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Quantum Internet Step: Info Translation between Techs Achieved
Thermal Imaging to Cut Diabetic Amputations
Accelerator Report: Preparing for upcoming LHC restart
University honoured to host presidential visit by IMechE
Quantum Light Sensed with Single Pixel Detector
AI-Enabled Tech Helps Ensure Safety in Snow Clearing
Chromo-encryption method encodes secrets with color
Quantum Video Reel
SRM 3461: Accurate and Precise Force Calibration Artifact
EVSE Fast Charging Network: Challenges for Calibration and Traceability
Researchers Create Entangled Light Source
Solid-State Quantum Networks Arrive: Dawn of New Era
Reliable Flow for Chip Makers
Squeezing of microwave fields by magnetostrictive interaction
Improving precision of pressure determination in nanosecond X-ray diffraction experiments
Observation of mechanically bound states in continuum in optomechanical microresonator
Outdoor Pools Perfect Destination
Spin photonics to move forward with new anapole probe
Common path principle improves shape metrology of complex precision optics
Lawrence wins $100,000 grant from Optica Foundation
Announcing Theodor W. Hänsch Prize in Quantum Optics
Pioneering Future of Semiconductor Measurement Techniques
Making quantum computing more resilient
New study: New light for shaping electron beams
NIST Office of Weights and Measures Launches New SP 2200 Legal Metrology Publication Series
Regional Measurement Assurance Program Back on Move
Quantum effects in memristive devices – MEMQuD Project
Review of noble-gas spin amplification via spin-exchange collisions
NIST Physicist Adam Kaufman Wins Breakthrough New Horizons in Physics Prize
New holographic microscope allows scientists to see through skull and image brain
Back to Future: Gear Edition
Novel way to generate light source made from entangled photons
New on-chip frequency comb is 100x more efficient
Combing light with sharper teeth
NIST Report Outlines Strategic Opportunities for U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing
New compliance plan to build confidence in trade measurement
Surface modification for improving in-vivo lifespan of bioimplants
NSW SES warns of flood risks due to La Nina Forecast
Future Metrology Hub hosts ‘Met & Props’ international conference
2022 Metrology Awards: special celebration for National Science Week
Tunable single-mode lasing on high-Q resonator
New Roles for National Metrology Institutes in Post-Redefinition World
Regional Measurement Assurance Program Returns to OWM’s In-Person Training
Investigating Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as Field Reference Meters
Breaking strongest chemical bonds with laser shock compression
Boosting light power revolutionizes communications and autopilot
Photonic integrated erbium doped amplifiers reach commercial performance
Diamonds are for quantum sensing