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Hot time in city: Urban lizards evolve heat tolerance
How University startup Shield Crypto Systems helps keep valuable data safe
Squatting and kneeling may be better for your health than sitting
New test measures corn nitrogen needs with greater accuracy
Robots that admit mistakes foster better conversation in humans
Is Your Adolescent Getting Enough Sleep? 3 Things Every Parent Should Know
Stone-age ‘likes’: Study establishes eggshell beads exchanged over 30,000 years
Researchers find our brains are powerful – but secretive – forecasters of video virality
Team Explorer Finishes Second In DARPA Competition
Hotels benefit from marijuana legalization, study finds
Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia
Cancerous tumors, surrounding cells illuminated by new imaging agent
New software combines quantum and classical machine learning
Water splitting advance holds promise for affordable renewable energy
Strong signals show how proteins come and go
Circulatory failure is predictable
To Stop Cancer, a Neuroscientist Studies Its Uncanny Survival Skills
UCLA-led research team produces most accurate 3D images of ‘2D materials’
New type of pulsating star discovered
Putting a cap on Women’s History Month
Gratitude interventions don’t help with depression, anxiety
Climate change at Mt. Rainier expected to increase ‘mismatch’ between visitors and iconic
Groovy key to nanotubes in 2D
Combining smoke cessation programs with screening for lung cancer can reduce mortality
Why do sea turtles eat ocean plastics? New research points to smell
Rice, know thy enemy: NSF grants $2.6M to study weedy invader
‘A rather remarkable feat’
Mathematical model could lead to better treatment for diabetes
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
Researchers map protein motion
Community factors influence how long you’ll live, study shows
Homeless Health Research Network releases evidence-based clinical guideline
OSA and IS&T Name Eric R. Fossum 2020 Edwin H. Land Medal Recipient
Statement from Aged Care COVID-19 Preparedness Forum
Dogs can detect heat with noses, study finds
Safety Zone Saves Giant Moons from Fatal Plunge
New study reveals hidden impact of marine heatwaves
Better Treatment through Big Data
New online resource to help women recover faster after breast reconstruction
Elephant in server room
Entrepreneurship weekend to inspire Brisbane start-ups
Dr Anna Waterhouse speaks at Sydney Ideas
Pineapple flower research could ‘transform industry’
Pros and cons of DIY wills
“Doing machine learning right way”
New Cover Story of Nature: Tropical forests’ carbon sink is already rapidly weakening
Government outlines further plans to support health and social care system
STEM Equity Monitor will help drive universal changes in gender equity