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New Model Predicts Flexibility of DNA Movement at Molecular Scale
Topological Invariants Extracted from Band Structure in Synthetic Frequency
New Supercapacitor Offers Energy Storage Solution
Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low in 2022 Summer
Lessons from Miocene for Today’s World: Ancient Forests, Seaways, and Climate
Scientists observe flattest explosion ever seen in space
Research: Understanding Flickering Flames
Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Photonics and Optoelectronics Superpower
Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Photonics and Optoelectronics Superpower
Great fit for Hopkins community
Massive Galaxy Fed by Cold Cosmic Carbon Stream
Moiré Superlattices Demonstrate Superpower in Photonics and Optoelectronics
Efficient Methanol Biotransformation for Fatty Alcohol Production
Cooking up plasmas with microwaves
Scientists Analyze Circadian Clock in Real Time
Chinese Scientists Unravel Mystery of Cubic Ice
Sellafield Cleanup Team Dives into History
Spring awakening: CERN’s accelerators gear up for 2023
Microwaves Used to Create Plasmas for Cooking
Making Airports More Efficient for Better Landings
Light Used to Throw and Catch Atoms for Quantum Computing
New twists in behavioral association theories as worm turns
Designing better buildings to stop water damage
Iron Carbide Catalysts Convert Syngas to Higher Alcohols
New Eyes on Sky
Scientists See Inside Nuclei With New Entanglement Technique
Iron Carbide Catalysts Convert Syngas to Alcohols
Graphene Seen Growing for First Time
Four Top Quarks Observed in CERN Experiments
New Strategy Improves Carbon Dioxide Electrolysis Performance
New Twists in Behavior Theory Emerge
Fusion Ignition Achieved at NIF with Power and Finesse
Small stars may host bigger planets than previously thought
Global Warming Reduces Wetland Carbon Storage Capacity
Biodegradable Soft Robotics: Going Green
Doing math on solar-powered future
Accelerator Report: Preparing for upcoming LHC restart
Northern Hemisphere Climate Modeling Improved
2023 Research Funding Awards Announced by Pentagon
3D-Printed Food: Recipe for Success
Urban Traffic Systems Reveal Hidden Bottlenecks, Failures
Subatomic & Black Holes Linked by Common Thread: Scientists
Theoretical Prediction of Particle Interactions Expands Possibilities
State-of-Art Climate Models Simulate Global Drought, Room for Improvement
Sculpting quantum materials for electronics of future
New Layer Discovered on Crystal Surface, Preceding Transformation
DNA Double-Helix Unzipped, Unlocking Physics Secrets
Math Miracle Finds Rho GTPases Regulate Edge Velocity Dynamically