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VAC announces creation of second Centre of Excellence
COE research helps bilingual children find classroom success
Stanford camera can watch moving objects around corners
High levels of oestrogen in womb linked to autism
£13m Convergence Science Centre to ‘secure future’ of people with cancer
DIY pump takes science out of lab
Study shows gaps in understanding of mental health during pregnancy
Funding boost for new approach to reduce gynaecological cancers
Saber Astronautics given mission control status for CUAVA-1
US biotech firm signs new research agreement with UTS
Light may magnetise non-magnetic metals, propose physicists
NSW Health Minister officially opens PSA office
A flock of #Aus tweeters hide in plain sight
Robotronica 2019: A gig for all ages
Higher education can overcome social inequity, but it takes time
Major upgrade for Australia’s most powerful computer
Palaszczuk Government announces latest round of Engaging Science Grants
How HIV may contribute to metabolic conditions
Dynamic duo fly high as Tall Poppy finalists
$70 million funding for our fastest supercomputer
Urban forests: How west is winning greening challenge
Green Light For Stawell Underground Physics Lab
Mathematical insights through collaboration and perseverance
Global scheme to cut price of expensive hepatitis drugs boosts treatment rate
Berkeley Talks: Music historian David James on cinema’s dance with popular music
OSA Members Named Recipients of U.S. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
New scholarship to help boost regional economic development on Cradle Coast
Study explores women’s literary links to gossip
Urban trees found to improve mental and general health
Astronomers see evidence of Einstein’s theories in star orbiting massive black hole
MIT “Russian Doll” tech lands $7.9M international award to fight brain tumors
Resilient shark spines may inform treatment for human bone disease
Need help with your diet? Beware big picture
Solar Flares, Bubble Rings, and Ink Chandeliers
Leah Broussard: Breaking Standard Model to Fix Understanding of Universe
MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore launches new group, boosting cell therapy research
Neuroscientists identify brain region linked to altered social interactions in autism model
Engineers use heat-free tech for flexible electronics; print metal traces on flowers, gelatin
Small but mighty: A mini plasma-powered satellite under construction may launch a new era in space exploration
Crystal With a Twist: Scientists Grow Spiraling New Material
Drones Will Fly for Days With This New Technology
Vanderbilt lecturer to perform at Summer Shakespeare
Top Hong Kong entrepreneur receives Honorary Doctorate from University of Warwick
Can tinkering with gut microbes really improve our health?
Banning tobacco sales to people under age 21 reduces smoking
Physicists discover new quantum trick for graphene: magnetism
To Maximize Benefits of Group Diversity, Men and Women Must Speak Up
Maths experts receive prestigious fellowships