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Swinburne researchers win global ‘IG Nobel’ award
Slower growing chickens experience higher welfare, commercial scale study finds
Study shows difficulty in finding evidence of life on Mars
To recreate ancient recipes, check out vestiges of clay pots
Uncovering science of Indigenous fermentation
Taste buds may play role in fostering obesity in offspring
Human disturbance of ecosystems leads to increase in disease transmitting mosquitoes
Mineral undergoes self-healing of irradiation damage
New tool for identifying endangered corals could help conservation efforts
Scientists find genes linked to self-harm
Ceramic cooking pots record history of ancient food practices
Revised tree ring data confirms ancient Mediterranean dates
Hip fracture risk linked to nanoscale bone inflexibility
Nicotine withdrawal in zebrafish offers clues to human addiction
Key gene identified in endometrial cancer could be targeted in future drug trial
Concordia’s Natalie Phillips examines link between sensory acuity and cognition in aging
High-sensitivity atomic force microscopy opens up for photosensitive materials
Targeting ultrasound for noninvasive diagnosis of brain cancer
Using models, 3D printing to study common heart defect
Scientists find strong evidence that wasting syndrome is same for all organisms
New Zealand’s Southern Alps glacier melt has doubled
Training neural circuits early in development improves response, study finds
Neuronl cultures dvnce ‘brin-on–chip’ technology
Move over Akita: Introducing ‘Kuma Mutant’ Mice for Islet Transplantation Research
Break it down: A new way to address common computing problem
Blood test could diagnose baby brain damage just hours after birth
Monkeying around: Study finds older primates father far fewer babies
Food texture’s influence on “feeling fuller for longer”
Monitoring whales from space
Coastal cities leave up to 75% of seafloor exposed to harmful light pollution
Whale ‘snot’ reveals likely poor health during migration
Potential preterm births in high risk women predicted to 73% accuracy, thanks to new technique
Study sheds light on evolution of earliest dinosaurs
Pessimistic outlook on life linked to life expectancy
New Machine Learning Method Allows Hospitals to Share Patient Data Privately
Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections
Researchers develop a novel method for diagnosing Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Science sweetens native honey health claims
Magma’s heat slowly built today’s Columbia River basalts
Expansion of Roman Empire coincided with warmest period in Mediterranean of last 2,000 years
New insight into origin of water on earth
Brain waves of Formula E world champion measured on Top Gear race track
Ancient Maya reservoirs contained toxic pollution
World-first technology breathes new life into cystic fibrosis detection and treatment
CO2 levels in Earth’s atmosphere will be higher than at any time in last 3.3 million years by 2025
Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC Explores Breakthrough Tissue “Fingerprints”
Ultra-fine X-rays target brain cancer cells with precision
Study reveals science behind traditional mezcal-making technique