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Study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed
A Frozen Leap Forward
Touchless technology could enable early detection and treatment of eye diseases that cause blindness
Economic Times: Poorly fitted face masks can double infection risk
Improving dialysis through design
New model accounts for effect of behavior changes to predict COVID-19 cases
Face masks block expired particles, despite leakage
Genetics influences physical fitness of tilapia
Fitheid tilapia is erfelijk
Protein in prostate cancer may inhibit tumor growth
Breast cancer risk in African-Americans tied to genetic variations
X-ray Scanner Spots Cancers and Analyzes Drugs in Minutes
VUMC Team Develops Potential Treatment for Life-threatening Microbial Inflammation
RUDN professor clarified benefits of Mg supplementation in pregnancy and hormonal disorders
Improved Climate Resilience through Better Seasonal Forecasts
New population of blue whales discovered with help of bomb detectors
Space travel weakens our immune systems: Now scientists may know why
New insights into survival of ancient Western Desert peoples
New drug to halt dementia after multiple head injuries
Computer simulations of brain can predict language recovery in stroke survivors
Multisensory facilitation near body in all directions
Studying guppies, researchers find ADHD drugs can affect later generations
Scientists Can Predict How Well a Stroke Survivor Will Recover Language Skills Using Computer Simulations of Brain
Exposing fish to ADHD drugs affects later generations: University of Toronto researchers
Using advanced imaging to study sickle cell disease
Promising biological control agents detected faster based on their ‘kill rate’
Mangrove Root Model May Hold Key to Preventing Coastal Erosion
Researchers make first-ever discovery of Zika virus RNA in free-ranging African bats
Anyone can get super-hearing
Understanding feelings: When less is more
LLNL-patented power grid technology could reduce global CO2 emissions by 10 percent or more
Researcher earns double recognition for her efforts on cancer prediction and diagnosis
EDNA analysis could contribute towards more effective pest control
Is deference to supernatural beings present in infancy?
Scientific Software – Quality not Always Good
Researchers reconstruct hake¿s evolutionary story
Radioactive particles from British nuclear testing still persist in outback Australia, scientists warn
Hiking gear fabric has cooling effect that may make your next smartwatch more comfortable
Iran’s groundwater depletion is reaching crisis levels, warn Concordia researchers
TGen-led study of 70,000 individuals links dementia to smoking and cardiovascular disease
Violinmaking meets artificial intelligence
Species losses on isolated Panamanian island show importance of habitat connectivity
A study reveals genetic structure of snail ‘Xerocrassa montserratensis’, an endemic species to Catalonia
People living with HIV more likely to get sick with, die from COVID-19
Long-term stress in dogs linked to owner-dog relationship
New Technique Predicts Response of Brain Tumors to Chemoradiation
High-density seismic network detected inland earthquake precursors
Why robots need reflexes – interview