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New Quebec study evaluates long-term complications of COVID-19
Measuring creativity, one word at time
Concordia psychology grad student is awarded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Prognosis: future is bright for next generation of healthcare leaders
Study reveals startling numbers of serious bacterial infections in feverish infants during pandemic
STOPMTL.CA: First interactive map to self-report police stops in Montreal
Promising new research on aggressive breast cancer
Cell structure previously associated with disease actually improves brain function
Understanding our perception of rhythm
Concordia PhD grad is recognized for his research on dopamine and alcohol misuse
Arctic seabirds are less heat tolerant, more vulnerable to climate change
Painting a picture of oral health of Canadians
Patently harmful: fewer female inventors a problem for women’s health
$4.95 million to make cities smarter
COVID-19 aggravates antibiotic misuse in India
Faecal records show Maya population affected by climate change
Founding Director of Transnational Law Institute Moves to McGill University
Songbirds and humans share some common speech patterns
Five McGill teams awarded funding in new Genomic Integration program
Concordia researchers break down COVID-19 diagnostic arsenal
Researchers break down COVID-19 diagnostic arsenal
Training next generation of leaders in responsible use of artificial intelligence
Heather Reisman, business leader, philanthropist and champion of literacy, receives honorary degree
Mountain fires burning higher at unprecedented rates
Researcher brings new artificial intelligence applications to medicine
Removing barriers through remote opportunities
Partnership agreement between McGill University’s Gault Nature Reserve and Grand Conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki
ALS: decoding its molecular mechanisms to improve treatment
Recurrent miscarriage: what if cause is genetic?
New mothers negatively impacted by COVID-19 pandemic policies
Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network accelerates precision medicine plan with signing of Contribution Agreement with Health
Over 500 new FRBs detected in single year due to CHIME telescope
Canadian telescope detects 500 fast radio bursts in a year, quadrupling number of known FRBs
University of Toronto first in Canada, second among North American public universities
Digestive system of cows influences human’s vitamin B12 intake
Honourable Sébastien Grammond’s Questionnaire
Vitamin D may not protect against COVID-19, as previously suggested
Vitamin D may not protect against COVID, as previously suggested
New study paves way to novel treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Early bird or night owl? Study links shift worker sleep to ‘chronotype’
Early bird or night owl? Study links shift workers sleep to ‘chronotype’
Hidden magma pools pose eruption risks that we can’t yet detect
Scientists reveal secret lives of Canada lynx
Zero-carbon energy from sea water a step closer
Sharing is caring – or is it? Smartphone boom prompts healthcare questions
Study of promising photovoltaic material leads to discovery of a new state of matter
McGill launches new research centre for innovation in energy storage and conversion
University of Toronto teams up with schools in Canada, around world to share cybersecurity intelligence