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Eligibility for government childcare offers protected
“Either I’m starving or I’m dying of coronavirus” – gig economy companies must do more to protect workers during
Home gardens set to save households $250 a year
Housing report highlights need to maintain JobSeeker increase
Court penalises Darwin restaurant operators
Invercargill City Council wage cuts cruel, unnecessary and legally questionable
Why Are “Some Kids Worth Less”?
National Minimum and Living Wage increases come into effect
National Living Wage increase raises income of low-paid workers
Ecomomic Bulletin: COVD-19 lockdown edition
Minimum wage increase – vital support for our lowest paid
Minimum wage increase must be deferred
World Bank Strengthens Support to Argentina’s Most Vulnerable Families
WB to Support Increased Urban Resilience in Southern Brazil
Rideshare drivers appeal to scott morrison for minimum wage and protections amid COVID-19 concerns
Coronavirus outbreak may prompt policymakers to consider universal basic income
Social protection and viral recession
Wage Theft Laws put Victorian business environment at risk
Economic package should go harder and faster
Heightened economic uncertainty requires a new approach in this year’s Annual Wage Review
Qantas signs Court-Enforceable Undertaking
Chancellor’s first Budget brings £360 million boost for Welsh Government
Budget brings £640 million boost for Scottish Government
While low-income relief welcome, more than just a quick fix needed
PGF should be reprioritised for job support
Low Pay Commission welcomes new remit from Government
Robertson must accept realities of business
Government must defer minimum wage increase
Brisbane sole trader faces legal action
As Job Creation Exceeds Expectations Again, Women Workers See Further Gains
Sound economic policy could be cure to Coronavirus slow-down
International Women’s Day a good time to consider your super
Trucking business faces court
18,400 children lifted out of poverty
Benefit settings rise in line with wages as of 1 April
Workers comp financial problems must not be off-loaded onto injured workers: ALA
Wage crisis continues, public sector wage growth lowest on record
LPC Research Invitation to Tender for 2020 Report and beyond
Increases in minimum wage may not have anticipated positive health effects, study shows
Unemployment down, wage growth up proof of strong labour market
Small business suffers as consumers think twice
Small businesses will feel sting of minimum wage rise
Government releases report of Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards
Minimum wage increase will cost jobs, hurt SMEs
Cost less of a factor for Kiwis seeking GP care
Better protections for vulnerable contractors
Dental practice operator faces court
LPC advice to Government on future of minimum wage