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Researcher wins political studies prize
Queen Mary in Top 20 for Most Sought-After Employers
Research Shows Reduced Quality of Research Due to Pressure
Queen Mary Honours Vaccine Scientist with Doctor of Science Award
£7m for Electromagnetic Environment Hub Research
FMA appoints Daniel Trinder to new executive leadership team
Bumblebees’ Puzzle-Solving Spreads in Colonies
Bumblebees Learn New Trends by Observing Behavior
Queen Mary, icometrix Win AI Award
Plastic Pollution Signs Go Live in Plymouth
Vitamin B5 May Boost RBC Production in MDS Patients
Research frames new take on cinema culture
Ultrasound Device Could Treat Hypertension: Study
NHS Cash Shortage Forcing IVF Patients Into Unaffordable Private Care
Improved Workplace Support Reduces Burnout in Health Professionals
Global Fin. Impact of Russia’s Ukraine Invasion in Last 5 Years
ID of Disease Proteins Paves Way for New Diabetes Treatments
Nitrous Oxide Abuse: Guidelines for Clinicians to Prevent Spinal Damage
Clinicians Discover Deadly Mpox Strain in Advanced HIV Patients
First heart patients diagnosed using new fibre optic technology
EU PANDASIA Project Enhances Health in Thailand & Europe
Routine HER2 Expression Testing Advocated for DCIS
Researchers Suggest Targeting Microbiome to Combat Child Undernutrition
Academics urge UK Government to exit climate-busting treaty
Gordon Buchanan Awarded Doctor of Science by Queen Mary
Is Government programme to tackle childhood obesity doing more harm than good?
Gov’t Childhood Obesity Program: Is it Helping or Hurting?
Clinical Approach to Heart Disorder Needs Reassessment: Review
Robert Halfon Visits Queen Mary University
Princess Beatrice Visits UK Skin Cancer Experts as BSF Patron
Asthma risk unaltered by taking extra vitamin D
Shellac Coating Makes Pulp Food-Safe Without Petroleum/Metals
Cochrane: Vitamin D Doesn’t Reduce Asthma Risk
Reading Spectrum – Is there right way to read?
Queen Mary Researcher Wins €1.9m Grant to Study Planet Formation
Blood & Plasma Combo Bag Saves Lives: Study
Tower Hamlets and Queen Mary mark launch of new bursary scheme
Covid is leading cause of death in children and young people in US
Evolutionary Secret Behind Animal Life Cycles Discovered
Evolutionary Cause of Animal Lifespans Discovered by Scientists
Research reveals effects of Ukraine war on energy disputes
Queen Mary academic explores rich history of Soviet art
Safety Tests of Insecticides Inadequate for Bees: Research
10-Minute Scan Detects, Treats Most Common High BP Cause
10-Minute Scan Treats Most Common Hypertension Cause
Using machine learning to help monitor climate-induced hazards
Fossil offers new evidence of dinosaur eating mammal
Students Receive Cost of Living Increase