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Study suggests way to improve cytomegalovirus testing
Cells carrying Parkinson’s mutation could lead to new model for studying disease
New study allows Brain and Artificial Neurons to link up over web
Releasing Brakes: Potential New Methods for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Therapies Discovered
Quadrupling turbines, U.S. can meet 2030 wind-energy goals
UB and CIBERSP researchers analyze influenza epidemiologic supervision in Catalonia and detected cases in childhood and adolescence
A Better Pregnancy Test for Whales
New results on function of tumor suppressor HERC protein
First genetic evidence of resistance in some bats to white-nose syndrome, a devastating fungal disease
Test measures immune response to improve ovarian cancer diagnosis
Berkeley Lab Helps Reveal How Dinosaur Blood Vessels Can Preserve Through Ages
Female dolphins gather in family groups
A smart jumpsuit provides information on infants’ movement and development
Disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail afflicts humans to
UB researchers claim that human language most likely evolved gradually
Bridging gap between human and machine vision
Oblique electrostatic inject-deposited TiO2 film leads efficient perovskite solar cells
Paving way towards safer treatment for peanut allergies in children
Sticky antibiotic provides glue for successful treatment
“Feline grimace scale” gets published
Study: Exercise boosts memory like caffeine
Green in tooth and claw
New study shows exercise boosts working memory like caffeine
Unique myxomycete fossil found in Cretaceous amber
Artificial Intelligence can detect low-glucose levels via ECG without fingerpick test
Microbubble findings could reduce chemical, water use in food processing
Experiments in evolution
A trick for taming terahertz transmissions
Non-invasive microscopy detects activation state and distinguishes between cell types
Sugar binges increase risk of inflammatory bowel disease, study suggests
Creating fake rhino horn with horse hair to help save endangered rhino
Flu shot can provide effective immunity for people living with HIV
Researchers use game theory to successfully identify bacterial antibiotic resistance
Daylight levels affect our thermal perception
Orangutans hold key to human speech
New technique isolates placental cells for non-invasive genetic testing
‘Quantum annealer’ shows promise in study
Installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes their efficiency
GP model used to calculate risk of cardiovascular disease could be misleading patients
Individuals are swayed by their peers, leading to more severe punishments, study finds
I see pattern under your skin