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Genital shape key to male flies’ sexual success
Guppies have varying levels of self-control
Posidonia marine seagrass can catch and remove plastics from sea
Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
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As oceans warm, large fish struggle
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Master of disguise is new genus and species of cylindrical bark beetle
NIH study suggests using cannabis while trying to conceive may reduce pregnancy chances
World-first echidna, improved platypus genomes mapped
Researchers find new mechanism underlying male infertility
Study reveals jellyfish create a ‘virtual wall’ to enhance performance
Genomes reveal insights into much-loved Aussie animals
New insights into iconic Aussie animals
Why flies are particularly annoying this summer
How Earth’s oddest mammal got to be so bizarre
New COVID-19 variant growing rapidly in England
Sex peptide causes female fruit fly’s gut to grow
COVID-19 in England – analysis of first two waves
Hormone metabolites found in poop give researchers new insight into whale stress
How a large protein complex assembles in a cell
Climate warming linked to tree leaf unfolding and flowering growing apart
New fishway technology to get fish up and over those dam walls
Legal reforms needed to protect people from “deepfake” and AI intellectual property theft, expert warns
Brain cells involved in mouse social behavior identified
Looking to a stronger future for Norfolk Island
Monitoring childbirth in a new era for maternal health
No false certainty
Wastewater offers important source of knowledge about resistance
Could spotted owls benefit from forest fires?
Grants approved to support community and business
Why do elephants and tigers still roam in India? Study offers clues
Working together as a team while working apart
Researchers at University use physics model to study spread of COVID-19 respiratory droplet ‘clouds’
Travel restrictions must be used in a targeted way to be effective
IVF boost: Monash researchers use acoustic waves to select high quality sperm
Statistician studies effects of weather and air pollution in transmission of COVID-19
History of fascism, reproductive rights offers lessons for today
Reproduction key to maintenance of marimo shape
Researchers find “missing link”
Milking Power of Nuclear Technology to Benefit Women Dairy Farmers in Sri Lanka
This 3D printer doesn’t gloss over details
Majority of COVID-19 deaths in Khartoum, Sudan are undetected
Chemical memory in plants affects chances of offspring survival
Birds able to adjust egg-laying date
COVID-19 spread in different social settings – new Imperial report
How COVID-19 spreads indoors – new Imperial report