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Gruber Cosmology Prize for Frank Eisenhauer
FirstNet Authority, NIST Launch Immersive Virtual Experience Center for Public Safety
Planned changes to toys and cosmetics regulations
Direct printing of nanodiamonds at quantum level HKU Engineering makes breakthrough in quantum device manufacturing
MIT scientists develop low-cost, high-precision fabrication method for thin mirrors and silicon wafers
New Experimental Strategy to Evaluate Energy Performance of Metal-organic Framework-based Carbon Dioxide Adsorbents
Maintaining structure of gold and silver in alloys
Heavy rainfall to intensify for NSW
Turn Feedback into Action
OWM’s Return to In-Person Training
Quantum sensors: Measuring even more precisely
Research provides new insights into genetics of heritable traits
NIST Researchers Resurrect and Improve Technique for Detecting Transistor Defects
Novel printing process switches materials from black to transparent
RNA Reference Materials Are Useful for Standardizing Covid Tests, Study Shows
International measurement standards for electric vehicle charging stations: have your say
International measurement standards for electric vehicle charging stations electric vehicle charging stations
Scientists Reduce All-solid-state Battery Resistance by Heating It
Matter and antimatter seem to respond equally to gravity
Integrated photonics meet electron microscopy
Integrated photonics meets electron microscopy
Catalytic recipe for transforming quantum states
Examining dynamics of complex networks
Measuring Up: NIST Calibrates Masses for Unique Air Force Deadweight Machines
Operating in future electromagnetic environment symposium 2022
Chip-based quantum microcomb creates entanglement between optical fields
NIST, Collaborators Develop Sensitive New Way of Detecting Transistor Defects
Next-generation camera can better locate tumors
Compact amplifier could revolutionize optical communication
Nanoscale systems for generating various forms of light
Nobel Laureate Donna Strickland and Steve Rummel with II-VI Incorporated to Headline Laser Congress Plenary
Cool new technique allows easier measurements of key particle property
Compact System Designed for High-Precision, Robot-Based Surface Measurements
3D laser scanner is shaking up component inspection at CERN
First commercially scalable integrated laser and microcomb on a single chip
Scalable manufacturing of integrated optical frequency combs
Advances in optical engineering for future telescopes
OSA Foundation, Coherent Inc., Announce 2021 Recipient of Bernard J. Couillaud Prize
Observing quantum coherence from photons scattered in free-space
New Research Training Group at Institute of Physics
World’s first fiber-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics
World’s first fibre-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics
Direct observation of ad- and desorption of guest atoms into a mesoporous host
CTL Discusses Space Commerce Research with U.S. Representative Perlmutter
New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed for medical imaging, quantum computing
Latest Innovations in Optics and Photonics on Display at 3rd Virtual OIDA Technology Showcase
Study reveals cause of 3D asymmetry in ICF implosions
Novel sandwich technology improves sensitivity of rapid tests