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AI tools identify 5 types of heart failure
University of Cambridge extends partnership to improve cardiometabolic risk prevention
CT Scan Best at Predicting Heart Disease Risk in Middle Age, Study Finds
£2m for Mental Health and Pregnancy Research in Pakistani and Bangladeshi Communities
£2M MRC Award Expands Genes & Health to Mental Health & Pregnancy Research
MUSC Explores Autism through Video Camera Lens
Machine Learning Models Rank Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Machine Learning Models Rank Predictive Risks for Alzheimer’s Disease
Gene Testing Limited to Predict Disease: UCL Study
Genetic Risk Factors for Rheumatoid Arthritis Identified Across Ancestries
US Public May Seek Genetic Enhancements for Kids’ Education
Improving heart health by diversifying genetic data
Genetic Predictors of Heart Arrhythmia, Comorbidity Revealed
Friends Help Ease Genetic Depression Risk in Stressful Times
Research Suggests Social Support May Lessen Genetic Depression Risk
Fred Hutch Study Reveals Genes Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk
Genetic vulnerability to ADHD signals risk of Alzheimer’s in old age
Genetic Vulnerability to ADHD Signals Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Old Age
When FMD strikes family, so can abdominal aortic aneurysms
Type 2 diabetes genes linked to gestational diabetes in South Asian women
Family history is not sufficient for assessing inherited disease risk
Long-term exposure to air pollution may increase kidney disease risk
Scientists develop and test risk score for childhood kidney condition
Scientists explore appropriate standards for genetic testing in clinical practice
Genetic score detects those at risk for sudden cardiac death
Higher cardiovascular health may partially offset increased genetic risk for stroke
Healthy lifestyle can offset high genetic risk for stroke, according to new research by UTHealth Houston
Second annual special issue spotlights disparities research, impact on health equity
Reducing TV viewing to less than one hour day could help prevent more than one
New tool more accurately uses genomic data to predict disease risk across diverse populations
Healthy lifestyle helps to prevent gestational diabetes in those at highest genetic risk
New tool better predicts COPD risk for people of non-European ancestry
Newly developed genetic risk scores could help patients, physicians make health decisions
Polygenic risk scores identify high-risk individuals in European and Asian ancestry, but less so
Understated ethics, unclear utility
Understated ethics, unclear utility
Multi-Omics Modeling in Twin Cohort to Predict Blood Pressure Values
High blood pressure genes improve heart surgery survival in kids
Predicting progression of rheumatoid arthritis
New glaucoma test set to roll out
Large-scale cancer genetic analyzes in Middle East facilitates precision prevention program
Lifestyle more likely to affect child’s BMI than weight of their mother
New approach can help identify young children most at risk for obesity
New method can help identify young children most at risk for obesity
More diversity improves genetic research into cardiovascular disease, according to new study
Diverse genome sequences provide powerful tool for studying risk of heart disease
Placenta: smoking gun in cardiovascular disease
Genetic risk of mental health conditions may influence where people choose to live