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Global Warming Kills Forests Through Reduced Transpiration
Māori, Pacific Patients Priority for Diabetes Drugs: Was it Justified?
Live Sport Boosts Wellbeing: Study
Attending live sport improves wellbeing – study
KY Team Effort Reduces Colorectal Cancer Rates
Nonnative Tree Species Resurgent After Extreme Weather
New Definitions May Improve Care for Elderly Surg. Patients
Investment Needed Now to Help Key Workers: ILO
Ensure decent work for key workers, says ILO
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant
US & Ethiopia: Long-Term Partnership
Lower Suicide Rates Seen in Male Adolescents on ECT, Lithium, Clozapine
Lower Suicide Rates in Male Adolescents Linked to Regional ECT, Lithium, Clozapine
FDA, CDC Respond to Fla. Surgeon General
Saving Endangered Species Requires More than Captive Breeding: OBP
Cluster fencing helping to rebuild flock
Prostate cancer treatment delay doesn’t raise death risk: trial
Trial Shows Delaying Treatment for Localised Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Increase Mortality Risk
Focus on inequities in men’s health
UNICEF warns of deepening inequalities in Europe and Central Asia
Mild TBI, Other Race Linked to Higher Suicide Risk in Military
Victorian rural women recognised in 2023
WMO steps up action on climate and health
Research Finds Paid Sick Leave Increases Cancer Screenings
Obstacles for breast cancer prevention in high-risk Black women
Black Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Face Barriers to Prevention
Texas Heart Institute Pioneers Cell Therapy for Heart Failure
Researchers Probe Heart Attack Treatments in Pre-Clinical Model
Excess weight, obesity more deadly than previously believed
Women Die in Childbirth at Alarming Rate: 2 Per Minute
OECD: Invest in Health Systems to Prepare for Future Shocks
Keeping babies alive will lower population growth
Lower Population Growth Linked to Keeping Babies Alive – Study
When researchers join forces in fight against cancer
Nationwide Prison Mortality Rates Soar During Pandemic: UCLA
Research Shows Increase in Chinese Epilepsy Cases 1990-2019
UN Experts: Unilateral Sanctions Impact Thalassemia Patients in Iran
Thrombectomy as Effective as Medical Mgmt for Stroke Treatment
Lack of Resources Linked to Higher Mortality in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Childhood Cancer Survivors at Higher Risk of Mortality Without Resources
COVID-19 vs. Pneumonia in ICU for Older Patients
COVID-19 vs Bacterial, Viral Pneumonia in Older ICU Patients
Safer Liver Surgery in Busier Hospitals?
World Cancer Day – Closing Care Gap
State Abortion Bans Don’t Stop Eugenics: Court
Geriatric Fracture Program Cuts Hospital Stay Length
Planting Trees Could Cut City Heat Deaths by 33%, Study Finds
4% of Summer Deaths in European Cities from Urban Heat Islands