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Sharp rise in food insecurity in Caribbean, survey finds
Fears mount as rains failing for fourth time and war in Ukraine sends food prices rocketing
Iluka Partners with Foodbank WA to Feed Geraldton and Mid-West
Aged care workers endorse Albo’s commitment to wage justice
New UN study says fear, violence, and isolation prevents Myanmar women from accessing income and healthcare
First batch of Indian wheat donation arrives in Afghanistan to help families facing hunger
Recognizing signs of mental health issues and eating disorders in children and adolescents
“It is like hell here”: Grim projections warn 2500 children could die each week in Afghanistan
“It is like hell here”: Grim projections that 2500 children could die each week in Afghanistan
Brazil supports recovery of livelihoods for communities devastated by April cyclone
Silence Sound of Hunger this Christmas
Prior weight loss, history of bone stress injury, and eating behaviors linked to dietary supplement use
European Union reinforces WFP response to rising food insecurity in Myanmar
Half of Afghanistan’s under-5s expected to suffer acute malnutrition
Half of Afghanistan’s children under five expected to suffer from acute malnutrition as hunger takes root for millions
Taliban response to protests increasingly violent, UN rights office warns
Medically-supervised pediatric obesity treatment linked to improved psychosocial health, but access to care is limited
Adequate Energy Intake
Body dissatisfaction and disordered eating are prevalent among U.S. young people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
New map reveals where millions of UK residents struggle to access food
Australia has 9 in 10 of most vulnerable in housing stress
New international research provides tips for entrepreneurs to beat grind
Renewed clashes displace thousands in Myanmar, UN reports
Food aid operation begins to reach two million affected by Myanmar crisis
WFP step up operations in response to fast rising hunger in Myanmar
‘Staggering’ scale of acute hunger in Democratic Republic of Congo
Scale of acute hunger in Democratic Republic of Congo “staggering”, FAO, WFP warn
Pregnant mothers’ stress during floods can disadvantage their babies, but it’s not inevitable
Living on $44 a day is soul-destroying
Permanent JobSeeker increase must raise rate to at least $65 per day and ensure everyone has enough for basics of their life
Encouraging parties to engage with UN-led political process to achieve a peaceful end to conflict in Syria
New research questions myth of elderly widower: of course grandpa cooks
Tenants with a disability at greater risk during COVID
Minister for Africa commits £8m to mitigate famine in South Sudan
Shutdowns Mean More Go Hungry Among Spanish-Speaking Latinx Households in Bay Area
Pandemic disrupting women’s lives most: global survey finds
12 million Australians concerned about their financial wellbeing as a result of COVID-19
Binge drinkers beware, Drunkorexia is calling
New AI diagnostic can predict COVID-19 likelihood without
Senate Committee finds we must permanently increase income support
Teens need to ‘get smart’ on social media