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Excellent results for Research Excellence Framework 2021
Researchers find favorable tradeoffs of PSA screening for prostate cancer
Benefits of PSA prostate cancer screening found to be more favorable than previous estimates, especially for blacks
Breast cancer treatment plans at touch of button
Novel cell atlas for multiple human tissues finds discoveries underlying complex diseases
Fast-tracked: First in-human trial for aggressive brain tumours
Specialist Nurses close care gap for men with prostate cancer
10 years of leadership and care: Meet nurses who have gone distance
PCFA champion: Meet PCSN Julie Sykes
Australian researchers in race to prevent prostate cancer deaths
NRG oncology study of photon versus proton therapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma completes accrual
Prostate Cancer Social Group? John and Pat are leading way
Research reveals how tumor cells use mitochondria to keep growing
Tumor release of lactate forces nearby cells into supportive role
Genetic strength in numbers
Researchers identify key factors impacting adaptive therapy
Dairy products linked to increased risk of cancer
Clinical trial opens new way of treating prostate cancer
What’s for dinner?
How bot beamed from California to Japan may prevent cancer patients from losing their breasts unnecessarily
Magnetic therapy pioneered by NUS researchers enhances chemotherapy treatment of breast cancer
Research yields novel insights into DNA-protein connection, paving way for researchers to target new treatments
Cancer rates declining in Canada but cases, deaths increasing because of demographic factors
Government subsidy accelerates new era in prostate cancer treatment
Mother and child vulnerable to endocrine disruptor exposure
Plug-and-play organ-on-a-chip can be customized to patient
Sialylation of epidermal growth factor receptor modulates cell mechanics and enhances invasion
Less prostate cancer screening reduces overdiagnosis but may miss aggressive cases
Men with prostate cancer have lower levels of melatonin, sleep-inducing hormone, than cancer-free population
Finding your place of peace
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
Taking Melanoma Nurses National
Investigating Drug Resistance, Recurrence in Advanced Prostate Cancer
UH researcher identifies peptide active against certain cancers
Research finds male sex hormones are new targets for cancer immunotherapy
New toolkit to engineer safe and efficient therapeutic cells
John Daven chats support groups, prostate cancer and life
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
Rural Georgia counties pinpointed as hotspots for death from four common cancers
Accounting for genetic factors that cause normal variations in PSA levels may improve accuracy of prostate cancer detection
Therapies targeting DNA damage response show promising antitumor activity
Arousal incontinence
PCFA welcomes listing of PSMA PET/CT scanning
Scientists look to licorice for promising cancer treatments
New Screening Assay for Drugs Targeting Prostate Cancer
HIV drug stabilizes disease progression in metastatic colorectal cancer
Mount Sinai Health System Launches Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening Unit in New York City
$600,000 funding boost for prostate cancer research