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New Supercapacitor Offers Energy Storage Solution
Senate Backs National Reconstruction Fund: Industry Groups Welcome
Medical Device Essential Principles Updated for Nanomaterials
Extension of CE certificates
Generating power with blood sugar
AusMedtech goes back to future
Quality of most dementia apps is insufficient
One case of Candida auris detected in New Zealand
CDC Warns of Rising Drug-Resistant C. auris Infections
MHRA Launches Major Overhaul of Clinical Trial Rules
Support for passage of NRF legislation through Senate
Risk of Antimicrobial-resistant Fungus in Healthcare Growing
Cambridge start-up wins funding to develop new diagnostics
Leading UCL-supported women entrepreneurs receive Innovate UK awards
Penn State Team Wins NSF I-Corps Grant
Call for speakers for biggest week in biotech
MHRA Gets £10m to Speed Up Patient Access to Innovative Meds
Smart ring offers simple way to monitor your health
Commissioner Kyriakides Addresses EPSCO Press Conference
Laser Printed Medical Electronics: Step Closer to Reality
Method Predicts Wildfires with Mechanism and Probability
MHRA Reclassifies Cialis to Pharmacy Medicine
Research Takes Step Towards Medical Electronics Printed With Lasers
UofT Grads Create Mind-Easy Platform for Equity-Focused Therapy
UK Gang Sentenced for £3.7m Illegal Drug Sale
Advisory Group Reform Proposals
Kyriakides welcomes Council vote on Medical Device Regulation extension
Chest Scan Predictions Aid Surgical Risk Analysis
ACCC finds ‘greenwashing’ claims widespread in internet sweep
Robot-Assisted Surgery: Impact of Ads
New Catheter Material Prevents Infections: UoN Study
AusBiotech to propose overhaul of TGA funding
HKUST, PhIRDA Launch Innovation and Research Platforms
Researchers Probe Heart Attack Treatments in Pre-Clinical Model
Shock to system
Imperial College and AMFG Win Innovate UK Funding for Autonomous Mfg
EU Extends Medical Device Regulations Transitional Period, Certificates Valid
Physicists Uncover Clues in Shark Intestines
King’s College London & Partners to Speed Up Med Device Research
Power Outages After Cyclone Strengthen Case for Burying Lines
Teamwork makes superbugs more drug-resistant and deadly
Researchers Pioneer Process to Stack Micro-LEDs
Research finds association of genetic disease and infant mortality higher than previously recognized: 41% of infant deaths linked to genetic diseases
Wireless power makes blind people see again
NIST Chooses Lightweight Crypto for Small Device Security
Canada: Justice Minister Names Federal Court Judge
$10 million in grants funding for e-waste infrastructure
Boost NHS Access to Innovative Tech: New Strategy Unveiled