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New tool for protein sequence generation and design
Biomimetic polypeptides activate macrophages for cancer therapy
AI Creates Proteins to Speed Up Reactions
Neutral-Atom Quantum Computers Solve Wider Range of Apps
AI Technology Generates Original Proteins from Scratch
AI Generates Proteins Without Template: Breakthrough
Protein scientists share Frontiers of Knowledge Award
Shapeable Sensors Find Pathogens and Toxins in Environment
Building Better Enzymes – by Breaking Them Down
To improve promising cancer drug, cut it in half
Sustainable scents from mountain of gods
In latest human vs. machine match, artificial intelligence wins by hair
Beyond AlphaFold: AI excels at creating new proteins
How cell remembers
New peptide system for targeted transport of molecules into living mammalian cells
Researchers track protein binding, build synthetic proteins to study gene expression
Scientists create VX neurotoxin detector
Koder-led CCNY team creates first ever VX neurotoxin detector
UW Medicine Covid vaccine wins South Korea approval
UW Medicine-developed COVID vaccine effective in test
Designing Proteins Just Got Lot Easier
Design of protein binders from target structure alone
Design of proteins binders from target structure alone
Three UZH Researchers Awarded ERC Consolidator Grants
Novel enzyme catalyzing formation of glycosidic bonds in complex sugar moieties characterized
Escaping tyranny of copper
How superbugs uses mirror images to create drug resistance
Probing how proteins pair up inside cells
Simple, inexpensive, fast and accurate nano-sensors pinpoint infectious diseases
Probing how proteins pair up inside cells
‘Decoy’ protein works against multiple Covid variants, researchers report
‘Decoy’ protein works against multiple Covid variants
Physics and machine-learning “black box”
Directed-evolution of translation system for efficient unnatural amino acids incorporation and generalizable synthetic auxotroph
Deep Learning Dreams Up New Protein Structures
King’s academics receive National Physics Laboratory’s most prestigious award
New proteins enable scientists to control cell activities
Computational protein design utilizes unnatural amino acids
Scientists design peptidic positive allosteric modulators targeting TRPV1
Advanced microscopy shines light on new CRISPR-Cas system
Researchers Solve a Puzzle to Design Larger Proteins
PEW scholar builds on gene-editing technology
CEPI funds Phase 3 trial of UW Medicine COVID-19 vaccine
Understanding light-activated proteins in order to improve them
Fundamental regulation mechanism of proteins discovered
UW Medicine, Microsoft seek fast future pandemic responses
Nanoparticle flu shot blocks seasonal and pandemic strains
Evolved to Stop Bacteria, Designed for Stability