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New Climate Action Centre to support farmers maintain international edge
Engineer ing receives $4 million in funding to improve urban climates
New tool enables doctors to better assess and understand patient satisfaction levels
Misinformation tool measures exposure to false claims by political elites
Upskilling Sweden’s engineers through unique course package
NHMRC grant brings synergy to strategies for malaria elimination
Glass-like shells of diatoms help turn light into energy in dim conditions
Our Guide to Smoke-free Apartment Living
Monitoring “frothy” magma gases could help evade disaster
Monitoring of “foaming” stomachs can help avoid disasters
Plans to level up and build new homes tabled in Parliament
Policy statement on port investment
New tool enables comprehensive evaluation of datacenter performance
World Economic Forum and Partners Launch New Toolbox to Scale Urban Decarbonization and Resilience
Evolutionary analysis reveals Covid variants converging
‘Sound’ly segregated supramolecular helices
Australian organisations lagging global peers in IT budgets
AI tool to revolutionise polar ship navigation
Coventry locals help build new miscarriage support tool
Bert Evans scholarships for apprentices secures brighter future for NSW
New tool predicts risk of hospital readmission for children before discharge
Brain circuits governing social decisions
Charting human brain with new tools
Future terrestrial ecosystem will produce more oxygen for atmosphere
Researchers reveal unexpected gene in transparent worms
Container your excitement: deposit scheme set to expand
Common path principle improves shape metrology of complex precision optics
New technique makes it easier to determine how our ancestors used fire
How many bees can you fit in X-ray machine? That’s not joke
View on Myopia: Why We Wear Glasses
New tool at BESSY II for chirality investigations
New approach to label proteins could help track disease
New way to label proteins could help track disease
IPadOS 16 is available today
Readout of President Joe Biden’s Call with President López Obrador of Mexico
New model acts as search engine for large databases of pathology images, helping to identify rare
AI answers call for quail information
Council grants $45,890 to support community projects
New toolkit aimed at improving child protection is launched
Thread to Needle: How our Ancestors Used Native Flora
From musical chocolates to talking flowers, researchers reveal next generation of personalised gifts
New system designs nanomaterials that conduct heat in specific ways
New machine learning approach for high-entropy alloy discovery
Exporters benefit from award-winning online tool
New tool discovers cancer-driving genes
Improvements for Man and Machine in Scientific Publishing
Dynamics in one-dimensional spin chains newly elucidated
Government partners with industry to reduce agricultural emissions