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IAEA DG Grossi and Belgian Prime Minister Mark 70th Anniversary of SCK-CEN Nuclear Research Centre
UO grad student’s CAHOOTS study is one of 12 funded by NSF
Physicist gets rare staff position at CERN atom smasher
UO grad student gets NSF grant to study Eugene’s CAHOOTS
Simultaneously measuring flow and oxygen
Microparticles with feeling
Physicist’s love of climbing leads to new kind of class
Study Reveals High Turnover and Rescue Effect of Scaffold Protein in Response to Heavy-ion Radiation
Nitric acid may influence formation of aerosol particles in upper troposphere
CLOUD discovers new way by which aerosols rapidly form and grow at high altitude
ALICE makes first direct observation of fundamental effect in particle physics
What You Need to Know About Ion Beams
Magnetic nanoparticles in biological vehicles individually characterized for first time
Likes repel and opposites can too?
Adopting Low-Carbon Energy Can Reduce Racial Disparities in Air Pollution
Size Matters for Speeding Up Nuclear Waste Cleanup
When quantum particles fly like bees
Explosion on White Dwarf Observed
Researchers reveal origin story for carbon-12, building block for life
Ghostly ‘mirror world’ might be cause of cosmic controversy
Researchers Fabricate Filter with Waste Maize Straw for Efficient Phosphate Removal
Keeping time with cosmos
How physics can help us make sense of multiverse madness
It takes three to tangle: long-range quantum entanglement needs three-way interaction
Why bother with subject-verb agreement?
‘beyond-quantum’ equivalence principle for superposition and entanglement
Researchers with NASA’s MMS mission crack 60-year mystery of fast magnetic explosions
What drives rechargeable battery decay? Depends on how many times you’ve charged it
Research team develops more efficient photocathodes
Machine learning, harnessed to extreme computing, aids fusion energy development
See how quantum ‘weirdness’ is improving electron microscopes
Novel particle detector used to study alternate path to carbon creation in stars
Microrobot collectives display versatile movement patterns
Scientists Use Tobacco Waste Liquid and Waste Iron Residue for Cd Removal
Roadmap for deepening understanding of puzzling universal process
New hardware integrates mechanical devices into quantum tech
Large Hadron Collider restarts
Scientists Propose Novel Selective Reductive Amination Catalysts with Improved Stability
Nylon cooking bags, plastic-lined cups can release nanoparticles into liquids
Machine-learning model can distinguish antibody targets
Researchers Demonstrate Label-Free Super-Resolution Microscopy
It’s pore that counts
New production method promises to end medical radioisotope shortages
NIST Study Shows Everyday Plastic Products Release Trillions of Microscopic Particles Into Water
New horizons in quantum physics
Amounts of aerosol from vigorous exercise and conversational speaking are similar
CMS measures mass of top quark with unparalleled accuracy
Lithium’s narrow paths limit batteries