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Scientists are a step closer to developing ‘smart’ stem cells – and they’re made from human fat
UM171: molecule that keeps on giving
Plant biologists reveal genetic patterns in maize development
QIMR Berghofer scientist awarded Metcalf Prize for stem cell research
New criteria bring stem cell research one step closer to long-sought goal
Advances in research on most general type of stem cells
Tasmanian tiger pups found to be extraordinary similar to wolf pups
Breatharian bacteria breakdown greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants
Stem cell treatment corrects skull shape and restores brain function in mouse model of childhood disorder
Stem cells may correct deformity and restore brain function after childhood disorder
RNA molecules are masters of their own destiny
It’s like a party in your brain
NASA to Air Departure of Upgraded SpaceX Cargo Dragon from Space Station
Medicine by Design symposium highlights importance of convergence in regenerative medicine and human health
Stem cells: A possible treatment for severe respiratory failure, a COVID-19 complication
CIHR and JDRF funding drives efforts to find new stem cell-based therapies for Type 1 diabetes
New drug inhibits growth of cancer cells
New Insights into Fragile X Syndrome and Fetal Brain
“SCOUT” helps researchers find, quantify significant differences among organoids
Research dispels fears human stem cells contain cancer-causing mutations
High-speed model for fight against corona
Embryonic development in a Petri dish
ERC Consolidator Grants for four Leiden researchers
EMBL group leader Miki Ebisuya receives ERC Consolidator Grant
Multiple gene edits and computer simulations could help treat rare genetic diseases
New fundamental knowledge of “abdominal brain”
Circulating tumor DNA indicates increased risk of relapse after stem cell transplant
Venetoclax added to standard treatments shows promise in high-risk myeloid blood cancers
Donor stem cell transplant shown to improve survival in older patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
A novel approach to Parkinson’s disease
Scratching surface on cell differentiation
Vitamin D Regulates Calcium in Intestine Differently Than Previously Thought
Telomere shortening protects against cancer
Gene therapy gives man with sickle cell disease chance for a better future
Canada and JDRF Canada announce new research funding to accelerate stem cell-based therapies for type 1 diabetes
Unexpected discovery about stem cell immortality: study
Obesity affects stem cell transplants for cancer, blood disorder treatments
New plant-based gel to fast-track ‘mini-organs’ growth, improve cancer treatment
Potential New Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease are Revealed through Network Modeling of Its Complex Molecular
Sontag Foundation grants $1.2M for brain cancer research
Positive effector behind reduced food intake identified
Severe infections wreak havoc on mouse blood cell production
New atlas reveals journey of human cells throughout development
Mount Sinai Cardiologist Awarded $2.9 Million NIH Grant to Advance Work with Stem Cells and Heart Repair after
Study reveals how smoking worsens SARS-CoV-2 infection in airways
Promising results from in vitro combination therapy against COVID-19
Reconstructing cellular signaling pathways that shape trachea development
State stem cell agency funds clinical trial for spina bifida treatment