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Leveraging Ethics to Make Quantum Research Sustainable
Astronomers observe light within group – elusive glow between distant galaxies
Astronomers observe intra-group light – elusive glow between distant galaxies
Spin correlation between paired electrons was demonstrated
Achieving quantum fiber
University of Bristol to listen to views on building names with links to slave trade
Future is what we make it, says winner of Prime Minister’s Prize for Science
Bright fireball may have dropped meteorites in Niagara region
Twin pack of cooled nanoparticles
Observation of mechanically bound states in continuum in optomechanical microresonator
What Eurasia’s Winter Will Be Like under a “Third-year” La Niña?
IOP Publishing is largest physics publisher to strike open access agreement with Council of Australian University Librarians
Researchers Develop Novel Photocatalysts based on Low-toxicity Quantum Dots
New quantum tool developed in groundbreaking experimental achievement
NASA Awards Extension for Space, Earth Science Data Analysis Contract
ATLAS measures Higgs boson’s mass width
Fruit flies use corrective movements to maintain stability after injury
Exploring duality of gravity and gauge theory
Isotope Effects on Mixed Plasma-driven Co-permeation Found Through RAFM Steels
High-power electrostatic actuators to realize artificial muscles
Light-matter interactions on sub-nanometer scales unlocked, leading to ‘picophotonics’
Enzymes could be key to understanding how DNA mutates, quantum biologists find
How does ordinary matter behave when it is compressed without limit?
Marko Kangasniemi develops partnership between artificial intelligence and radiologists
Investigating formation of small particles helps to understand climate change
Scientists Develop All-3D-printed Lithium Metal Batteries with High Energy Density
Cosmic chocolate pralines: general neutron star structure revealed
General neutron star structure revealed
Decoding Secretome-mediated Neuron-immune Cellular Interaction Network
Two Uppsala researchers receive major project funding
Engineering Yeast Enables High-level Production of Diterpenoid Sclareol
Study Reveals Relationship Between Helium Behavior and Radiation Damage in MAX Phase Material
Mini-Engine Exploits Noise to Convert Information into Fuel
Physicists find new way to measure properties of material’s surface layer
Synthetic black holes radiate like real ones
Nanocrystals Store Light Energy and Drive Chemical Reactions
Tracking motion and behavior in smallest of creatures
Researchers Optimize Thermoelectric Properties of Lead Telluride Material Systems
Dual boost for optical delay scanning
Truly chiral phonons observed in three-dimensional materials for first time
Theory of micro-hairs
Applications open for 2023 CERN openlab summer student programme
Swinburne researchers recognised as national leaders
Researchers develop material that mimics how brain stores information
Experiment unveils Berry curvature mechanism for linear positive magnetoresistance
Eyes on Night Sky: Total Lunar Eclipse Happening Tuesday
Prestigious funding to researchers at Chalmers 8 November
Measuring Sunlight from Space, on Chip