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Mysterious clouds could offer new clues on dark matter
Vortex in Nanometric Teacup
Constraining quantum measurement
Seagrass data mapped
Seemingly unattainable energy transition
Streamlined NIST Tool Could Help Homeowners, Renters Reduce Airborne Exposure to COVID
Improving plastic waste separation with magnetic fields
Getting quantum dots to stop blinking
Fundamental particles modeled in beam of light
Instrument can lead to innovation opportunities for industry
Mapping where wind blows in worker dormitories
Improving production of piezoelectric materials for naval sonar systems
Modeling quantum spin liquids using machine learning
Revolution in imaging with neutrons
NabFab: nanobody-binding Fab for fiducial-assisted cryo-EM studies of membrane proteins
Polystyrene Nanoplastics Inhibits Key Signaling Pathways for Activation of Immune T Cells
ALICE takes next step in understanding interaction among hadrons
Physicists reveal non-reciprocal flow around quantum world
Precise Electromagnetic Structure of Neutron Measured at BESIII
Researchers Develop New Phonon-based and Magneto-tunable Monochromatic Terahertz Source
Fine issued for emissions from power station
ALICE 3 workshop: towards next-generation heavy-ion experiment for 2030s
Finding inspiration in starfish larva
New insights into structure of neutron
Overwintering at South Pole
Meter-scale plasma waveguides push particle accelerator envelope
Upgraded code finds source of damaging fusion disruptions
Harnessing hot helium ash to drive rotation in fusion reactors
Electron family creates previously unknown state of matter
New campaign to ‘Stop Covid hanging around’
Researchers design microfluidic device to understand how air pollution affects lungs
UNM astronomer awarded NSF grant to improve monitoring of cosmic microwave background
Physicists discover how particles self-assemble
Meanders in river beds help climate
Triple treat from CMS
Buoy-borne Underwater Dark Field Imaging System Improves Marine Plankton Monitoring Capability
Facemask ventilation of patients for surgery does not increase risk of spread of Covid
Researchers show new strategy for detecting non-conformist particles called anyons
Countdown to Dark Matter Day
Made in Ames: Physics, manufacturing expertise help build nuclear physics experiment
This pyramid scheme could be helpful
History from Penrose to Hawking
Examining accelerating universe
Bringing new life to ATLAS data
WASA detector at GSI/FAIR
Researchers Discover Monolayer Mott Insulator Resistant to Stimuli Such as Heat and Light
Unmasking magic of superconductivity in twisted graphene
Google gift for quantum research