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Humans Killing Most Mountain Lions in California Despite Protections
Human-Caused Deaths Lead Mountain Lion Deaths in Calif
University of Wyoming Press Publishes First Book
Controlling Insects with Radiation: IAEA Guide
Citizen Scientists: Hunt for Shark Egg Cases in Australia Begins
Noise Pollution Harms Ocean Life and Ecosystems
Two vaccines effective against bird flu
Check for pholcodine use before general anaesthesia
Fishermen Reap Benefits of Cod Evolution Reversal
How fishermen benefit from reversing evolution of cod
Nucleolar DNA Damage Response Key to Cancer Fight
Sharks Give Birth to Live Young: Evolutionary Breakthrough
Research: Covid Omicron XBB.1.5 Variant Highly Transmissible, Infectious
Pest Emergence & Migration Clarified by Locust Ovarian Study
Air pollution impairs successful mating of flies
WHO Advises on New Insecticide-Treated Nets
Supplementary feeding R&D for lamb survival
Protein Linked to Streamlined Sperm May Lead to Male Contraceptives
World’s First mRNA Vaccine Against Deadly Bacteria
Work and Care Report
Fairy-Wrens Favor Friends Over Strangers
Backyard feeding aids chickadee survival: Western prof
World’s First mRNA Vaccine for Deadly Bacteria
Ocean Resources Tipping Point Threatens Marine Mammal Reproduction
Research: EDNA key to safeguarding pollinators amid global declines
New research lends ear to how drought impacts corn yields
Türk vows to boost women and girls’ rights
Certain Bugs Thriving in Urbanization, Impacting Insect Diversity
Lausanne museum unveils secrets of first color photographs
Having Baby in Unstable World? Ask Yourself 5 Ethical Questions
Illuminating evolution of social parasite ants
Genes Linked to Human Fertility Found in Study
DEtail-Seq: Efficient Method for Meiotic DNA Break Profiling
Forerunner and innovator Dick Goodstein
Book tackles myths about science of menstruation
Blue Whale Behaviour Linked to Environment: Study
Researchers Uncover Novel Algae-Fungi Coexistence
Pakistan Streamflow Speed Tripling by 2100
London falcons ate fewer pigeons during lockdowns
Human Activity Impacts Peregrine Falcon Diets: Study
London Falcons Eat Less Pigeons During Lockdown
Non-Native Reptiles Invade Lesser Antilles
Work Conditions Linked to Higher Sperm & Testosterone Levels
CityU Develops Wireless E-Skin for Virtual Touch Communication
Physically Demanding Work Increases Male Fertility: Study
Rice acquires rare replica of William Blake printing press
15 million to better understand life with advanced microscopy
Passerine bird takes advantage of human settlements