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Helping people understand and track their health
Early interventions could help counteract muscle loss
Testosterone-producing Leydig cells successfully generated from iPS cells
Kidney disease is problem for cerebral palsy patients. Why are doctors missing it?
Greater muscle mass may increase risk of hot flashes
Wheatbelt couple charged with cruelty to dogs
Researchers find that interrupting high-fat, high-calorie diet with regular cycles of fasting-mimicking diet helps mice live longer
Interrupting high-fat, high-calorie diet with fasting-mimicking diet helps mice live longer life
Hamilton Hill man guilty of animal cruelty
NIH-supported study suggests alternative to race-based kidney function calculations
Alternative to using race in kidney function test found
Strength training can burn fat too, myth-busting study finds
Researcher investigates how sleeping in low oxygen environment affects body weight and health
Dietary supplementation with green tea catechins and cocoa flavanols
Older people with abdominal fat and weak muscles are more likely to develop mobility problems
Physically fit breast cancer patients more likely to complete chemotherapy: study
Specific testing required to assess frailty in older adults
Shayna Jack appeal case tests sport’s legal principles on doping bans 23 August
Restoring hormone levels in neutered dog leads to health improvements
Prior training can accelerate muscle growth even after extended idleness
Hamilton Hill father and son charged with animal cruelty
Shayna Jack appeal case tests sport’s legal principles on doping bans
Benefits of time-restricted eating depend on age and sex
Metabolic Changes Over Life Cycle Show Unexpected Path
Metabolism changes with age, just not when you might think
NIST’s Reference Material Supports Anti-Doping Efforts in International Sports
Study links Half of Americans living with diabetes may be consuming less than recommended amount of protein
What does space travel do to our cells?
Better choice of contraceptives can prevent breast cancer
For men, low testosterone means high risk of severe COVID-19
How can amount we eat affect our ability to maintain muscle as we age?
Do naturally high testosterone levels equal stronger female athletic performance?
HIIT and resistance training builds muscle and improves fitness in middle-aged men
Age-related muscle loss and walking abilities predict outcomes after lung cancer surgery
Fat-footed tyrannosaur parents could not keep up with their skinnier adolescent offspring
Alexei Navalny has been on a hunger strike for over 3 weeks
Study reveals roadmap of muscle decline with age
A Male Baboon’s Dominance Gives Him Babies, but Costs Him Years
Pumice key to solving seabird mass death mystery
In women, higher body fat may protect against heart disease death, study shows
‘Exercise hormone’ could prevent weight gain and maintain healthy muscles
Exercise boosts men’s artery health not testosterone
Exercise better than testosterone therapy for men’s arteries
Exercise boosts artery health in middle-aged and older men
Lifestyle changes in pregnant women affected babies’ genes
Getting a grip on men’s health