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Reducing Sleep Pill Use in Elderly: Patients & Caregivers Involved
Offshore Petroleum Workers at Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
What Do Words Really Mean?
Kids Get Immunity from COVID-19 Through Common Cold
Ancient Sea Reptile Discovered on Arctic Island
New tool to diagnose and assess severity of sarcopenia
Severe Covid can increase risk of cardiovascular disease
Runes were just as advanced as Roman alphabet writing
Treating Trauma in Kids/Teens: Effective Methods Found
Cycling in west of Melbourne
Simon Stiell: 2023 Must Be Pivot Point for Energy Transition
Scandinavian Designers Took Little Environmental Action in Past 50 Years
Obesity in midlife increases risk of frailty later on
New Brain Maps & Digital Tools Streamline Research
Experts Praise Norway’s Gender Gap Closure, Ask About Rape Laws & Trafficking Prevention
Good slime for climate, delivered by brown algae
Harsh winter for people affected by rare cold disease
Masks Reduce Risk of Spreading COVID: Review Finds
NATO: Invest in Defence to Cut Vulnerabilities
How bacteria compete in gut of newborns
Can we persuade more school children to eat fruit and vegetables?
Researchers have responsibility for stories they request and retell
£3m Awarded to Study Feelings of Claiming Benefits Abroad
Six new teams ready for SPARK Norway
NATO Ministers to Gather in Norway for May Meeting
Cooling Particles
Can body’s own killer torpedoes fight cancer?
Business Leaders Unite to Support Palestinian Economy Despite Political Risk
Leaves Reveal Secret to Long Life
Cause of Excessive Folding in Human Brain Discovered
University of Oslo gathers strategic spearheads
NATO Secretary General Honored with Sønsteby Award in Oslo
NATO Chief: No Lasting Peace Without Freedom
Risk of Catching Klebsiella Higher in Hospitals Than Farms/Water
University of Oslo:Democracy awards 22 million kroner
55 million to develop public transport of future
UN: Short-Term Housing Needs Balancing of Benefits, Challenges
Middle East Violence is Unsustainable: Delegate
Sharp Rise in Israel-Palestine Violence: UN Report
Ending Cycle of Violence in Israel/Palestine Through Dialogue
11 million euros for life science research and innovation infrastructure synergies in Northern Europe
Nearly 1 in 10 young people experience physical pain and suicidality
Novel Treatment Targets Found for Gout: Study
Change of Governor of Cayman Islands
UK reaches agreement on key fish stocks for 2023
Horizon scanning – useful for identifying new healthcare services?
New study shows that infections are main cause of hydrocephalus in African children
Can we slow down aging?