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Being unmarried is associated with higher risk of death in heart failure patients
Study links Being unmarried to higher risk of death in heart failure patients
Omicron variant caused more excess deaths in Massachusetts than Delta
UCLA’s Vickie Mays explains why accurate Covid death counts are important
Research reveals higher excess deaths during Omicron period compared to Delta period in Massachusetts
20% of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis cases in children could be averted by household testing and treatment
Respiratory Syncytial Virus responsible for more than 100,000 deaths worldwide in kids under five in 2019
Turtles, dugongs in danger from seagrass loss
ZBP1 links interferon treatment and dangerous inflammatory cell death during Covid
Forecasting effects of roads and railways on endangered tigers
GOAL 3 takes steps in fight against needless mortality in Africa
Childhood circumstances and personality traits linked to loneliness in older age
New Expert Consensus Statement published on achieving remission of type 2 diabetes using diet as primary intervention
Australian research reveals how deficiency affecting one in three people can be avoided
Deaths in New Zealand lower than expected so far during pandemic
Public health “detectives” will track potential links between COVID-19 and poor pregnancy outcomes
Erratic temperatures causing more deaths than heatwaves: study
Oestrogen treatment associated with reduced COVID deaths
Reducing atrial fibrillation through ED protocol
Study links Estrogen treatment to reduced COVID deaths
Deaths from alcohol use disorder surged during pandemic
Successive heatwaves in India and Pakistan highlight role of early warnings
Ky Cancer Needs Assessment Report Details Critical Steps to Address Cancer Burden
Investigating how scarred hearts affect athletes
More than 1 in 3 children under five at risk of starvation in Central Sahel
Researchers find favorable tradeoffs of PSA screening for prostate cancer
Benefits of PSA prostate cancer screening found to be more favorable than previous estimates, especially for blacks
Single hormone directs body’s responses to low-protein diet
WHO launches new Mortality Database visualization portal
Study Reveals Immunomodulatory Effects of Parasitic Dinoflagellate Hematodinium on Crustacean Hemocytes
Gallstone disease shown to be strong predictor of pancreatic cancer
New report shows progress and missed opportunities in control of NCDs at national level
Common steroids after ‘long Covid’ recovery may cut risk of death by up to 51%
New discovery may hold key to fighting deadly infections
How leaky gut leads to inflamed lungs
Department of National Defence releases 2021 report on suicide mortality
Future of deer management clouded by coming steep decline in hunter numbers
Reef Snapshot: summer 2021-22 released
Dead Hector’s dolphin at Te Waewae Bay, Southland
Patient born with organs outside of her abdomen receives transformative care
Racial, ethnic disparities in estimated excess mortality from external causes
Covid pandemic led to increase in loneliness around world
Proclamation on Mother’s Day, 2022
Know and respond quickly to signs of stroke
Coaching Program Reduces Burnout Among Resident Physicians
Beyond numbers: database brings to light quality of care for women and their babies at national scale
Benefit of risk-guided strategy to prevent secondary heart events
Uterine cancer deaths are rising in United States, and are highest among Black women