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Fermented wool is answer
When Wolves Became Dogs
Green tea supplements modulate facial development of children with Down syndrome
Green tea supplements can modulate facial development in Down syndrome
Tissue filler, scaffold technologies provide new options for patients with breast cancer, other diseases
Research team unlocks strategies driving neuron connections
RNA analysis unravels cues for feline fertility and brings hope for endangered wild cats
Science takes guesswork out of cheese production and reduces waste
3D map for inner ear created with advanced X-ray technology
Air pollution puts children at higher risk of disease in adulthood, according to Stanford researchers and others
A sleep disorder associated with shift work may affect gene function
Attachable Skin Monitors that Wick Sweat Away
SRC-3: novel regulator of T regulatory cells
Covid-19: Future targets for treatments rapidly identified with new computer simulations
Common agricultural pesticide may be putting hummingbirds at risk: University of Toronto study
AI predicts efficacy of breast cancer treatment directly from tumor architecture
Spillover effect of marine reserves
Invasive Flies Prefer Untouched Territory When Laying Eggs
Managing crab and lobster catches could offer long-term benefits to fishermen and environment
Neanderthals and Homo sapiens used identical Nubian Technology
Lemurs Show There’s No Single Formula For Lasting Love
New machine learning theory that can be applied to fusion energy raises questions about very nature of science
Fatal attraction: Research finds common pipistrelle bats are attracted to wind turbines
Tourism mainly responsible for marine litter on Mediterranean beaches
Aboriginal populations used Bogong moths as a food source 2,000 years ago, researchers find
Edmonton Transit opens door to University of Alberta Health Accelerator startup’s germ-killing innovation
Computer can determine whether you’ll die from COVID
COVID-19 vaccine from new vaccine platform effective in mice
Ocean surface slicks create superhighway for diverse fishes
Social interactions after isolation may counteract cravings
Geoscientists reconstruct 6.5 million years of sea level in Western Mediterranean
Researchers discover marine reserves can increase fishery landings despite closing fishing grounds
Summer weather conditions influence winter survival of honey bees
Threads That Sense How and When You Move? New Technology Makes It Possible
New study highights family planning needs in PNG
Deeper insight into how tick spit suppresses cattle immunity
New method shows promise in identifying disease-fighting drug targets
Amazing spider mite silk key to new nanomaterial “stronger than steel”
Wetter Weather Affects Composition, Numbers of Tiny Estuarial Phytoplankton
Street trees close to home may reduce risk of depression
Eating human food could mean trouble for urban coyotes, study shows
Growing up in bilingual home has lasting benefits
Human pancreatic cancer model offers new opportunities for testing drugs
USF-led international geosciences team reconstructs 6.5 million years of sea level stands in Western Mediterranean
Common pesticides stop bees and flies from getting a good night’s sleep
UNM scientists, part of international geosciences team, reconstruct 6.5 million years of sea-level stands
‘Perfect crystal’ could lead to more diabetes treatment options
Human brains pre-wired for words is coolest science story of 2020