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How brain-monitoring tech advances could change law
Investing in Brain Research and Neuroengineering
Brain practices new tasks while people sleep, study finds
Convenience-sized RNA editing
Researchers build subcellular map of entire brain networks
Ceremonial opening of new research center “Institute for Machine-Brain Interfacing Technology”
Automated analysis of animal behaviour
Magic mushroom compound increases brain connectivity in people with depression after use
Atlas of migraine cell types sheds light on new therapeutic targets
Model that mimics malformation linked to severe epilepsy paves way to novel therapies
EPFL offers three new Masters
Delayed consciousness recovery is common for COVID patients on respirators
Agreement to develop neurotechnology patented by six public research institutions
£2.1 million grant for research into brain activity ‘avalanches’
UN chief calls for action to put out ‘5-alarm global fire’
AI innovators to speak at Cornell BrAIn symposium Dec. 9-10
Scientists Develop Wireless-Networks that Allow Brain Circuits to Be Controlled Remotely through Internet
Noninvasive brain biopsy shows improved sensitivity in tumor detection
Noninvasive brain biopsy reveals improved sensitivity in tumor detection
Caltech Researchers Team Up to Fight Parkinson’s Disease
New bionics center established at MIT with $24 million gift
New proposals to strengthen medical devices regulation and bolster UK life sciences sector
Next-generation implants will be biodegradable and non-invasive
Tailored optical stimulation for blind
Brain-computer interface creates text on screen by decoding brain signals associated with handwriting
AusBiotech bolsters advocacy capabilities
MIT.nano launches START.nano accelerator
LLNL-developed thin-film electrodes reveal key insight into human brain activity
Researchers wirelessly record human brain activity during normal life activities
Stroke-recovery device using brain-computer interface receives FDA market authorization
Results of study could be biggest rehab advance in decades for patients after stroke
University of Toronto and Max Planck Society establish centre to study neural science and technology
Maryam Shanechi to lead brain research supported by new NIH award
Method offers inexpensive imaging at scale of virus particles
Caltech Dedicates a Neuroscience Research Hub
Resolution glimpse of gene expression in cells
Brain-to-brain communication demo receives DARPA funding
New therapy helps some regain motion lost to spinal injury