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When going gets tough: Challenges faced by healthcare workers during Covid pandemic
Challenges faced by healthcare workers during Covid pandemic
SuperCon 2021 – Supercomputing Contest held online for high school students
CARE-ing route to advanced nanoelectronics
After 70 years, advanced carbon-based magnetic material finally synthesized
Nanoantenna for long-distance, ultra-secure communication
Intracellular temperature sensors: Protein complex exhibits temperature-sensitive activity
Protein complex exhibits temperature-sensitive activity
Breaking Trade-Off Problem That Limits Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency of Waste Heat
Computationally quick approach to predict molten droplet solidification on solid surface
Scent test to screen for early-stage pancreatic cancer
Scientists demonstrate vaccination approach that could prevent future coronavirus outbreaks
Moms risk life and limb for their young. WHY?
Tuning flexible circuits with light
No more aggravation: ATP-hydrolyzing ectoenzyme E-NTPD8 attenuates colitis
Walking patterns of movement disorders shared among worms, mice, and humans
Lasers light up neutron generation for radiography
Scientists improve optical tissue clearing method to diagnose cancer
Development of high-precision THz time-domain ellipsometry for wide-gap semiconductors
Eating peanuts may lower risk of ischemic stroke, cardiovascular disease among Asians
X-ray street vision
Ultrafast electronic control of magnetic anisotropy by mid-infrared light
No swimming? Molecule regulating sperm motility discovered
Seeing both forest and trees: Trans-scale scope shows big picture of tiny targets
Trans-scale scope reveals big picture of tiny targets
Predicting drug absorption in miniatured human liver
Twin motor modified from ATP synthase discovered
Path less traveled in DNA double-strand break repair
A way to surmount supercooling
Fifth quartet: Excited neon discovery could reveal star qualities
Does bubble cascade form only in a glass of Guinness beer?
Passing COVID test in just five minutes
From symmetry to asymmetry: two sides of life
Molecular underpinnings of immune cell migration
Dominant factor of carrier transport mechanism in multilayer graphene nanoribbons revealed
Activation of carbon-fluorine bonds via cooperation of a photocatalyst and tin
Unforeseen links to chronic pancreatitis found in cancer-related signals
How hepatitis C virus evades immune system
Is deference to supernatural beings present in infancy?
Keeping it rolling
Diversity and universality of jamming
Discovering candidate for reflex network of walking cats: Understanding animals with robots
THz emission spectroscopy reveals optical response of GaInN/GaN multiple quantum wells
RIES: Contributing to advancement of life and energy sciences through an interdisciplinary approach
A glimmer of hope: New weapon in fight against liver diseases
Silicon chip will drive next generation communications
Sweet taste of success for a supported nickel phosphide nanoalloy catalyst
Asymmetric synthesis of aziridine with a new catalyst can help develop novel medicines