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Restrictions easing thanks to SA’s strong Omicron response
Volunteers needed for human challenge trial to study immune response to Covid
Kiwi scientists develop method to disinfect PPE for potential reuse in pandemic
Kids vax Q&A with an expert: your questions answered
Survey findings on prevalence of allergic diseases among Hong Kong primary and secondary schoolchildren
Epileptic seizure frequency fell by 86% in kids treated with whole plant medicinal cannabis
University of Toronto researchers launch nationwide study
Incentivising GPs and nurses to live and work in regional Tasmania
Com-COV2 study supports flexible second dose options following Pfizer or Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs
Covid vaccine for kids ages five to 11: What families need to know
New survey reveals pandemic impact on Canadian youth
New Report highlights improved general vaccination rates amongst healthcare workers
Committee releases major report on reforming process for new medicines and health technology
Update to infection prevention control guidance to include seasonal respiratory infections
Update to UK infection prevention control guidance to include seasonal respiratory infections
Children with CMV infection by age 1 more likely to develop tuberculosis in childhood
Flicking inflammation off-switch
Twelve to sixteen-year-olds needed for Covid booster vaccine study
Action needed on high mortality in children with adrenal insufficiency
Covid immunity in young Swedish adults investigated
Statement from RACS and specialty societies on cosmetic surgery
Improvements to child and maternity facilities at Timaru Hospital on track
RACGP Health of Nation report reveals state of rural general practice
Anorexia spiked during pandemic, as adolescents felt impact of COVID restrictions
Gene therapy saves sight of Australians with eye disease
Mindfulness meditation helps preterm-born adolescents
Children and youth at low risk of severe acute Covid during first part of pandemic
Lessons from how bats resist covid could inform new treatments in humans
Com-COV vaccine mix-and-match study expands to 12-to-16-year-olds
Heavy drinking when young increases alcohol risk in early pregnancy
Improving child and adolescent mental health services
NHS access to BNF content secured for further 12 years
Six regional students look to skies
Autism can be detected during toddlerhood using brief questionnaire
A career of caring: 50 years as a nurse
Innovative use of XR in Imperial teaching profiled during Education Week
How have vaccines helped to protect world and how can they continue to do so?
Human milk from women infected and vaccinated for coronavirus has antibodies against COVID-19
A history of blood clots is not usually any reason to avoid AstraZeneca vaccine
Mix vaccine boosters to protect against new variants
Pfizer’s Vaccine Centre of Excellence launches at University of Bristol
HKUMed identifies home as primary route of COVID-19 transmission among Hong Kong children and adolescents
Preliminary data suggests mixing Covid-19 vaccine increases reactogenicity
New Women’s and Children’s Hospital Project
First patient scanned on 7T scanner
Low risk of infection in babies born to mothers with COVID-19
Bristol documentary photographer captures some of faces behind COVID-19 research
Outpatient services for 21st century open at Modbury Hospital