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£1 million to help NHS reclaim debts from overseas visitors
New system to simplify and speed up modern slavery referrals
Slave Trade and Slavery: A Founding Tragedy of our Modern World
Anti-slavery laws questioned
Call for bids for Modern Slavery Fund Albania programme
NSW Modern Slavery laws at risk
ASEAN-Australia Counter-Trafficking Initiative
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Sex trafficked at 12 years-old, victim shares her story
Slave Route: breaking wall of silence
Home Office funds innovative policing technology to prevent crime
New protections for millions of vulnerable workers
Police charge three people with slavery offences
99 criminals have sentences increased under unduly lenient sentence scheme
US credit markets in history, ‘value sensitive’ design
Solicitor General welcomes modern slavery conviction
Police super-complaints police response to victims of modern slavery
Strengthening Australia’s Customs service
UN Human Rights Council 41 Trafficking in Persons and Violence Against Women
UN Human Rights Council 41 Discrimination Against Women and Business and Human Rights
Ratifying convention to prevent forced labour
Presidential Message on Juneteenth, 2019
PM meeting with Prime Minister KP Oli of Nepal
Amanda Hampson returns to Hawkesbury Library
Ten independent chairs announced to scrutinise modern slavery cases
Jelani Cobb to deliver Australian exclusive Martin Luther King lecture on civil rights
Game of Thrones reinforces racist ‘Oriental’ stereotypes: Deakin research
Jeremy Hunt appoints roving Human Rights Ambassador to champion human rights across globe
Nestlé human rights training goes public
Canada commemorates national historic significance of Black Militia Units in Upper Canada
New programme to protect children at risk of exploitation
End CDP and provide real working rights for Indigenous Territorians
PM meeting with Prime Minister Jakobsdóttir: 2 May 2019
Statement by Minister Rodriguez on Passover, or Pesach
Industrial Relations reforms welcome but do not go far enough: Greens
Charities across UK supporting vulnerable women benefit in latest round of funding from
Atrocity Crimes & Enabler Responsibility
Fashion industry unites to tackle slavery and trafficking in supply chains
New Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner announced
Home Office announces repayment scheme for victims of modern slavery
Chief Inspector publishes report on the Home Office’s safeguarding of vulnerable adults
New chair and chief executive of the GLAA announced
Modern Slavery Act a reality after years of advocacy
Inside the Foreign Office: BBC series 2018
UK fashion brands take action to tackle modern slavery
Business and Government Leaders Endorse AAA Recommendations To End Modern Slavery
Penalties necessary for effective Modern Slavery laws
Australian-first Modern Slavery Bill celebrated