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Genetic Insights Unveil Stone Fruit Domestication
Duke-NUS Discovery Boosts Anti-Ageing Efforts
Short Space Trips Alter Astronaut Biology, Studies Reveal
New Treatment Target Identified for Macular Degeneration Type
Key Molecule Activation Reverses Aging Signs, Study Shows
Molecular Target Activation Reverses Aging Signs
First-Ever Sequencing Of Great Ape X And Y Chromosomes
Commercial Astronauts Reveal Health Impacts of Space Flights
RNA: Potential Cure for Incurable, Vaccine Revolution, Cell Immortality
Crucial Mechanism for Regulating Telomere Length Found
Great Ape Species' Full X, Y Chromosome Sequences Determined
First Full Non-Human Primate Chromosome Sequences Generated
First Complete Primate Chromosome Sequences Generated
Scientists Decode Complete Great Ape X, Y Chromosomes
Comprehensive Genome Assembly Unveils Pineapple Mint's DNA
Gene Variations May Heighten Papillary Thyroid Cancer Risk
New Telomere Findings May Revolutionize Cancer Treatments
Malaria Could Shrink Leukocyte Telomeres in Sub-Saharan Africans
Noise Exposure in Egg Stage Harms Bird Development, Fitness
Biology Of Kindness - Growing Our Better Selves
Research: Calorie Limitation's Complex Role in Aging
Young Blood's Vesicles Boost Lifespan by 22.7%, Revive Body Functions
Research Identifies Chromosome Ends as Targets for Disease Prevention
Worm Uses Unique Methods for Chromosome Protection
Research Reveals First Look at Centromere Evolution Variation
Cancer Council NSW Grants $5.3M to 12 Aussie Researchers
Research: Heart Transplant Rates Lower for Black Men
PR55α-Regulated PP2A Blocks Cell Aging, Suppresses P16 Expression
Dasatinib, Quercetin, Fisetin Impact on DNA Methylation Clocks Explored
Double Trouble At Chromosome Ends
Chromosome Ends Face Dual Issues
Link Between Leaky Gut and Faster Aging Found by Wistar Scientists
Mitochondrial Disruption Shortens Telomeres in Mouse Cells
GV1001 Prolongs Life, Cuts Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Mice
Keeping telomerase in check
Nearly Complete Genome Version of Spreading Earth Moss
Station Science 101: Studying DNA in Space
Cat Evolution Findings to Aid Future Disease Studies
Missing gene could explain infertility
Research Unveils Key Genetic Elements in Cancer Battle
9 Tips for Managing Stress, Cultivating Joy this Holiday
Vegan Diet Boosts Cardiovascular Health, Twin Study Shows
First Complete Reference Genome of Wild Blueberry Reported
14 Spin-Offs Join Arquimedes Acceleration Programme
Mollusk Bivalves Could Unlock Secrets to Longevity
Dittmer, Griffith, Strauss Labs Triumph in Art in Science Contest
Major Leap Towards World's First Synthetic Yeast by Nottingham Scientists
Major Leap Toward World's First Synthetic Yeast Achieved