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New CRISPR Technology Offers Unrivaled Control of Epigenetic Inheritance
Researchers unveil new time machine technique to measure cells
Simplified treatment for a cause of sight loss offers eye-opening savings for hospitals
Novel guidelines help select optimal deconvolution method
An on-off switch for gene editing
Australian-led discovery could speed up bone implant recovery
Researchers call for greater awareness of unintended consequences of CRISPR gene editing
Brain organoids uncover mechanisms of virus-induced microcephaly
Pillar of support: Breakthrough discovery could speed up bone implant recovery
Toward a reliable oral treatment for sickle cell disease
Stem cells reproduce beginnings of placenta
Urolithin A shows effective against muscular dystrophy
Research targets faster, safer source of islet cells for people with Type 1 diabetes
Enhanced muscle regeneration using stem cells
Diabetes drug could prevent brain damage in children receiving radiation for tumours
Research gives new insight into formation of human embryo
TGA to review advertising of stem cell therapies to Australian public
Reopen and Regenerate: Exosome-Coated Stent Heals Vascular Injury, Repairs Damaged Tissue
Researchers unite art and science as they study development of leaves
Researchers devise more efficient, enduring CAR gene therapy to combat HIV
Insulin 100: How road to a diabetes cure is yielding better treatments
Study: Stem Cell Transplants Prevent Relapses of Most Common Childhood Cancer
Scientists Create Next Generation of Living Robots
This common shoulder injury could heal faster, thanks to first implant that recreates a crucial tissue structure
Stuck stem cells are no good at making blood
UC Consortium Launches First Clinical Trial Using CRISPR to Correct Gene Defect That Causes Sickle Cell Disease
Diabetes treatment – from insulin to transplants
Uprooting cancer: Hydrogel rapidly reverts cancer cells back to cancer stem cells
Scientists use nanotechnology to detect bone-healing stem cells
Stem cell depletion leads to recurring pregnancy loss
Scientists identify new biomarkers in patients with malignant melanoma, which could help
Zooming in on Muscle Cells
Deactivating cancer cell gene boosts immunotherapy for head and neck cancers
TSU laboratory will study how diabetes occurs
UVA Advances to Elite 8 in Tournament to Name Biggest Biomedical Discovery
Image analysis based on machine learning reliably identifies haematological malignancies challenging for human eye
UB Laboratory of Metabolic Dynamics in Cancer settles in Barcelona Science Park
Chemical cocktail creates new avenues for muscle stem cell therapies
Advanced Mouse Embryos Grown Outside Uterus
Cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by going dormant
Discovery for treatment of heart disease in type-2 diabetics
Researchers Find Ribosome Assembly Essential for Stem Cell Regeneration
Replacing animal experiments with stem cells
Brain’s ‘wiring insulation’ is one of major factors of age-related brain deterioration
Researchers grow most lifelike woven bone yet starting from cells
Scientists Discover Ways of Making Old Blood New Again
Study offers an explanation for why APOE4 gene enhances Alzheimer’s risk
New light shed on early evolution of limb bone marrow