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Scientists use AI to discover drug to fight drug-resistant infections
Bioprospecting Reveals Viruses to Combat Superbugs
Scientists: Covid unlikely to cause hearing loss
Covid linked to meningitis, UTI in febrile infants
Research: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Spreads in ICU
Rise in measles cases prompts parents to check children’s MMR vaccine records
Experts Sought for Meningitis Guidelines Development Group
Concerning numbers of young people miss life-saving vaccines
WHO Director of Immunization Issues Message in April 2023
NUS Researchers Discover Differences in Bacteria’s Sugar Coat for Pneumococcal Vaccine
Lab-grown mini-organs speed up vaccine tests
Blueprint for Fluid-Transporting Implants Optimization
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Found in England
Shape-shifting antibiotics could fight deadly infections
Research: Covid school closures left adolescents without crucial vaccines
Maternal Strep B Vaccine Could Save Thousands of Babies
Millions Saved, Thousands Prevented by Global Strep B Vaccine Program
More Murray Valley encephalitis cases recorded in Victoria
Research Finds Rare ‘Classic Triad’ of Meningitis Symptoms
Are your child’s headphones causing permanent damage?
Bacteria Hijack Nerve-Immune Communication to Cause Meningitis
Victoria records Murray Valley encephalitis virus case and death
Murray Valley Encephalitis detection in local mosquitoes
Quail could be unknown reservoir of Tuscany and Sicilian viruses
Hot weather triggers amoebic meningitis warning
Defeating Meningitis by 2030: WHO Taskforce Maps Global Path
Protect yourself from mosquito borne diseases
More detections of Murray Valley encephalitis in mosquitoes
Protect yourself from Murray Valley encephalitis virus
Risk of Catching Klebsiella Higher in Hospitals Than Farms/Water
Miracle twins born four months early home in time for Christmas
Gut Bacteria Can Make C. Diff Infections Worse
University spinout completes trial of Lassa fever vaccine
World Aids Day: Crowdfunder launched for lifesaving research into deadly meningitis in HIV
These bacteria hide themselves and then take charge
Baby’s jab responses linked to birth delivery method
Baby’s vaccine responses linked to birth delivery method
University spinout company receives Innovate UK funding to develop next-generation pneumococcal vaccines
Human trials to begin on SA-made universal pneumococcal vaccine
Vaccine uptake remains low among at-risk Canadians
Shortage of cholera vaccines leads to temporary suspension of two-dose strategy, as cases rise worldwide
Pockets of resistance in survey of pathogen diversity
No Significant Increase in Guillain-Barré Syndrome After Covid Vaccination, Researchers Find
Metal shows its steel against fungal infections
Mutation in key molecules could stop gonorrhea infection, biomedical sciences researchers find
CDC Reports Rise in Hospitalizations of Children With Respiratory Virus Associated With Rare Polio-Like Illness
This fungus shrinks in size to better infect brain
UN health agency kicks off meningitis vaccination campaigns in Africa