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Maldives Can Seize Opportunities to Boost Public Revenue, Make Public Spending More Efficient World Bank
World Bank Mobilizes $4.5 billion in Additional Financing for Vital Support to Ukraine
IMF Staff Concludes Mission to Tunisia with Good Progress
IMF Staff Completes Mission for Staff-Monitored Program to Central African Republic 15 July
Uganda Can Rein in Debt by Managing its Public Investments Better
IMF Completes First Review of Extended Arrangement Under Extended Fund Facility for Argentina
New Support Will Help Strengthen Indonesias Tax System, Improve Development Spending
Life Survey – helping shape future of our region
IMF Concludes 2022 Article IV Consultation with Kingdom of Lesotho
Growing social and economic inequalities across north-west England are directly impacting health
Simpler, more flexible and transparent procurement
Rising income inequality linked to Americans’ declining health
Budget 22 slashes funding for rough sleeping program, leaving most vulnerable out in cold
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Republic of Kazakhstan
Financing climate action in India – Priorities and reflections on COP26 by Indian states
UK Government announces plans for largest ever R&D budget
IMF Staff Completes Mission for Staff-Monitored Program to Central African Republic
Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on U.S. Support for People of Afghanistan 26 February
Experts of Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Commend Serbia on its Health Care System
Trust Key for Higher Tax Revenues in Developing Countries
Morrison Government delivers record schools funding
Budget 2022 must invest in fairer future for all, not more tax cuts that benefit few
New World Bank Report Identifies Reforms to Improve Public Expenditure for Human Capital
Briefing on key issues affecting people on lowest incomes
Statement at End of an IMF Staff Visit to Mozambique
People, Fisheries and Improved Services Key to Economic Development in Marshall Islands, Says World Bank Report
How Taxes Can Support Growth and Reduce Inequality in Latin America and Caribbean
New World Bank Report Underlines Reforms to Support Fiscal Federalism, Green Growth in Nepal
Updated: IMF Staff Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on an Extended Credit Facility Arrangement with Zambia
UK Government toughens rules to exclude underperforming suppliers
Sahel Leaders Commit to Ambitious Reforms to Support Access to Quality Education
Barriers of Hong Kong as an Innovation Hub for High-Tech Development in Greater Bay Area and Improvement Measures
UNESCO Member States unite to increase investment in education
Better Fiscal Management Can Boost Economic Growth in Timor-Leste
Iraq: An Urgent Call for Education Reforms to Ensure Learning for All Children and Boost Human Capital
IMF Staff Completes Virtual Mission to Lesotho
IMF Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with India
Mongolia Shows Improvement in Management of Public Finances
Reforms Could Ensure Higher Growth Rates as Vietnams Population Ages
IMF Concludes Second and Third Reviews of Extended Fund Facility for Ecuador and 2021 Article IV Consultation
Boosting productive capacities only hope for least developed countries post Covid, UNCTAD says
Boosting production, crucial for least developed countries, post pandemic
Public schools underfunded and teachers underpaid, OECD data shows
Boost education investment to tackle inequality of opportunity, says OECD
Better Targeting of Social Protection Programs can Significantly Reduce Poverty in Bangladesh
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Vanuatu
4.1 billion lack social safety net, warns UN labour agency
More than 4 billion people still lack any social protection, ILO report finds