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Autumn is time to bait snails
Reproduction number of COVID-19 could be below one in UK lockdown
Launch of Wildlife Health Center moves science into action
Mining Bacteria Parts To Build Around-the-Clock Biosensors
Yale findings expand understanding of fertility after chemotherapy
Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellows appointed
Antarctica’s summer of extreme heat
First Antarctic heatwave recorded at Casey research station
Sturgeon genome sequenced
Free COVID-19 online course re-launches to learners worldwide
Medications against coronavirus in trial
Modelling study estimates impact of physical distancing measures on progression of COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan
Milestone reached for Merino Lifetime Productivity Project
Initial success for COVID-19 social distancing in China
New Research on an Important Little Fish
Dark Ice Project: An expedition across Arctic in darkness of an icy winter
Rebuilding from natural disasters – practical help for livestock producers
Shearing handpiece to get smart
HKU marine biologist and international team unveil impacts of heatwave on reef fishes
Coronavirus reproduction number remains dangerously high globally, according to statistical models
Coronavirus reproduction number remains dangerously high globally, according to statistical models
‘Sensory danger zones’: How sensory pollution impacts animal survival
Coronavirus Spreads Quickly and Sometimes Before People Have Symptoms, Study Finds
Pregnant women who eat fish in moderation see more benefits than risks
Birds are “canaries in climate-change coal mine”
Plant parasites cause lasting genetic changes
Upskilling livestock producers on new technologies
Rice, know thy enemy: NSF grants $2.6M to study weedy invader
Individual response to COVID-19 ‘as important’ as government action
Impact of Energy Development on Bird Populations
Older beetle parents ‘less flexible’
Study finds signal cascade that keeps plant stem cells active
As Farming Developed, So Did Cooperation – And Violence
Diamond Princess Cruise ship – new estimates highlight successes and failures of COVID-19 quarantine
Anthropogenic seed dispersal: rethinking origins of plant domestication
Quantitative Plant Biology; what big data can tell us about plants
Locusts in East Africa: A race against time
Birds migrate regardless of climatic conditions
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Study of African society inspires broad thinking about human paternity, fidelity
UO team helping to decipher a Baja California mystery
IVF-conceived children have somewhat higher mortality risk in their first weeks of life
Reproductive genome from laboratory
Trangie shows off long-life Merino project
Kisspeptin hormone injection can boost brain activity associated with attraction
CoralChange: a project to study and protect threatened coral by global change
Fossilized insect from 100 million years ago is oldest record of primitive bee with pollen
Coronavirus outbreak estimated to peak in Wuhan mid-late February 2020