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Food demand grows
2022 Pharmacy Assistant of Year state winners announced
Rex patrick to fight for urgent action on jobseeker
Compensation fraud to repay almost $60,000
We need to fix poverty and stop blaming stereotyped poor
Good, bad and ugly month
Supporting Tasmanians to gain skills and jobs
Cuts will plunge millions further into poverty
A heartless betrayal – Federal Government JobSeeker decision
A heartless betrayal of millions – Government JobSeeker decision
ACOSS calls on Coalition Party Room to do right thing by millions with least
Permanent JobSeeker increase must raise rate to at least $65 per day and ensure everyone has enough for basics of their life
Mr Morrison must stop playing games with Jobseeker’s lives and announce a permanent increase to Jobseeker
New report shows progress made on homelessness in response to COVID-19 slipping away – tens of thousands face huge rental debts
ACOSS plan to deliver a healthier, more caring Australia, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs
Reserve Bank Governor restates support for permanent JobSeeker increase
ACOSS calls on Government to do right and smart thing on JobSeeker, ahead of expected decision
Only two thirds of full-time jobs lost in recession restored
Millions face a bleak New Year as Coronavirus payments are cut again
New report shows who is most impacted by inequality in Australia
Federal Government’s cruel cuts mean an unhappy New Year for over 28,000 Canberrans
Millions left to dread 2021 thanks to Government’s Christmas cut to income support
Cashless Debit Card – 4BC
ACOSS delivers hundreds of Christmas messages from people on JobSeeker to Parliament
Greens call for reinstatement of Parenting Payment Single following more evidence of significant increase
Thousands take action against Christmas-cut to income support as unemployment hits 7%
ACTCOSS submission to Senate inquiry into Coronavirus support: Raise Rate for Good
Government decision to cut income support at Christmas is a cruel and damaging mistake
More evidence of shameful lack of support for disadvantaged and people on low incomes
Cutting JobSeeker payments will cause crippling rental stress in our cities
Too many left behind as government misses historic opportunity
PBO report signals older women at risk of long-term unemployment without Government action
Poverty risk rises with over 22,000 Canberrans to lose $300 per fortnight from Friday
Government Policy on JobSeeker and JobKeeper Unhealthy and Economically Counterproductive
Cuts to JobSeeker to cost 145,000 full-time jobs – Deloitte report
JobSeeker cuts would mean extreme hardship for 1.6 million people- new survey
JobKeeper and JobSeeker announcement welcomed, but reintroduction of Liquid Assets Waiting Period must be dropped
People need both decent income support and training whilst we create more jobs
ACTCOSS joins national call to Raise Rate of JobSeeker for Good
Thousands on JobSeeker contact their MPs in National Day of Action to Raise Rate for Good
Raising rate for good essential for our health and economy
Young workers still suffering from lack of a jobs plan
Women with caring responsibilities at greater risk of poverty
Extend JobKeeper & JobSeeker to ensure nobody is left behind
Funding for Dumfries and Galloway communities
Young people were already struggling before pandemic. Here are 7 ways to help them navigate a changed world
First arrest on coronavirus welfare fraud
Liquid Assets Waiting Period for JobSeeker payments must be abolished to save many tens of thousands from falling