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On way to fish-friendly hydropower
When Is Best Time to Get Pregnant for Americans?
Scientists unlock evolutionary history of pituitary gland
Correcting each other’s mistakes – why cells stuck together in early evolution
Fish bred at Environment Agency’s fish farm used for rehabilitation of armed forces
Breeder stock display calmer behaviour when fed twice
EU labelling to display environmental credentials
Squid-bacteria symbiosis could yield insight to human microbiome
New study shows how complex metabolism may have self-assembled from simple precursors
Cowpea aphids continue to cause damage to lucerne and livestock
Duchess of Cambridge visits Tommy’s Centre for Miscarriage Research at Imperial
Largest testing study for coronavirus publishes latest findings
Human spatial memory gives priority to high-calorie foods
Being Human ready to explore New Worlds in 2020
Contraceptive researcher Polina Lishko receives MacArthur “genius” award
Evolution of Y chromosome in great apes deciphered
Polycystic ovary syndrome increases risk for gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders
Evolution in Action: New Plant Species at Urnerboden
Efficient pollen identification
Bushfire recovery research funded
UK companies explore Agri-tech opportunities in Costa Rica
Crickets were first to chirp 300 million years ago
Hidden DNA fragment ‘trigger switch’ for male development
High tech approach to help prevent shearing injuries
Problems with reproduction in birds
Which supplementary feeding strategy optimises lamb survival?
Blueprint to more productive cattle herds
Shifts in mating preference
3D images display plant organs down to smallest detail
Repeated Pregnancy Loss May Be Tied to Olfactory System
Climate change threatens breeding birds
Memory training for immune system
Regular COVID-19 testing for groups most likely to spread virus more efficient, cost-effective than random testing
White Sharks are Here to Stay in New England
Groundbreaking Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor is designated a Nuclear Historic Landmark
American Nuclear Society designates groundbreaking Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor a Nuclear Historic Landmark
A Better Alternative to Phthalates?
Chimpanzee research may shed new light on human aging
Women could conceive after ovarian tumours
Antibodies protect against wide range of influenza B virus strains
Y chromosomes of Neandertals and Denisovans now sequenced
Researchers find COVID-19 spreads faster in American jails than on cruise ships
Placenta is initiated first, as cells of a fertilised egg divide and specialise
Generational shifts help migratory bats keep pace with global warming
WANTED: Wool processing markets
Like rose-colored glasses, a ‘sexy mindset’ helps you see what you want to see
PM Commons statement on coronavirus 22 September 2020
Artistic icon returns to historic suburb