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Expanding energy access in rural Lesotho
Biocompatible binary hologram with drug-elution capabilities
Satellites and drones can help save pollinators
Contract awarded for new offshore police patrol vessel
Council collaboration recognised with digital transformation funding
Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Led Discussions on Digital Technologies in Education and G20 Education Ministers’ Declaration
REIWA and TecStack launch CPD blockchain training for WA real estate professionals in Australian first
Policy Statement – Securing Canada’s Telecommunications System
New breathable gas sensors may improve monitoring of health, environment
Scientists devise method to prevent deadly hospital infections without antibiotics
IAEA Helps Protect Patients and Staff in Dentistry
NASA, Partners to Host CAPSTONE Prelaunch Media Teleconference
Using everyday WiFi to help robots see and navigate better indoors
New idea for refining biocrude
Human behavior is key to building better long-term COVID forecast
Genetic predictability steadily erodes during evolution
Excessive degradation of mitochondria found to be tipping point from normal
$5 million from Boeing will support UCLA quantum science and technology research
Canada invests in innovative precision farming to support sustainability in Canada’s apple industry
New brain-painting method developed at USF being tested for ADHD treatment
Science Minister George Freeman visits Nexus
Royal Society Pairing Scheme – Week in Westminster
NATO Secretary General praises Denmark’s contribution to Alliance
3 Questions: Provost Cynthia Barnhart on MIT’s community of excellence
Using light and sound to reveal rapid brain activity in unprecedented detail
How fast-growing algae could enhance growth of food crops
Möbius band constructed solely by carbon atoms
Lasting Power of Attorney revamp to improve safety and efficiency
Fewer mistakes and improved production planning with award-winning VR technique
Partnerships fuel COVID testing lab’s success
NASA, Partners Offer Global View of Environmental Changes
DAP array casts wide net to fix mutations
Computer chips that can smell and nomadic mushrooms win AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant
LumiNose wins AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant with computer chips that can smell
Policy, farm management help China mitigate climate change
New strategies to save rice, world’s most indispensable grain
Research offers recommendations for policymakers considering integrating autonomous driving tech into public transportation
Information security accreditation
Exhibition to unveil secrets of famous Marconi factory
UN chief announces renewable energy initiative at WMO climate report launch
WHO validates 11th vaccine for Covid
Winners of £60 million government competition to develop hydrogen as superfuel of future unveiled
Researchers Reveal Multi-scale Characteristics of Helicity in Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows
Building Stronger Triple Zero Service For All Victorians
International Airlines Group Finalizes Agreement for Up to 150 737 Jets
FDA confirms diagnostic method for Medibio’s final depression validation trial
Researchers Develop New Hydrogel for Odor and Microbial Control
HKUMed researchers discover that SARS-CoV-2 infection induces severe inflammatory bone loss in Syrian hamsters