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Cracking concrete code
Ultrafast beam-steering breakthrough at Sandia Labs
Sandia Achieves Ultrafast Beam-Steering Breakthrough
AI Won’t Take Away Jobs Just Yet
New study identifies how AI fails to reproduce human vision
Waabi CEO Urtasun Shares 3 Insights on Entrepreneurship
Self-Driven Laboratory, AlphaFlow, Speeds Chemical Discovery
New “traffic cop” algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task
Self-Driving Cars Could Drive Global Carbon Emissions
Imperial College London Launches I-X Initiative to Tackle Global Issues
AI-Enabled Tech Helps Ensure Safety in Snow Clearing
AI Learns to Understand Human Emotions with Help from Computer Scientist
Two Gina Cody School faculty IEEE Fellows
Clocking personal best
Obstetricians Now Better Prepared to Assist Mothers During Birth
Waabi, Self-Driving Startup Led by Raquel Urtasun, Gets Volvo Investment
Researchers Design Potential Cancer Drug With AI in 30 Days
AI-Powered Database Aids in 30 Day Design of New Cancer Drug
Visually Impaired Get Help via ‘Smart’ Walking Stick
Researcher Aids Autonomous Vehicles in Quick, Safe Decisions
Self-Driving Cars Could Cause Carbon Emissions Spike
Self-Driving Cars Could Contribute to Global Carbon Emissions
Wireless IoT Devices Minimize Environmental Impact
Safety of Self-Driving Cars Boosted with Deep Learning Object Detection
New nanosatellite tests autonomy in space
Autonomous driving is focal point of mobility research
Automated way to assemble thousands of objects
University of Sheffield start-up secures £4m investment to bring ‘world first’ sensor to mass market
University of Toronto’s Anatole von Lilienfeld is using AI to explore vastness of ‘chemical space’
Pulses driven by artificial intelligence tame quantum systems
New device can control light at unprecedented speeds
‘Transformer’ pinwheels offer new twist on nano-engineered materials
“Transformer” pinwheels offer a new twist on nanoengineered materials
In factory of future, humans and robots work together on equal terms
Making most of quite little: Improving AI training for edge sensor time series
Far-sighted approach to machine learning
New technology revolutionises motorway merging for autonomous cars
New book defines multidisciplinary body of knowledge for robotics
Waabi’s self-driving technology set to be road-tested, Raquel Urtasun tells Globe and Mail, Forbes
Research suggests evolutionary forces are behind collective discrimination
Smart move: Australia’s first live-traffic automated truck trial
Researchers help robots navigate crowded spaces with new visual perception method
Can You Trust AI? How School of Data Science Is Building Trustworthy Tech
Inspiration at atomic scale
Space-making ‘robot rooms’ promise practicality, escape
Laser that could ‘reshape landscape of integrated photonics’
Deep learning with light
TU/e presents Drivers of Change at Dutch Design Week 2022