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Chinese Academy: Rare Superfast Muscles Found in Mouse Legs
Research Suggests Lymphatic System May Produce Blood
Bone Marrow Transplant May Stop Brain Disease in Adults with Sickle Cell
Bone Marrow Transplant Could Stop Brain Disease in SCD Adults
Stem Cells Help Explain Hearing Loss: Study
Penn and UCI Discover New Approach for Brain Cell Immunotherapy
Pitt Study Offers New Insight Into Graft-Versus-Host Disease
Potent Drug Promising for Acute Leukaemia Treatment: Researchers
New program boldly goes where no FIU curriculum has gone before
Cells with stress: predicting drug-induced liver and kidney damage
Nanofiber-Hydrogel Loaded with Stem Cells Shows Success Treating Severe Complication of Crohn’s Disease
Nanofiber-hydrogel Stem Cells Treat Severe Crohn’s Complication
Unlocking Cancer Cells’ Inner Workings Unveils Interactome
Bryophytes Show Differentiation at Molecular Level
Origin of Zebrafish Vascular Niche Cells Revealed by Researchers
CHOP Researchers Develop Accurate Tool for Long-Read RNA Sequencing
Role of lymphatic system in bone healing revealed
Can body’s own killer torpedoes fight cancer?
Cancer biology: Some cancer cells can lose their capability to migrate
Discoveries help bone marrow transplant recipients
Uncovered Genetic Risk Factors for Blindness Revealed by Mapping
Aging Mouse’s Peripheral Blood Examined at Single-Cell Level
Protein Aids Muscle Repair and Growth: Scientists Find
Scientists Trace Stem Cell Fate: Death or Regeneration
Scientists Solve Mystery of Enzyme Critical for Cell Survival
ALS Skeletal Muscle Shows Age-Related Dysregulation of circRNAs
Toward personalized approach to study and treatment of bone cancers
Aging Muscle Accumulates Ceramides, New Aging Marker Found
Sugar Linked to Kidney Disease: Study
Curable Hope for Patients with Liver Disease
How to turn tentacle into foot
Boosting Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Treatment: Target Protein Variant
Lab-Grown Retinal Cells Aid Blindness: Clinical Trials Ahead
Database of 200,000 Cell Images Unlocks Interior Design of Our Cells
Zebrafish testing identifies gene potentially at root of domestication
Early Alcohol Exposure Alters Embryonic Gene Expression
Researchers Block Transplant Rejection with Decoy Antibodies
Region Needs Pioneers to Lead Discipline
Brain Organoids Respond to Visual Stimuli in Mouse Cortex
Cell’s Sense of Touch Revealed
Scientists Find How Cells Respond to Mechanical Forces for Tissue Formation
MODY3 Diabetes: Hypersecretion of Insulin Predicts β Cell Failure
NIH researchers use 3D bioprinting to create eye tissue
Stem Cells Tested for Schizophrenia Drug Discovery
Creating Human Body in Dish
Closer Look at Cartilage Regeneration: Micromechanical Mismatches Impact Transplants
Signaling Pathway Discovered for Zebrafish Retina Regeneration
Clinical Trial Offers Hope for Spina Bifida Cure