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Giant quantum tornados in a hybrid light-matter system give insight into complex physical phenomena
SLAC physicist honored for precision particle theory research
Magnetic tweezers reveal polymers’ hidden properties
Quantum-nonlocality at all speeds
Electron Merry-Go-Round
Leptoquarks, Higgs boson and muon’s magnetism
Promising Ovarian Cancer Treatment Proves Effective and Efficient
Effects of ‘Fenton-like’ reactions of ferric oxalate on atmospheric oxidation processes and radiative forcing
Recreating a step in evolution of viruses
Understanding evolution of viruses
Scientists uncover mysteries of how viruses evolve
Researchers turned transparent calcite into artificial gold
ALICE finds that charm hadronisation differs at LHC
CLEAR study paves way for novel electron-based cancer therapy
Monitoring mRNA to time its great escape perfectly
Sparking breakthroughs in radiation protection for spacecraft, aviation and accelerators
Greening gaseous detectors
Using magnetic microparticles to mark objects unambiguously and tackle counterfeiting
LHCb measures tiny mass difference between particles
Novel compound reveals fundamental properties of smallest carbon nanotubes
Two Los Alamos scientists earn DOE Early Career Awards
New drug-formulation method may lead to smaller pills
A quantum step to a heat switch with no moving parts
Study Provides New Insights into Indoor HCHO Purification by Transition-metal Nanocatalysts
A New Light on Quantum Science
Smashing gold with finesse: Shockless compression experiments establish new pressure scales
Accelerators meet gravitational waves
EPA fines power station operator for alleged air pollution
THOR: Driving collaboration in heavy-ion collision research
Dark matter detection
FASER catches first candidate collider neutrinos
Small ‘snowflakes’ in sea play a big role
Veil of visible: Seeing beyond limits of observational universe
Borexino Collaboration receives award
Less is more? New take on machine learning helps us “scale up” phase transitions
Piarulli receives early-career research award
Quark-gluon plasma flows like water, according to new study
Research identifies climate-change refugia in dry-forest region
Scientists find solution to measure harmful plastic particles in human sewage
Dark Matter Particle Explorer Reports Most Precise Measurements of Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Spectra above TeV and Reveals
An upgraded Inner Tracking System joins ALICE detector
From Contrast Agents to Drug Delivery: Research with Neutrons Enables Advances in Biomedical Research
Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille to Lead Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division
Rashba physics has a new “Flavor”: ZJU researchers discover high-speed spin switch
Controllability of ionization energy of atoms promises advancements in chemical synthesis
Pollen-sized technology protects bees from deadly insecticides
Nanoparticles: complex rhythm of chemistry
Twisted particles could give physics a new trend