virtual Exp
McGill24 raises $2.95 million in just one day