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McGill University and Alimentation Couche-Tard launch unique laboratory store to propel retail industry and customers into future
As oceans warm, large fish struggle
Mothers, but not fathers, with multiple children report more fragmented sleep
Radio burst in Milky Way sheds light on origins of mysterious phenomenon
Child marriage is legal and persists across Canada
For Right Employees, Even Standard Information Technology Can Spur Creativity
Bone Fracture Risk May Increase When Critical Enzymatic Processes Decline
Identifying Canada’s key conservation hot spots
Team wins grant to study ‘trained immunity’ with Japanese researchers
Climate change: threshold for dangerous warming will likely be crossed between 2027-2042
Survey says: Canadians asking for better food systems and food sparked by COVID-19 access
How spread of Internet is changing migration
New use for an old drug: How does ketamine combat depression?
When dinosaurs disappeared, forests thrived
Scientists show what loneliness looks like in brain
Researchers identify origin of a deadly brain cancer
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Ontario 12 December
Michael Houghton’s Nobel Prize win inspires researchers to ask big questions
Concordia’s Indigenous Student Librarian Program taps into city’s strengths
How COVID-19 makes us behave … or not
Canada honours Canada’s top social sciences and humanities researchers
Strong social support decreases mental health problems in young adults
Sustainably managed fisheries provide a safeguard against global food insecurity
A New History of Aztecs” wins Cundill History Prize
Fighting climate change through responsible investing: University President Meric Gertler
Scientists warn of social and environmental risks tied to energy transition
What makes certain groups more vulnerable to COVID-19?
Big data analysis suggests role of brain connectivity in epilepsy-related atrophy
Parents shouldn’t worry about their baby’s inconsistent sleep patterns
Minister Guilbeault Announces Reappointment of Chair of Canadian Museum of Nature
Maintaining a healthy heart through bile acids
University grads among most employable in world: Times Higher Education
Cracking secrets of an emerging branch of physics
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Québec 20 November
A gene mutation that protects against disease
McGill Redbirds: new name for a new era to wear, and cheer for with pride
Minister of National Defence appoints Independent Review Authority to conduct Third Independent Review of National
Increasing Knowledge on Plastic Pollution
Global fisheries could alleviate a global food emergency in extreme situations
Prize-winning innovator focused on immunotherapy
Concordia’s District 3 startups harness emerging technology for global good
Researchers awarded $2.5M for COVID-19 infrastructure
$2.25 M to develop next-generation cybersecurity, AI technology and policy
McGill teams win big in new ‘Omics’ cancer competition
Five MIT researchers receive awards from American Physical Society
Transforming coronavirus proteins into nanoparticles may hold key to an effective COVID-19 vaccine
University ranks first in Canada, among top 20 globally by reputation: Times Higher Education
Mind gap: Discrepancies in walking assessments for people with Multiple Sclerosis