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ACCC alleges Mercedes-Benz minimised risk of defective Takata airbags during compulsory recall
Queensland puts high-risk Takata airbag vehicles on notice
Drivers face registration cancellation for vehicles with deadly Takata airbags
Car manufacturers complete 99.9 per cent of Takata airbag recall
Takata recall reaches conclusion
Queenslanders reminded to check for faulty airbags
Toyota updates remaining outstanding Takata airbags to critical
Call to check for deadly airbags before holidays
Thousands of deadly Takata airbags remain on streets of Australian cities
Urgent safety warning about 6,000 Toyota Corollas just added to Takata recall
A loophole has allowed for deadly Takata airbags to be installed in some Australian cars
Over 155,000 cars with deadly Takata airbags still on roads
Time ticking on Takata airbags
Motorists urged to check for deadly Takata airbags during COVID-19
Product safety priorities focus on button battery safety
Coronavirus In Collision With Drivers – Life Saving Question All Aussie Drivers Must Ask
Mercedes-Benz failed to initiate a recall of some vehicles with faulty Takata airbags
More than 250,000 vehicles with defective Takata airbags remaining for replacement
Dangerous Takata airbag recall 85 per cent complete
Urgent safety alert for ‘critical’ Takata airbags
More progress is needed in Airbag recalls