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Mystery mechanism in small peptide shows big promise for fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria
University of Limerick, Ireland research finds variety of opinions are crucial for ‘fostering trust’ in vaccination
Researchers uncover sweet spot for gold discovery
Mystery mechanism in small peptide shows big promise for fighting antibiotic-resistance bacteria
Discovery of high-speed moving plasma turbulence for first time in world
New ALS ‘drug’ is more effective than existing ones
Research reveals who is most at risk, impact on local communities
Where were Herod Great’s royal alabaster bathtubs quarried?
Anchors cause “extensive, persistent” damage to seafloor
New Texas A&M research documents domestic cattle genetics in modern bison herds
Poor eyesight unfairly mistaken for brain decline
Candy-coated pills could prevent pharmaceutical fraud
How AI spots legendary cricket batting backlift using video only
Research finds effect of extended space flight on astronauts’ brains
Bye, bye, biopsy? Handheld device could painlessly identify skin cancers
Research proves correct dosage for ultraviolet disinfection against COVID
Sleep-deprived magpies sing less
Research of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did – or didn’t
New technology offers fighting chance against grapevine killer
Study of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did – or didn’t – find food
Chasing blue whale
Image-based mechanical simulations improve accuracy in gauging healing progress of bone fractures
Global warming accelerates water cycle, with relevant climatic consequences
Research finally answers what Bronze Age daggers were used for
Laser-based ultrasound detects defect-producing features in metal 3D printing
Key to efficient and flexible edge computing
Earth’s atmosphere may be source of some lunar water
Life cycle of comets near other star resembles that of our solar system
Risk factors for severe Covid in hospitalized adults differ by age
A refined microbiome “fingerprint” method tracks sub-strain variants of a single gut microbe strain
News from climate history of Dead Sea
Covid misinformation linked to vaccination hesitancy, refusal
Pathogens can hitch ride on plastic to reach sea
Terahertz imaging finds hidden inscription on early modern funerary cross
Marine mollusc shells reveal how prehistoric humans adapted to intense climate change
New factors that can predict breast cancer recurrence defined
Cortisol in shelter dog hair reveals signs of stress
Flying into clean and safe future
Genetics affects functions of gut microbiome
Scientists Develop Indoor-active Photocatalyst for Antiviral Coating Against Various Variant Types of Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Researchers develop indoor-active photocatalyst for antiviral coating against various variant types of novel coronavirus Covid
Rapid Covid test developed for large scale screening
Want to 3D print kidney? Start by thinking small
Climate change affects landscape freeze-thaw but not in same way everywhere, new Concordia study shows
Your morning coffee could hasten species’ extinction
Wireless neuro-stimulator to revolutionise patient care
Producing ammonia through electrochemical processes could reduce carbon dioxide emissions
ARS-developed Varroa-resistant honey bees better winter survivors