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First results from Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment strengthen evidence of new physics
Glass injection molding
How we found hints of new particles or forces of nature – and why it could change physics
FSU engineering researchers visualize motion of vortices in superfluid turbulence
Highly-anticipated Fermilab result strengthens evidence of new physics
Mounting hope for new physics
X-Ray Experiments, Machine Learning Could Trim Years Off Battery R&D
New Bionic Pain-perception System for Effective E-Skin Protection
Evidence for PeVatrons, Milky Way’s Most Powerful Particle Accelerators
New Los Alamos technology detects thermal neutrons in aircraft
New study sews doubt about composition of 70 percent of our universe
New research shows risk of COVID-19 from aerosols to healthcare workers
ATLAS searches for pairs of Higgs bosons in a rare particle decay
Researchers winning battle against sweat
Physicists flip particle accelerator setup to gain a clearer view of atomic nuclei
UNM study: Sneeze guards could make full-capacity airplanes safer from COVID-19 spread
Radioactive Molecules May Help Solve Mystery of Missing Antimatter
CERN approves two new experiments to transport antimatter
Design could enable longer lasting, more powerful lithium batteries
Coughs create complicated airflows. A new project explores how they spread viruses
One year on from sequencing Covid-19 genome, Sheffield shares new research on UK variant
Oil and gas industry can be a key plank to COVID-19 economic recovery and reducing Australia’s emissions
Aerosol formation in clouds
LS2 Report: FASER is born
LHCb experiment – A flavour of things to come…
New result from LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
Intriguing new result from LHCb experiment at CERN
Why Western Australians should get vaccine
UNIST-POSTECH Joint Research Team Unveils Secret in Catalysts that Increase Fuel Cell Efficiency
Researchers’ algorithm designs soft robots that sense
Reactive Boride Infusion Stabilizes Ni-rich Cathodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
CERN launches Technology Impact Fund to address global challenges
AMS reveals properties of iron cosmic rays
Shutting nano-gate
Wildfires may have larger effects on cloud formation and climate change than thought
New Los Alamos generator system delivers large radiation doses directly to cancer cells
Study Indicates That Humidity in Breath Makes Cotton Masks More Effective at Slowing Spread of COVID-19
Durham-based supercomputer helps tackle Covid
Simple tools reveal high-fidelity truth in lithium-ion batteries
59 new hadrons and counting
Scientists investigate microdamage in aircraft glass
Researchers uncover how some animals sense gritty texture of their food
Metal whispering: Finding a better way to recover precious metals from electronic waste
After 20 years, physicists find a way to keep track of lost accelerator particles
Invisible smallest particles matter for air we breathe
A speed limit also applies in quantum world
Researchers Hunt for New Particles in Particle Collider Data
IBM’s Quantum computer links two quantum revolutions