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Single photon emitter takes step closer to quantum tech
RNA: Star of 2020 Promises Repeat Performances in Scientific Breakthroughs
Research briefs: Invasive insects, sense of touch, and urban runoff
Searching for flatness in materials
Research briefs: Heatwaves, musical self-assembly, and first impressions
Research briefs: dimmer for brain cells, maize yields, and wastewater risks
Higher and Further Education Minister Michelle Donelan speech on Augar Review
Deterrence effect of whistleblowing
Universities Minister puts quality at heart of higher education
Research briefs: Cheaper electric cars & freezable printed human tissue
UK Government to look at ways new high-tech materials could advance UK industry
Research briefs: Predicting coma recovery, black carbon and lockdowns
Asymmetry is key to creating more stable blue perovskite LEDs
Research briefs: Climate change projections, Parkinson’s pain, and mimicking aorta
Climate crisis in focus as Giorgio Parisi joins FAO’s Nobel Laureates Alliance
Medical college of Wisconsin and Texas biomedical research institute identify new target for treating schistosomiasis
Scientists contemplate launching tiny lifeforms into interstellar space
Covid ‘has reshaped science forever’
Subatomic – King’s Artists project explores connection between art and astrophysics
New research twists elusive ‘exotic’ quantum particles
Twisting elusive quantum particles
Why happiness is becoming more expensive and out of reach for many Australians
Triple treat from CMS
Goal in mind
New discovery can improve industrial yeast strains
Economist Guido Imbens wins Nobel in economic sciences
Curing with blood: rise and fall of COVID convalescent plasma therapy
CERN congratulates 2021 physics Nobel Prize winners
Researchers discover 14 genes that cause obesity
Microscopic metavehicles powered by nothing but light
Leiden University presents Scaliger medal to Europaeum academic community
Nobel prizewinner in chemistry joins IRCM and UdeM
Discovery of Obesity-Causing Genes Could Lead to Drugs to Prevent Weight Gain
“I hope that that Ig Nobel helps spur people’s interest in science”
Actuator discovery outperforms existing technology
Blacktown City locals share their stories in acclaimed online theatre
New Cryo-Electron Microscopy facility to tackle critical research issues
Beware “molecular parasites” involved in aging and disease
UNSW’s strategic investment in research sees it advance over 60 places in global rankings in 4 years
Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets electrons spinning
2021 IGR Release Speech
Trapping DNA damage
Researchers’ algorithm to make CRISPR gene editing more precise
Fruit fly links sleep problems in autism to glial cells, blood-brain-barrier and serotonin
Is past there when nobody looks?
New evidence for electron’s dual nature found in a quantum spin liquid
Study shows how meningitis-causing bacteria may sense fever to avoid immune killing
National Academy of Sciences Elects Two More UConn Scientists